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How to remedy a too strong bacon flavor in soup

My loving and well intentioned husband took over for me in the kitchen tonight and made the butternut squash soup. But he decided to use bacon fat and I am (to say it nicely) not in love with the result. I usually use butter. What can I do to fix what us looking to me like a wasted batch of soup?

I'm thinking possibly turn it into something bacon tastes good with like a potato soup.

Will adding cream mask the bacon flavor?

Right now it contains:onion, celery, butternut squash and stock plus the offending bacon fat. It's been simmered and puréed.


Nov 23, 2014
Missrachelk in Home Cooking

International / something different for a foodie birthday

thanks for the ideas! We're leaning towards Nakato for some more special sushi than our usual RuSan's or harry &Sons (though we love both!)

Sep 26, 2011
Missrachelk in Atlanta

International / something different for a foodie birthday

My husband's birthday is coming up and we're stumped for a place to celebrate. We love the local food scene, live downtown and have hit a lot of the high spots for local dining.

Our favorites are
4th and Swift
One Midtown
JCT Kitchen (hubby bartends there)

We're a little tired of the same (or shall I say similarly themed) southern inspired fare that many of the high end places have on offer (not that we don't like it, it's great and can be really creative) but for this b-day we want something a little different.

Without shelling out big huge bucks to go to Nikolai's Roof any sggestions for a French / Italian / Spanish / maybe even asian restaurant worthy of a foodie birthday celebration? Expensive is fine, but $100 a person before wine is a bit much.

We prefer something fairly fancy and romantic, and the big day is a weekday so hopefully reservations will be easy to come by wherever we choose. ITP only please!

thanks Hounds!!

Nikolai's Roof
255 Courtland Street, NE, Atlanta, GA 30303

Sep 25, 2011
Missrachelk in Atlanta