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Hockey puck or juicy burgers

I learned from a local bar and grill (serving awesome fat juicy burgers) he soaked his patties in au jus before grilling. I tried this, and they were great. Maybe this follows in the "add water theme"?

May 07, 2013
natrldsastr in Home Cooking

Campari tomatoes -- tried them yet?

We get the Camparis at our local Costco- best flavor for off season tomatoes. And as to the argument about just waiting for seasonal, or not being meant to eat tomatoes any other time of year....what? the rest of the world can only eat tomatoes during the time we can't? They can grow them, but we shouldn't eat them? Does this mean we should also NOT eat many exotic fruits and veggies just because we can't or don't grow them here? (U.S.) I'm totally behind eating local when possible, but why close our world to the many options available from other countries? The focus of Chow seems to be all about expanding our tastes and options, not eating something because it isn't in season locally seems silly. Of course local in-season is better.

Hyperlocal Beef - What is That?

hahaha - marketing at its best. Here it would most likely mean I hit one of the local ranchers (who promotes local, but never shuts his gates, and his effing cows are ALWAYS STANDING IN THE ROAD!!) cows and served it for dinner. After proper curing in my shed. :)

Dec 26, 2011
natrldsastr in General Topics

When to Buy Instead of Make

Home made ketchup is totally worth it, use tomato puree and your ass'tment of spices- awesome. Sweeter and chunkier.

Dec 02, 2011
natrldsastr in Features