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Latino supermarkets

I tried the Ideal on 18th near Severn and was quite pleased. Found everything I needed.

Jan 20, 2011
dbstraight in New Orleans

Latino supermarkets

Does anyone know anything about the various latino supermarkets in New Orleans? Can anyone give a recommendation on a place where the employees speak some English that has a good selection and fresh products?

Jan 13, 2011
dbstraight in New Orleans

Can anyone tell me anything about "fig cheese" / "queijo de figo"?

I came across something that seems to be called "fig cheese" while searching the internet for a food containing both figs and chocolate. Apparently, it's something from The Algarve.

There's a lot of pages mentioning it, mostly copy-pasting a recipe from a very old book.

Here's a representative one:

I'm just wondering if this is for real or just the result of a lot of copy-pasting a garbage recipe. If it is for real, can you tell me more about it? I can't find anyone talking about it anywhere on the web.

Dec 08, 2010
dbstraight in General Topics