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Friday Night in Lent ideas...

I do "greens and beans" over farfalle.

Saute fresh spinach in EVO, garlic, red chile falke and spices of choice in a skillet and cook down and set aside.

Drain can of cannolini beans and add to a pot with 14-16 ozs of veggi stock and some fresh sliced garlic and a bay leaf plus a l;ittle basil, and marjoram..

Cook on simmer until beans begin to split and them take masher and mash some of the cooked beans in pot to thicken sauce. Add sauted spinach back in at the end yo warm and salt, pepper, add spices taste and serve over farfalle.

I also do Carribbean fajitas with near done sweet potatoes (roasted or microwaved) , grilled pineapple and sauteeed onions combined at the end in a mega hot skillet in a jerk sauce serv ed in taco form or as quesedaillas. I like Walkerswood jerk sauce but even a tomed down BW3 jerk sauce will work. BTDT.

I also do turkish zuchinni pancakes with sour cream and mango chutney.

Even Greek pizza with olive oil garlic base, feta/provalone/mozz topping and feash basil and sliced tomatoes then ove naked. I even do a lavash flat bread version..

I seldom see meat-free as a challenge. you just have to amp up the rest of the dish.

I grew up on tuna and noodle casserole on Fridays as a kid. And I'm STILL noi a fan of it. LOLZ

Feb 18, 2015
jjjrfoodie in Home Cooking

Help doctoring "crab casserole" leftovers


Most suggestions seem to involve reheating. Is that a good idea with shellfish?

Correct. Or that's what I would do but to me it's not a shellfish thing in this case.

The dish has already been baked once, and the mayo and cream cheese and sour cream usually breaks down under heavy reheating or doing a full recook for a full new dish.

Thus why I sugest crab cakes or puff pastry turnovers.

Not enough bake time to destroy the dips intent but stil give you a texture change with a warm dip nature.

Heck, a quick tosat in Cresecnt roll tringales ala pigs in a blanket will do well.

Add in any flavors you want like sauteed mushrooms, diced tomatoes or even just diced green onions to add a new quick dish.

Feb 18, 2015
jjjrfoodie in Home Cooking

What's for Dinner #349 - the Sub-Zero-For-Some Edition [Old]

Thanks CM.

I bet that balckberry sauce will work great as a final glaze and pan sauce for grilled pork tenderloin too.


What's for Dinner #349 - the Sub-Zero-For-Some Edition [Old]

Too freakin' cold and snowy to be fussy tonite.

I made some pimento cheese last night so I'll do pimento cheese grilled cheese sandwiches and some tomato soup.
I'll toss a few whole green onions on a grate over one of the gas stove burners to char them as a side or chopped and added as a soup garnish.

Cincy style chili or a round of the pork ribs tossed under the broiler with macc and cheese and stemed brocolli tomorrow.

Too cold to trek out for Chinese take away or dining out.
Even with heated seats and snow tires. :-).

Help doctoring "crab casserole" leftovers

I've used it as a stuffing for baked puff pastry turnovers that is then brushed with an egg wash with great luck. Emeril L. has a similar recipe using crawfish and not crab.I use Joe Crab Shack's mustard cream sauce as a dip and mango chutney as a second one.

I've also use the dip with added bread or panko crumbs, maybe and added egg yolk and crab filler and done baby crab cakes with it. Pan fry in butter or EVOO until brown and krispy.

Toss on a slider bun with remoulade or the Outback copycat bloomin' onion dip sauce.
Or cocktail sauce.

Feb 17, 2015
jjjrfoodie in Home Cooking

Seeking durable kitchen pot holders, the kind you can use for really hot pots and pans

For home use I use the pocket Ritz potholders.

I also keep severla of the kevlare Ov-Gloves around that I were under the Ritz mitts when things are mega hot. Especially if you like mittsw and things that don't dnagle in the falme of a gas cooktop. Which I why I am sautious of towel use.
Love then, but keep a fire extinguisher around for a good reason.

Feb 17, 2015
jjjrfoodie in Cookware

What's for Dinner #349 - the Sub-Zero-For-Some Edition [Old]

I have several Battery Tender Juniors since I hve several cars.

Bought at either Pep Boys or Sears.

Run about $35 a piece.
But considering a new battey is $120 to $200 new, it's money well spent.

Except as a freind did and left her's attached to the battery in the trunk of her Miata only to run the tender over with the back tire..

Humpty Dumpty still sits on my workbench butdoing some re-soldering on the baby circuit board has not been fruitful.

Schumacher also makes a really good battery tender.

BTJ's are great for tending. Most motorcycle, sports car and
lawn mower owners swear by them.

Feb 16, 2015
jjjrfoodie in Home Cooking

What's for Dinner #349 - the Sub-Zero-For-Some Edition [Old]


(yes, that is a Rugrats plate. Don't judge :).

The Rugrats Plate is fine as long as you drink the dirty martinis out of "sippy cups" or at least use "big girl" Krazy Straws with regular glasses.


I did LOLZ at that plate though. I was like, "man that's a Cartoon network 'throw-back' moment for me". :-)

Feb 16, 2015
jjjrfoodie in Home Cooking

What's for Dinner #349 - the Sub-Zero-For-Some Edition [Old]

While my trusty Audi was ready to take on snowmageddon at o'dark-thirty this morning, the city road crews were AWOL which meant---day off and a happy dance. I'll slap the battery tender on it abnd be done for the day with any driving .

Pulled the brined and rubbed pork ribs from the fridge so they are now done being oven slow roasted although I should have done them yesterday.

Last of the leftover stuffed pork tenderloin is WFD tonite.

I guess it's jjjr's "House of Oink" this week. LOLZ.

Now time to go shovel the 6+ inches I have with another of the same due all day today.

What's for Dinner? #348 -- The Valentine's Day Edition [through Feb 15, 2015]

It is nutsoid cold out, and I still need to get the curry paste and more coconout milk. Gah.


I alwys like to say "It's cold enuff to make you realize that even men have nipples too." :-)
9 degtrees F here with below zero wind chill.

4 inches of snow predicted tonite so stores were jammed.

I'll oven roast a rack of brined and rubbed baby back ribs this afternoon for use later in the week.

WFD? No idea.

Feb 15, 2015
jjjrfoodie in Home Cooking

Smoking Arctic char - before or after...

A ;ittle smoked fish goes a Looooong way IMHO.

I hot smoked some salmon back in December and it works great with a cream sauce and pasta, but I add in chopped capers to help cut the smokeiness.
Cold smoked fish is often lighter to me, but smoke is still smoke.
And I fold in the smoked fish at the end of cooking to just gently warm.

Good luck.

Feb 15, 2015
jjjrfoodie in Home Cooking

What's for Dinner? #348 -- The Valentine's Day Edition [through Feb 15, 2015]

Oh Valentine's Day.
How I love yet still forever loathe you.

Last night was a stuffed pork tenderloin grilled on the LW Baby Gas Crill and then glazed at the end with a tamarind BBQ sauce.

Sides were roasted asparagus with olive oil, sea salt a balsamic vinegar spritz.

Goat cheese pasta was a sauce of roasted garlic, goat cheese, salt, olive oil, heavy cream, black pepper, parm cheese, fresh chopped roma tomatoes and a fine diced green onion tossed with buccatini. Rich, tart, salty and garlicy.

Dessert was a nice local french vanilla ice cream topped with a bit of Young's Chocolate Stout.

Either MC or CM here in WFD got me into that groove.

Total Fabu dinner.

What's for Dinner? #348 -- The Valentine's Day Edition [through Feb 15, 2015]

I was worried about sussing out the "ever elusive" recipe for the "brown gloop" :-)

And my Vegas Harters over/under wager was that he was on "Chesse Holiday" with Wallace and Gromit on the Moon.

What's for Dinner? #348 -- The Valentine's Day Edition [through Feb 15, 2015]

I;ve been in and out of town depending upon field work with a supplier/vendor and dodging the ever changing weather for the last week plus.

Last night was the last of pasta putanesca over angel hair with the last of the tcamp/food52 spinach ricotta gnocchi (That i was the tcamp guniea pig for Superbowl for) Hehehe. Gosh that gnocchi is rich

Stuffed then grilled pork tenderloin tomorrow nite with roasted asparagus and goat cheese pasta as sides.

Take out pizza with sausage and pepperoni and a side salad as confort food tonite.

I'm oh so tired of TGIchiliMcCharlieO'Fridaybees. LOLZ.

Multi-batch steak searing without burning fond for pan sauce?

If you want the fond, then I suggest you buy more cookware so you can do all in a single batch, then add liquid to each pan and cobine at the end into one pan at the end to make the sauce.

Or do a dualk burner grille pan or roasting pan that has a deep edge to hold deglazing liquid.

Head to you local Resto supply store and look at the the Volrath offerings.

If doing 2-4 steaks, then buy 2 (if big) or 4 single pans.

Over 4 I wouldn't do it at home unless I grilled the steaks in one batch and figgure out a non-fond sauce.

Feb 03, 2015
jjjrfoodie in Home Cooking

What is my vegan pizza missing?


2. The broccoli is one of the healthiest parts of my pizza but also a real taste killer. I need something stronger than just tomato sauce, onions, mushrooms, and sliced tomatoes to mask its taste. I have yet to get the herbs, maybe I can try peppering them on. But is there anything else that can keep this pizza tasty despite the broccoli?


The fact you are trying to "mask" an ingredient proves troublesome to me.

And I seldom if almost never find broccoli, especially if not roasted and tamed with EVOO, garlic and salt a "tasty" part of a pizza topping unless pieced very small and cooked in a hot pizza oven. And I had a side of steamed broccoli for dinner tonite, so I love the stuff.

If you have a good pizza sauce, I can handle fresh mushrooms and onions. For deeper flavor, sauteed onions and mushrooms same as broccolihelp cut the reaness flavor unless you like it.

Sauces like BBQ sauce or even olive oil and pressed garlic also help to change things up. I do purchased Lavash flatbread and even tortillas as pizza crust all the time. Pita, for me, is not on that list.

YOu need to ramp of the flavor or your red pizza sauce IMHO.
And roast or find a way to inhance your veggie toppings.

If you are going all "raw diet" or a riff on it for nutrition, then I am of no help.

Raw veggies are tasy and full of nutrients, but are often short on deep flavors. Pizza oven cooking helps a little, but raw Mother Nature goodies tend to be short on salt , spices and deep flavors.

What's for Dinner? #346 - The Deep Freeze Edition! [through Feb 3, 2015]

x 1000!!

Whahwawhat tcamp?

No spinach gnocchi dumplings yesterday?
You mean I was your gnocchi guniea pig for nuttin'? LOLZ.

Imma gonna do some angel hair and reheated spinache gnocchi with red aauce as dinner tonite .
So much SuperBowl snack and bad food from last night my head is still spinning.And I helped make some of it. LOL.

Feb 02, 2015
jjjrfoodie in Home Cooking

What's for Dinner? #346 - The Deep Freeze Edition! [through Feb 3, 2015]

So freakin' cute.

I used to have a yellow lab.

We crated her at night next to the bed at first as she was a clingy puppy mommy's girl and potty trained her in the kitchen with baby gates.

Over time that dog loved to climb under the bed covers and sleep at your feet during the night until the PTU's aka puppy thermal units rose to the pioint she got too hot and then would struggle out panting (duh) and slept on top of the covers or wnet back to her own doggie bed on the floor.

Lab's are more like people and "better" people than some human people I know. LOLZ.

What's for Dinner? #346 - The Deep Freeze Edition! [through Feb 3, 2015]

St Louis pizza?

I assume you use provel?


Sounds like krisrishere needs a smoker.
Trust me. Once you own one, you never yearn for BBQ.

Feb 01, 2015
jjjrfoodie in Home Cooking

Will folding a pizza significantly change the way it cooks?

They vary a bit, but 2 of the 3 are Small enough for one large pizza slice.
Just like yours.

If for full pizza folded over like the Op asks, nope.
Then we are back to calzone.

And epic fail. LOLZ.

Jan 31, 2015
jjjrfoodie in Home Cooking

Will folding a pizza significantly change the way it cooks?


Will folding a pizza significantly change the way it cooks?



Small toaster ovens are fine for doing French Bread pizzas and the like, but somehow cutting and making a pizza into a faux calzone (did i say that exactly right coll LOLZ) = epic fail.

Please post pics of first adventure in this regard.

The Chowhound Faithful.

Go for it.
I rock three toaster ovens in my life and would LOVE to see watchagot when ya do it.

Jan 31, 2015
jjjrfoodie in Home Cooking

Using rock salt as a nest for raw oysters/clams


It worked for us, though this was a place where oysters were just an option, not the focus. Anyplace with a big raw bar seems to have the crushed ice and aluminum tray system in place.

Thanks babette.
That's what I was guessing.

Ice machines are not cheap, but dedicated one or several for the crushed ice process is key for large seafood resto operatuions.

I agree re: the slop-factor, but city water and electricty and a ice machine is still far cheaper than bags of rocksalt, especially if the salt is food grade ready. And if it;s the same stuff sold at your Home Depot, it ain't food ready.

Thus why I seldon see it out there.
But like ya said, "Can ya use it?" Sure.

Jan 31, 2015
jjjrfoodie in General Topics

Using rock salt as a nest for raw oysters/clams

On the other side, crushed ice is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAy cheaper per order to use than rock salt.
Go buy rock salt.
Even if you are a City or Municipality buying it by the tonne these days, it's prohibitivly expensive. Especially for a restaurant and for cold items that warrant keeping thnigs chilled and salt that cannot or really should not be reused.

"Can" you do it? Sure.
And as Babette states, freeze the salt and go to town.

Rock salt is commonly used in old style ice cream makers to lower ice temps, but I have yet to see it as a base for fresh chilled shucked shelled seafood.

And "food grade" rock salt out there can be hard to find as most is meant for industrial uses like salting roads and the like.

Buy a bag of rock salt at any home store and grocery.
Not anything I'd wnat near food unless I thouroughly rinsed it. And that kinda defeats the whole salt thing except for baking only and mainly only for all hot-served bi-valve serving options.

Rinse the salt, chill and use then.
It should be fine, but not what I see as done by the resto majority out there.

Jan 31, 2015
jjjrfoodie in General Topics

Using rock salt as a nest for raw oysters/clams

Same here.

Crushed ice to stabilize fresh shucked oyseres in the shell on a plate.

Rock salt to stabilize hot cooked oyster dishes like Oysters Rockafeller where the salt can take the heat and stabilize the shell and in fact retain the heat.

Thus the salt.

Jan 31, 2015
jjjrfoodie in General Topics

What's for Dinner? #346 - The Deep Freeze Edition! [through Feb 3, 2015]

For those using the collapsable post thang, here is the recipe tcamp posted:


and food52 has two others, ugh:



Jan 31, 2015
jjjrfoodie in Home Cooking

What's for Dinner? #346 - The Deep Freeze Edition! [through Feb 3, 2015]

Whelp, "Operation Gnocchi" aka "The adventures of tcamp and the amazing green balls" was a success.

I used tcamps food52 recipe and both the spinach and ricotta were unseasoned and unsalted when opened.
And I wrang the heck out of that spianch to get it dry.

I did a "half batch" from the recipe and emded up doubling the flour from 3 tblsp to around 5 to6 tblsp beecause a lot of replies said the gnocchi were decintegrating during the water poach cooking.

I also had to bump the nutmeg just so I could taste it, and you need to monitor salt and pepper when all is mixed and put in the fridge to rest, because that is how things will taste coming out minus the raw flour taste.

The recipe mentioned boiling water and I just went a "just below simmer" poach , again to try and keep the desintegration down. I also rolled quarter sized gnocchi and rolled/dusted them in light flour to keep the spinach at bay.

I poached 3 for just a little over 5 minutes, and then pulled and again tossed in the frige to cut the moisture before pan frying.
I was thinking the gnocchi would float when done, but nope, so I had to gently move them around to make sure they did not stick to the bottom of the pan.
And even at 5 minutes, the chopped spinach did start to rise to the surface that was loose or loosening.

Once dry and a little cool from teh fridge, I pan fried in butter in a skilet and then plated and topped with fontinella cheese.

End result? They were creamy with a little crisp on the outside and overall tasty and really decadent as ^&^%. I did add in some pine nuts (or I'd do chopped cashewws instead) and sauteed some minced garlic with the spinach/butter/EVOO mix to bump the flavor.

This is one of those "a little goes a long way" foods.

I'll do the rest this morning and poach, then fry and then cool again and use as a foil for a red pasta sauce and see how that works.

They need a little TLC when poaching and rolling due to so little flour binder and parm cheese vs. the moisture from the spiaacn, egg and ricotta. (I used a whole egg, not just yolk only as the recipe called for a whole egg)

Pic 1 is post poaching and one ball missing as a taste subject prior to frying. :-)
Pic 2, the final product. of two loverly green balls dusted with cheese.

Does this scream I luv you all back here or what?

tcamp is now free to commence gnocchi making with no fear of an epic fail moment.

What's for Dinner? #346 - The Deep Freeze Edition! [through Feb 3, 2015]

A (*&^ MC dish that even "I" can make!


What's for Dinner? #346 - The Deep Freeze Edition! [through Feb 3, 2015]

In honor of tcamp and kidnappers everwhere, I geuss I need to show "Proof of life" tonite. lolZ
The frozen and drained spinach is a flavor succubus as we all know. Even after the fry in butter/EVOO mix I did instaed of full on butter. OK end result , but not ideal no matter the lipids.

Pre-fridge phase 2 it looks like the spinach dip you order at TGI Fridays. And I don't say that as a good thing.
Especially if you have even made gnocchi before. :-O

Pic 1 spinach cooked and all other things added.
Pic 2 Spinach and ricotta alone.

If I was a REALLY good kidnapper , I;d add a newpaper in there tcamp. Hahahaha.
I'll ball things up in a while and poach a batch of 3 in the baby saucier pan and then fry or broil them up to see what I get. I;m intrigued.

Leinekugel Vanilla Porter in the glass and Reel Big Fish's hipster Ska version of the 80's "The Promise" in the kitchen on the tune box.

Buckle up.
This is gonna be a fun and bumpy ride.

What's for Dinner? #346 - The Deep Freeze Edition! [through Feb 3, 2015]

Last night I grilled some jerk chicken on the LW-BGG to go with my leftover red beans and rice only to have a friend stop by at the end of cooking so the chicken got fridged and it was mega wine, cheese, salumi and crakers and munchies night.

Now home for the day, it is time to dive into tcamp's gnocchi palooza quest. The spinach is defrosted and drained and squeezed dry.
I;m going to add some sauteed garlic, balsamic vinegar and pine nuts to the mixture just to drive tcamp kray-kray....LOLZ, but I'll do a few as the recipe is written before I add the "extras."

I'll do pics on this one, I promise.

If they turn out well, I;ll snag a small container of Sunday Gravy from the freezer.
If not, it's the jerk chicken, red beans and rice and fresh frozen corn sauteed in butter with roasted poblanos and ancho chile powder for dinner.

With all this trending "deflated ball" social media talk, "balls of gnochhi" haz me skeered. Hahahaha.
Nah, not really.

Forward into the fog .

What's for Dinner? #346 - The Deep Freeze Edition! [through Feb 3, 2015]

That is awesome CM.

A long while back I went to my local restaurant supply store and bought various sizes of bread loaf baking pans from small to large.

The baby loaf pans that restaurants use for making the pretty and cute but PITA "bread for one" is awesome for trying out new lasagne recipes, and even a std small laof pan works for that too,

Then there is some type of "pasta bake" that combines pasta, the sauces, and cheese a'la Johnny Marzetti.

Always a winner and easy peasy.