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Poll: How do you make chicken soup?

I start much as everyone else with cut up chicken and large pieces of onion carrot and celery cut from the whole stalk so that I get leaves and heart.. I allow this to simmer just untl the meat will pull from the bones. I remove the meat and debone it and return the bones to the pot to continue simmering and set the meat aside. Next I dice onions,carrots, celery, some green pepper and several mushrooms to total about 6 cups.
SinceI cook for just two I plan to can must of this in pint jars. I cut the meat into spoon size and wilt the veggies with some of the stock, Just a couple of ladles. I skim the fat with my ladle and save that for making biscuits. I fill my jars will about a half to two thirds cup veggies and as much chicken and then fill the jars with stock leaving a generous inch of head space. The jars get process in a pressure cooker according to approved practice.
The balance of the meat and veggies get combined with some of the stock and a generous handful of noodles is added. Seasoning as we like for that meal. Salt and black pepper of course sometimes rice instead of noodles sometimes diced sweet potato. I call it chicken soup starter.

Dec 09, 2010
ssor in Home Cooking

Thanksgiving Turkey Cake

An interesting way to serve a meatloaf.

Dec 09, 2010
ssor in Recipes