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salt cured olives

I too rarely eat them alone , but chop and add to red pasta sauces, some middle eastern and Greek dishes dishes and also mash into a paste and add to goats cheese or ricotta cheese with roasted peppers and roasted garlic as a spread on toated french brad slices.

Apr 28, 2015
jjjrfoodie in Home Cooking

Raw Leg of Lamb Left Out Overnight

i'd eat it.

I keep my house 59F to 65F and use it as a cool down area for hot food.

If summer and left out all day long, I;d still dice and braise unless rancid.

The nose knows.

Sounds like a yummy cut of meat.

Apr 26, 2015
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What's for Dinner #361 - April Showers Edition [through April, 29, 2015]

Holy carp MC, that TCC looks awesome!

My limited vision does lead to some comedic reads of the WFD threads.

I read ---" I found a recipe for "gan bian" cauliflower "--- as "Gang Bang" cauliflower, so that is what it will be forever known as in my head.

The only thing worse was LW's post from last night where she used "pom juice" as an ingredient, which of course is pomegranate juice. My crappy eyes told my brain is was"porn juice" to which I went--ewww.


I've passed the TCC recipe along to 3 othres this week.
I still blame lingua. Hahahahaha. <3

What's for Dinner #361 - April Showers Edition [through April, 29, 2015]

Thnak you MWTT.

I use Crosse and blackwell Mango Chtney but did a new Indian brand a few weeks ago and now have a big jar of even a third brand that is unopened I just bought with the Matouks sauce a few seeks ago on and Intl spree.

For the price, I;d lve to jar a few jars or mango chutney to keep and gift. Not pressure can, but just enuff to fridge and gift.

I've got everything on hand to tackle a half case of mangoes and a good recipe.

If I can read the 10 pt or 12 pt type, I can do the recipe. It's the bright white on white computer screens that are killing me.

I'll get there.
Just me being frustrated. LOLZ.

Thanks so much.

What's for Dinner #361 - April Showers Edition [through April, 29, 2015]

I'm still in "ray charles" cooking mode but midweek I made the loaf pan lasagna with mini meatballs, ricotta, sauteed spinach, sauteed mushrooms, Barilla noodl;es, bachemel sauce, mozz and provalone.

Big success.

I'll post a pic of the leftovers tonite with a side of steamed asparagus.

Last night was a freezer find of Cincinnati chili.
4 way- chili over spaghetti , with chopped onions, and cheddar cheese was yummy. Oyster crackers and Franks hot sauce as toppings.

I'm trying to use up a big tub of fresh jalepenoes ($1 for about 50) and a dozen poblanos for $1.50 for al, so it chili roast fest in the kitchen.

I'm jonesing for chicken paprikash, but I really wanna so so jerk chicken on the LWBGG and a side of red beans and rice and a salad.

I've got a batch of leftover zuchinni pancakes I need to eat up so I am searching for a mango chutney recipe to go with Them. Sour cream is a given as the other side.

At least I can see the #'s on my microwave now. Ha.

Fire good, but fire still scarey bad. LOLZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.


What's for Dinner #361 - April Showers Edition [through April, 29, 2015]

Yum to the OMG.

what do YOU serve for dinner with beef/calve's liver (and onions)?

Like jpr, I almost always do mashed potatoes and gravy and roasted or steamed asparagus or corn as sides.

On occasion I will sub in a sweet potato with some butter and brown sugar instead of mashed russetts.

Mac and cheese also works.

L&O is diner food, so any good diner side will work.

And I also make my liver with onions AND crispy fried bacon.

I always keep calves liver and bacon in the freezer for when the urge hits.

What add-ins (if any) would your ideal cookie contain? Soft and chewy or crispy-crunchy?

Thanks ttrockwood for the link.

I cut the Karo syrup way down to keep the cookies more crisp and you have to make the butter/sugar/powdered milk component first to add in, but it is worth the foort.

Basically, it's a tollhouse drop cookie recipe with the milk powder ad inn, but the way David Chand and his group write rcipes, you have to pull it apart and break it sown to a simple process.

I use dried blueberries and store found white chocolate nibs, but I am not a 24/7 baker so I keep it simple cookie monster.

The Momofuku recipie I use and follow was in one of the WFD threads back around Xmas time.

It's also on my external drive on my other iMac so I will try and find it.

turned many folks on with the recipe this winter. 99% loved it. Like really loved it.

Pic of the blueberry Milkbar cookies I made from the winter.

Apr 23, 2015
jjjrfoodie in Home Cooking

What's for dinner #360: Time to shake off the dross and get busy. [through April 22, 2015]


Another thing I need to buy in bulk.

Add it to the Mae Ploy chili sauce, coconut milk, Maeseri curry paste, Walkerswood Jerk Sauce and countless other items.


Apr 21, 2015
jjjrfoodie in Home Cooking

What's for dinner #360: Time to shake off the dross and get busy. [through April 22, 2015]

So lingua...

Does the opened Matouk's go in the fridge once opened or can it go in the cupboard once opened with the Franks and other hot sauces?

My visiion is coming back and I got out on one of my Mt. Bikes today for a spin with eye patch intact so I can still balance, get carduio and not die due to cars.

Win win win. LOL.I;ve got a friend with a shellfish allergy so oyster sauce will need a replacement if I can cook TCC in a few weeks.

My grandfater was a firefighter and I keep a set of $200+ firefighter boots around to shovel snow in the winter so I will stay tuned.

I still feel unprepared with 3 fire extinguishers in the house.



Top Chef Season 13 Is Heading To...

Because we love you.

Like others, the TX lost me and I never went back.
Whining, bitching, heat, bu&&s&*t,mesquite, moaning and NOT any of it good TV. Well, the mesquite was good. :-)

I do follow the LW updates but the show these days -nope.

But I will watch pre TX IC on reruns.

We'll see if this whole Voltttttttagggggio FN or travel Channel or whatever show makes me nix that too.

Sometimes, silence and a focus on running a restaurant is a chefs best friend. Ya gotta choose your 15 minutes of fame wisely and in managleble chunks,

Thank God even the Amish get a 1000+ channels of TV programming each day so it gets an audience.

I'm not sayin;/. I'm just sayin'.

Williams Sonoma gift card - what would you do?

Silpats, Ritz oven mits and other "disposables" for me if not a big item buy.

Hell, I;d even stockpile parchemnt paper or buy a backup or two goodie like a microplane or small hand held cheese grateras they go missing or if cooking in bulk I have a helper needind a second one.

$100 at WS is like $1000 at the Tumi luggage store.

Looks good but goes hella fast.

I can drop $100 at WS or Sur la Table in a heartbeat.

Apr 21, 2015
jjjrfoodie in General Topics

What add-ins (if any) would your ideal cookie contain? Soft and chewy or crispy-crunchy?

I still do the Momofuku/Milk bar white chocolate chip/dried bluee berry cookies more than I;d like to admit.

I worked as a shelf stocker for a local grocery during high schol where the cookiew were always undercooked and doughy, so only crispy and cooked thru for me.

I'll add a bit of Karo if I want chewy, but it's not my bag.

Nesle oatmal scotchies on deck today with some choc chips thrown in .

9-11 minute cook time. Crispy heaven. :-)

Apr 21, 2015
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What's for dinner #360: Time to shake off the dross and get busy. [through April 22, 2015]

Lst nite was firt forrya into mango sticky rice for dessert.

I've never made it.
I've never had it.

A female friend pleaded for it for a dessert.

So, it was "flying blind " mode while being still semi blind.

Simple recipe but lots of fussiness.

Everyone loved it but it was like an archer hitting a target bullseyes without ever usinga bow and arrow,

Tonite is up for grabs.

Tomorrow is a baby white lasagna done in a loaf pan with
baby homemade meatballs, sauteed spinach and garlic, ricotta, baschemel, , mozz cheese , sauted mushrooms and provalone on topm.

Did grilled weiners for lunch on the LWBGG. Singed body hair from the "woof" at lighting is now at a minimum.
I think watching the "Amazing Spiderman" on cable last night helped.

What's for Dinner #359 - the April Showers Edition [through April 15, 2015]

I LOL'd.

Feb for me = ice under snow which meant I fell onto the round handle of and old skool shovel handle with my eye.

Add to that I bought a new xcell phone due to a necesary new pan in Feb which = no idea how new phone interfaceworked.

My good freindwho took me to the phone store alos took me to TJ Maxx in Feb where I bought a big jar of LW toutrd Honey Alepo Pepper. And I used the hell out of it.

My female frioend looked all weird at it.

I saw her this wekend and she wnet and bought a big jar of the LW TJ Maxx honey alpeop pper and her husbasnd loved it.

CH win.
WFD win.
LW win.

Her comment was I never steered her worng.
Nor has LW, lingua, rjb, and many many othres.

My eyes are fried but I am on deck to ke some mango sticky7 rice for a friend. And evrything I need is ready except for a T&T recipe. Ugh.

What's for Dinner #359 - the April Showers Edition [through April 15, 2015]

I still love you all and I am still here.

A big eye issue in late Feb. means now going on almost 60 days of no driving and no computer. really-no nothing but a big be be carefull. Yes, I am cooking.
But5 Stevie Wonder style.

I am big time trying to cook with others helping. Win-win.

Bought Matuks hot sauce for TCC via a friend who dr5ove so TCC on deck if I can light the LWBGG.

I'm far from helpless and hopeless but cooking witgh little vision suks.


I will come out alive ad cooking.

Trust me.



Friday Night in Lent ideas...

I do "greens and beans" over farfalle.

Saute fresh spinach in EVO, garlic, red chile falke and spices of choice in a skillet and cook down and set aside.

Drain can of cannolini beans and add to a pot with 14-16 ozs of veggi stock and some fresh sliced garlic and a bay leaf plus a l;ittle basil, and marjoram..

Cook on simmer until beans begin to split and them take masher and mash some of the cooked beans in pot to thicken sauce. Add sauted spinach back in at the end yo warm and salt, pepper, add spices taste and serve over farfalle.

I also do Carribbean fajitas with near done sweet potatoes (roasted or microwaved) , grilled pineapple and sauteeed onions combined at the end in a mega hot skillet in a jerk sauce serv ed in taco form or as quesedaillas. I like Walkerswood jerk sauce but even a tomed down BW3 jerk sauce will work. BTDT.

I also do turkish zuchinni pancakes with sour cream and mango chutney.

Even Greek pizza with olive oil garlic base, feta/provalone/mozz topping and feash basil and sliced tomatoes then ove naked. I even do a lavash flat bread version..

I seldom see meat-free as a challenge. you just have to amp up the rest of the dish.

I grew up on tuna and noodle casserole on Fridays as a kid. And I'm STILL noi a fan of it. LOLZ

Feb 18, 2015
jjjrfoodie in Home Cooking

Help doctoring "crab casserole" leftovers


Most suggestions seem to involve reheating. Is that a good idea with shellfish?

Correct. Or that's what I would do but to me it's not a shellfish thing in this case.

The dish has already been baked once, and the mayo and cream cheese and sour cream usually breaks down under heavy reheating or doing a full recook for a full new dish.

Thus why I sugest crab cakes or puff pastry turnovers.

Not enough bake time to destroy the dips intent but stil give you a texture change with a warm dip nature.

Heck, a quick tosat in Cresecnt roll tringales ala pigs in a blanket will do well.

Add in any flavors you want like sauteed mushrooms, diced tomatoes or even just diced green onions to add a new quick dish.

Feb 18, 2015
jjjrfoodie in Home Cooking

What's for Dinner #349 - the Sub-Zero-For-Some Edition [Old]

Thanks CM.

I bet that balckberry sauce will work great as a final glaze and pan sauce for grilled pork tenderloin too.


What's for Dinner #349 - the Sub-Zero-For-Some Edition [Old]

Too freakin' cold and snowy to be fussy tonite.

I made some pimento cheese last night so I'll do pimento cheese grilled cheese sandwiches and some tomato soup.
I'll toss a few whole green onions on a grate over one of the gas stove burners to char them as a side or chopped and added as a soup garnish.

Cincy style chili or a round of the pork ribs tossed under the broiler with macc and cheese and stemed brocolli tomorrow.

Too cold to trek out for Chinese take away or dining out.
Even with heated seats and snow tires. :-).

Help doctoring "crab casserole" leftovers

I've used it as a stuffing for baked puff pastry turnovers that is then brushed with an egg wash with great luck. Emeril L. has a similar recipe using crawfish and not crab.I use Joe Crab Shack's mustard cream sauce as a dip and mango chutney as a second one.

I've also use the dip with added bread or panko crumbs, maybe and added egg yolk and crab filler and done baby crab cakes with it. Pan fry in butter or EVOO until brown and krispy.

Toss on a slider bun with remoulade or the Outback copycat bloomin' onion dip sauce.
Or cocktail sauce.

Feb 17, 2015
jjjrfoodie in Home Cooking

Seeking durable kitchen pot holders, the kind you can use for really hot pots and pans

For home use I use the pocket Ritz potholders.

I also keep severla of the kevlare Ov-Gloves around that I were under the Ritz mitts when things are mega hot. Especially if you like mittsw and things that don't dnagle in the falme of a gas cooktop. Which I why I am sautious of towel use.
Love then, but keep a fire extinguisher around for a good reason.

Feb 17, 2015
jjjrfoodie in Cookware

What's for Dinner #349 - the Sub-Zero-For-Some Edition [Old]

I have several Battery Tender Juniors since I hve several cars.

Bought at either Pep Boys or Sears.

Run about $35 a piece.
But considering a new battey is $120 to $200 new, it's money well spent.

Except as a freind did and left her's attached to the battery in the trunk of her Miata only to run the tender over with the back tire..

Humpty Dumpty still sits on my workbench butdoing some re-soldering on the baby circuit board has not been fruitful.

Schumacher also makes a really good battery tender.

BTJ's are great for tending. Most motorcycle, sports car and
lawn mower owners swear by them.

Feb 16, 2015
jjjrfoodie in Home Cooking

What's for Dinner #349 - the Sub-Zero-For-Some Edition [Old]


(yes, that is a Rugrats plate. Don't judge :).

The Rugrats Plate is fine as long as you drink the dirty martinis out of "sippy cups" or at least use "big girl" Krazy Straws with regular glasses.


I did LOLZ at that plate though. I was like, "man that's a Cartoon network 'throw-back' moment for me". :-)

Feb 16, 2015
jjjrfoodie in Home Cooking

What's for Dinner #349 - the Sub-Zero-For-Some Edition [Old]

While my trusty Audi was ready to take on snowmageddon at o'dark-thirty this morning, the city road crews were AWOL which meant---day off and a happy dance. I'll slap the battery tender on it abnd be done for the day with any driving .

Pulled the brined and rubbed pork ribs from the fridge so they are now done being oven slow roasted although I should have done them yesterday.

Last of the leftover stuffed pork tenderloin is WFD tonite.

I guess it's jjjr's "House of Oink" this week. LOLZ.

Now time to go shovel the 6+ inches I have with another of the same due all day today.

What's for Dinner? #348 -- The Valentine's Day Edition [through Feb 15, 2015]

It is nutsoid cold out, and I still need to get the curry paste and more coconout milk. Gah.


I alwys like to say "It's cold enuff to make you realize that even men have nipples too." :-)
9 degtrees F here with below zero wind chill.

4 inches of snow predicted tonite so stores were jammed.

I'll oven roast a rack of brined and rubbed baby back ribs this afternoon for use later in the week.

WFD? No idea.

Feb 15, 2015
jjjrfoodie in Home Cooking

Smoking Arctic char - before or after...

A ;ittle smoked fish goes a Looooong way IMHO.

I hot smoked some salmon back in December and it works great with a cream sauce and pasta, but I add in chopped capers to help cut the smokeiness.
Cold smoked fish is often lighter to me, but smoke is still smoke.
And I fold in the smoked fish at the end of cooking to just gently warm.

Good luck.

Feb 15, 2015
jjjrfoodie in Home Cooking

What's for Dinner? #348 -- The Valentine's Day Edition [through Feb 15, 2015]

Oh Valentine's Day.
How I love yet still forever loathe you.

Last night was a stuffed pork tenderloin grilled on the LW Baby Gas Crill and then glazed at the end with a tamarind BBQ sauce.

Sides were roasted asparagus with olive oil, sea salt a balsamic vinegar spritz.

Goat cheese pasta was a sauce of roasted garlic, goat cheese, salt, olive oil, heavy cream, black pepper, parm cheese, fresh chopped roma tomatoes and a fine diced green onion tossed with buccatini. Rich, tart, salty and garlicy.

Dessert was a nice local french vanilla ice cream topped with a bit of Young's Chocolate Stout.

Either MC or CM here in WFD got me into that groove.

Total Fabu dinner.

What's for Dinner? #348 -- The Valentine's Day Edition [through Feb 15, 2015]

I was worried about sussing out the "ever elusive" recipe for the "brown gloop" :-)

And my Vegas Harters over/under wager was that he was on "Chesse Holiday" with Wallace and Gromit on the Moon.

What's for Dinner? #348 -- The Valentine's Day Edition [through Feb 15, 2015]

I;ve been in and out of town depending upon field work with a supplier/vendor and dodging the ever changing weather for the last week plus.

Last night was the last of pasta putanesca over angel hair with the last of the tcamp/food52 spinach ricotta gnocchi (That i was the tcamp guniea pig for Superbowl for) Hehehe. Gosh that gnocchi is rich

Stuffed then grilled pork tenderloin tomorrow nite with roasted asparagus and goat cheese pasta as sides.

Take out pizza with sausage and pepperoni and a side salad as confort food tonite.

I'm oh so tired of TGIchiliMcCharlieO'Fridaybees. LOLZ.