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Crazy Summer Maki Rolls

Ahhhhh...the Elvis Roll.

Commonly served with Edamame and a side of Defibrillators. LOLOLOLOLZ.

I'll break out my roll chart tonite and two decades of now long gone sushi resto menus.

about 8 hours ago
jjjrfoodie in Home Cooking

What to do with over-cooked, dried out rotisserie chicken breast?

For me. it depends.

If just trying to salvage it and keep it moist until you decide, I keep a apple juice vinegar stove top made wet sauce in the fridge door in an old ketchup squirt bottle. It keeps or remoistenes the meat but without messing with it as it a little sweet, a little vinegary and a bit salty and garlicy.

Once moist I'd toss it in a pan with some tomatillo saucem or red or green enchilada sauce and go quesedillas or tostadas. Other side is add BBQ sauce and go sandwiches or pulled chicken.

I also do my own spaetzle so I'd toss it in a marsala cream sauce and spatzle with a fresh tomato and onion salad as the side.

Add moisture in almost any form and the chix will be fine.

about 8 hours ago
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Oyster Sauce Substitutions

For me, oyster sauce brings 3 things to the table. Salt, oyster flavor and thickening agent due to it's consistancy.

I have a friend allergic to shellfish, I do a mix of soy sauce for the salt, fish sauce for the fish (it uses anchovies so he is OK with it), a little bit of Chinese hoisin sauce for flavor and a hint of sweet and a bit of black bean paste or chili garlic paste to balance the salt in soy.

Works fine for me doing it that way.

If you need a little thickener, I do a quick slurry of corn starch and warm water and add as needed.Arrowroot works too.

In the end just a teeny tiny bit of fish sauce will get ya there with soy sauce and a hint of thickener.

I just went and tasted some oyster sauce to confirm. :-)

about 8 hours ago
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What Picky Eating Might Mean for Children Later

This doesn't surprise me.

Eating and food choice issues are often more about "control" or "food familiarity" and food fears more than the food itself.

So prevalent in the USA but little problems outside of the country. Hmmm.

I've got a 26 yo neice that still eats like an 8 yr old mainly living off of chicken nuggets, pizza, jar spaghetti sauce and taco salads. Heinz ketchup is bought and used in 96 oz bottles and lemon pepper seasoning is sprinkled on everything and bought in the big resto supply containers.

It;s so so sad.

about 9 hours ago
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What's for Dinner #378 - The Hot! Hot! Hot! Edition [through August 3, 2015]

I must be "channeling" mariacarmen as I just got finished box grating a zucchini for zucchini pancakes with dill, taragon, feta, cashews and a duck egg. Oh, and flour, salt , pepper, etc.

Picked up some nice baby ears of COTC so that will work for dinner tonite too.

The LW BGG will be pulled out and I plan to do BLSL chicken breasts with a Sonoran dry rub and finished with the last of the bourbon BBQ sauce at the end of grilling.

My canning/jarring neighbor is up in th U.P of Mich. this week on holiday ang bringiing back buschels of peaches so we;ll see what that nets. She did a batch of peach chipotle BBQ sauce that I'm promised two jars of.

I sauted somr ground beef with seasoning to add to the marinara I made last Sunday so I'll likely do a small batch of homemade ricotta later tonite and turn the meatsuce into a pasta bake using ricotta and a provalone topper. I LOVE the gratin boats I buy at the resto supply for this. Cook/warm all ingredients if called for, toss in the boat and throw under the broiler.

Win-win. LOL.

Arby's cheese sauce


There was the so-called "shortage" of processed cheese last year which still has prices up majorly. I don't care what emperical data you post, price a #10 can of cheese sauce from your restaurant supplier vs, 2013 or 2012 prices.

It's just no one wants to admit it.

Only eating them since 1999? F&*k.

I've been eating them since the early 1980's.
79 cents a sandwich. Then they went to Five for Five (Five B&C's for $5), then 4 for $5 , then 3 for $5 and now 2 for $5.

Even when eating them today they are far shorter on meat than cheese sauce in my neck of the woods.

And cheese sauce quantity does vary from maker to maker, but the one pump method id the portioning norm as you mention.

1 day ago
jjjrfoodie in Chains

What's for Dinner #378 - The Hot! Hot! Hot! Edition [through August 3, 2015]


It's so funny.

As I mentionrd in another thread, I will choose cottage cheese over french fries with a meal ( I do cave to McDonalds fries on occasion), but I totally LOVE sweet potato fries.
Love love love them.

I know--I'm totally whack.

But to me so much more flavorful than std pomme frites.
Amd that's why the world loves me. More fries for them. LOL.

I'll echo NW's question.

Uses for hot pepper chutney?

Ground beef yellow curry samosas in puff pastry
Zucchini fritters
Turkish zucchini pancakes that has feta, dill tarragon and walnuts.
Fried green tomatoes

All the above are on deck at my house but I make mango chutney to keep around but the recipe seems similar with the cinnamon, just not as sweet.

Aug 01, 2015
jjjrfoodie in Home Cooking

Do You Use Refrigerator Drawer Liners? Worth it?

What do you mean by "remain tacky"?

refridgerators by nature are dehumidifiers. If you need to keep produce or other items water nurished, you need to rinse and bag or put in a glass or bowl of water in the fridge.

Without knowing a specific product, I myself would stay away from anything like that.

Fridges have easy to clean glass or plastic shelves for a reason. Adding a layer to trap food, moisture nd/or bacteria is like your old aunt putting plastic covers on the family room couch. So much ick factoer.

Shelf liners are great for pantry shelves.

OCD or cleanfreak does not win here. You'll end up with a smelly fridge or a mat full of pork , beef or chicken juice one day. Trust me.


Aug 01, 2015
jjjrfoodie in General Topics

Arby's cheese sauce

Have you priced processed cheese products over the last year or two? Velveeta and processed cheese used to be cheap and, thus why clled Gov't cheese. often free. Not no more. In fact it's incredibly freakin' expensive.

Decades ago Arby's used Kraft's Cheese whiz that was kept heated for melting point for its B&C's.

Now, like other places, it's still a std. cheese sauce but labeled and packaged just for Arby stores.

The cost of cheese is also why pizza places weigh cheese before topping pizzas as well as meat and other items.

A decade ago food prices did not creep or spike like they do today.

As for your cheese sauce, again, go price Velveeta or Cheese Whiz. Prices are triple or even 4x where they were not too long ago.

And I know prices as I worked in a grocery in high school and part of college and I used to be part owner of 3 Arby franchises.

It's also the same reason why Arby's moved away from actual whole roast beef sliced portiond to the "composite" beef cooked loaf that is sliced and served today.


Aug 01, 2015
jjjrfoodie in Chains

Grilling Butterflied Chicken

I will assume you mean a whole bone-in spatchcocked chicken.

If so, I start skin side down and flip a little after half way cooked.

The skin will stay crispy when flipped and the rib cage acts as a heat buffer for the meat.

With skin side up first the skin exudes fat slowly, so when flipped, the fat hits the coals or flame which means flare up and burnt but not cooked chicken. Not good. BTDT.

I do BISO thighs and BISO breast skin side down first too. In all cases, make sure the grill is hot.

Aug 01, 2015
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What's for Dinner #378 - The Hot! Hot! Hot! Edition [through August 3, 2015]

In honor of Jung Mann, I picked up a half pound of local jalapeno loaf today. Total Spicey bite. Ok think grilled panninis with it and a soft cheese and garlic onion jam as a schmear. Maybe grilled tomato slices too. JM, my butchet carries both olive loaf and olive and pimento loaf. Yum.
Total lowbrow but so so good.

What's for Dinner #378 - The Hot! Hot! Hot! Edition [through August 3, 2015]

LOL ghg, this ain't nothing.

Over on one of the "guy" tool forums, we do a worldwide secret santa gift swap with drawing names and over 300 folks with 300 gift boxes going to most continents.

This year we had all gifts get to a member with no slouchers. None. And less than 5% of the members have ever met each other.

Last year we had two slouchers out of 350 swaps done via mail from Dec 1 to Dec 31.

It does work.

What's for Dinner #378 - The Hot! Hot! Hot! Edition [through August 3, 2015]

This is the last reminder for the jjjrfoodie grider/chopper BNIB giveaway.

So far I have 14 names:
1 linguafood
2 roxlet
3 PharmaChick
4 nothingswrong
5 nikkihwood
6 NavyMom89
7 Jung Mann
8 greyelf
9 ChristinaMason
10 LindaWhit
11 Berheenia
12 milgwimper12
13 ChristiZ
14 Gretchen S

To those above, like the Katy Perry song, Are you in ore you out?
(And are you hot or you cold, up or you down, left or you right...LOLZ)Mainly just post up if you are not interested.

Anyone else in?

11:59 pm this Sunday, JUly 2 PDT is signup end.

Monday I will finalize list.
Name pulled Tuesday. I'll pull three names in order. Winner and first and second backup in the event I don't get a mailing addy or folks renig.
Again. , it's free and shipped on my dime but ya never know. LOL. I've seen stranger things.

Good luck all


No kids allowed?

"I love children. But rarely can I eat a whole one..."

-W.C. Fields


I grew up where there were "big people" restaurants where kids (well and properly dressed) were allowed only at lunch hours but never at dinner.

I have many friends who applaus=d the policy.

Not every place is Chuck-E-Cheses or TGIChiliMcCharlieO'FridayBee's.

NYC has plenty of places like that. If a restaurant has enough patrons to support that business model, then more power to them.

No kids allowed?

MGZ, once again you are my hero. :-)

Jul 31, 2015
jjjrfoodie in Not About Food

What's for Dinner #378 - The Hot! Hot! Hot! Edition [through August 3, 2015]

Because it's still hotter (and more humid ) than Derek Jeter's "undercarriage" after a
August day/night doubleheader at Fenway(LOLZ), I too like steve h. and the rest went pasta tonite.

Cincinnati style chili from the freezer.
Spaghetti, diced white onions, shreaded yellow mild cheddar, Frank's hot sauce. Oyster crackers,

Multitasking meant std. pork ribs were brined, rubbed with espresso grind coffee, brown sugar, granulated garlic, paprika, ancho powder, salt, pepper, dried mustard , oregano and red chili flakes with a bit of cayenne.

Tossed into the basement toaster oven back up #1) with no water and covered until 195F internal.

What to do with them? I dunno except it it will be sauceapalooza and a gas grill's heat for char this week.

Tacos for 50 Adults and 15 Kids

gaffk, please post up the black bean recipe or whatever you used recipe please.
I always judge good Mexican and Central American food by the quality of their rice and beans. It's the staple of most of the world.

And I've yet to meet a can of black beans or refried black beans that meet my stds, right out of the "tin".


Jul 30, 2015
jjjrfoodie in Home Cooking

Tacos for 50 Adults and 15 Kids

It's just math...LOL.

If doing traditional 2 corn tortilla or a bit larger flour tortillas, I'd guess 3 to 3.5 tacos per adult (4 if you f big eaters) and 1.5 to 2 tacos per child.This means lettuce, cheese, salsa and possibly radishes and cilanto will go on each taco too on avg.

Sour cream, green onions and other goodies are up to you..

Normal fast food taco see 1.5 to 2oz. of cooked meat per taco. If self serve, all bets are off. I'd plan 2.5 to 3 ozs. of meat per taco and then mutiply by the numbers above.

If doing ground or shreaded beef and pulled chicken, the lbs consumed will stay low. Move up to sliced grilled chicken breasts and grilled and sliced skirt steak or hangar steak fajita style and the lbs. consumed will go up.

Consider Mexican rice and beans ( I make my own refried or mashed black beans and like them more than the protein usually) held in crock pots to help round things out and lower protein intake. There are a lots of CH caterers here. Ijust do a lot of large GTG's. Thus why you need the math.

Jul 30, 2015
jjjrfoodie in Home Cooking

Anyone have a recipe for Mt. Gretna dish?

Most of the old skool midwest I know called it Johnny Marzetti.

Common for big family cost saver meals and even more common at weddings as a cost saver for caterers.

Most added some type of cheese and many added sauteed grren peppers to extend it.

I have many a 1950's to 1970's church cookbook with the same or variation of the recipe year to year of that recipe. Another pushed and pulled recipe from the east coast to Kansas City.

Jul 28, 2015
jjjrfoodie in Home Cooking

Need Breakfast Ideas...

IT's Log Cabin SF.


I assume HFCS. Thus why I use lightly/ Not a deal breaker for me since I use so little each month.

Jul 28, 2015
jjjrfoodie in Home Cooking

Need Breakfast Ideas...

Sadly, no. :-(
The girlfriend picked it up. I tolerate Lite style but I've been using the SF up lately . I'll check on the brand,

I buy and keep the real stuff too, but I cheat with the SF since to me breakfast on the run is unmemorable.

Kinda like fat free sour cream, skim milk and non-fat mozzerella cheese. Yawn.

I hate wasting food even though I feel like I'm trying to iceskate uphill. LOLZ.

Jul 28, 2015
jjjrfoodie in Home Cooking

How to make a lot of orange chicken sauce and store it?

I cnn't help you with a recipe, but I make my own pad thai sauce that usestamarind pump that is reconstituted and draine for the juice, grated freash ginger garlic, palm sugar, fish sauce sugar, soy sauce, water, chiles, lime juice, chili flakes and several other things where once cooked and cooled and put in a glass jar, will keep at least 6 monthes in the fridge.

Look on the ingredient list of and orange sauce. Making at home for a few jars would be a simple challenge to me. Kinda like making a mango or orange chutney. Usually a vinegar or similar is needed. No fresh veggies added, only long cooked as fresh will spoil it.

I've been perfecting a mango and have lots of old skool jammimg gals that know their way around orange preserves so it shouldn't be that hard.

How the oranges get to the sauce state is the big question. And is it a combo of OJ,orange zest, preservred oranges and/or fresh orange segments. And lots of sugar. LOL.

Jul 28, 2015
jjjrfoodie in Home Cooking

Need Breakfast Ideas...

Oh boogiebaby. I am such a big cottage cheese fanboi. Which is now so un-cool.

For years I'd go with clients to steakhouses for lunch and order a nice rare burger and cottage cheese as the side instead of fries.
Hey-I;m not a french fry person.
Now you can't find cottage cheese in a restaurant with a search warrant. lol.

My sister ate it for breakfast. I still love it for lunch.
Copius salt and fresk ground pepper please.. :-)

What's for Dinner #377- The End of July Cometh Edition! [through July 29, 2015]

Not much food excitement here.

Friday past was grilled hot dogs and fresh Hungarian sausages on the baby gas grilled as we hosted a neighbor couple for dinner. Deviled duck eggs that wrer awesome but rich with mayo, French honey dijon, sweet pickle relish, tapatio hot sauce and fresh ground ancho chile powder as a topping, COTC and Tomato, basil and thin sliced onion salad in a balsamic EVOO dressing. Easy entertaining.

Evening got funky as I was out in the kitchen about 9pm and felt a grumbling like a diesel dump truck was in the drive way. Huh.
Turns out it was the local Fire Dept's pumper truck with lights going. Seems one of my neighbors has a guest or relative get too drunk or high on something where the guy was runnig aroung yelling, crying and walking into trees and falling over bushes, And we heard nothing. LOL. In my defense the friends bought over a half case of Illusive Traveller Grapefruit Shandy, which is sooooo soooo good. I keep a few growlers of a local brewers Chocolate Stout around for dessert so that compounded things if I must say so.

The fire truck was driving around helping the police do a combo of Where's Waldo" meets "drunken mental patient" scavenger hunt.
Next day my neighbors thought I was dead on the kitchen floor. Meanwhile next day I thought my elderly neighbor had a heart attack. Gotta love misinformation. Hahaha.

Chinese out on Saturday nite lead to the tummy nasties (we've all been there) so Sunday was yoghurt and cold cereal and Monday was Simple marinara over angel hair. No fun indeed.

With all this pork rib talk I'll do the ribs I pulled from the freezer tomorrow. Likely oven cooked or a quick d=grill with the cast iron smoke box for smoke and oven finish. I may even do them in the toaster oven to piss the world off.Hehehe. This one will get pics, :-)

Need Breakfast Ideas...

My work schedule and commute keeps me from doing much other than granola clusters, cold cereal (cocoa Krispies or Cap'n Crunch Mainly-yea I was force fed the healthy stuff as a kid and now abhore it LOL), yogourt or a quick bowl of oatmeal.

If I want warm and fast , I do bulk batches oh breakfast burritos with cooked/fried turkey sausage link cut into pieces, scrambled eggs, chese of choice and fried combo of onions, mushrooms and red or yellow peppers (or even sauteed poblanos). Diced green onions.I use the small flour tillas, schmear on some green tomatilla salsa , add a bit of the rest and roll. I usually do 6 or 8 up at a time. Cling film and cool. They freeze well. Just need to microwave. I keep in bulk the small 2oz plastic solo condiment cups (think jello shots) with lids so I can slop salsa and low fat sour cream in two and eat at my desk once at the office or job site.

Same with a McDonalds McGriddle fake out. I'll do a bunck of 3" dia pancakes, = for the bottom and top, turkey breakfast sausage patties, sharp cheddar, scrambled egg. Quick aquirt of sugar free maple syrup on the inside of each pancake. Add eggs and chees (sauteed onions or onion jam work good with ir too). Voila'--mini sandwich. Wrap in cling flim and keep or freeze.

I also do a batch of thai mango sticky rice. Steam Thai sweet rice (i get rice in bulk bags for 99 cents a lb.-hella cheap) , heat a can of coconut milk and add brown sugar, a hint of nutmeg and pour over cooked rice reserving some for when you reheat the rice in the microwave for future use. I use any friut on top. Mangoes, peaches, blueberries and even kiwi. Rice is served slightly warm with sligtly chilled fruit. I think of it as Thai oatmeal or porridge.

For weekend breakfasts, I go big or go home, but weekday mornings start so fast and go so quickly for me it's not big for me to make the meal memorable.

Once at work I'm too busy trying to put out fires with a bilge pump. Hahaha.

Help!! Cooking 30 lbs of ribs in oven

For oven roasting baby backs, I do a dry rub, lay meat side up on a rimmed cookie shhet, seal pan with foil and bake at 325F for 2.5 to 3 hours when doing one to 4 racks.

At that rate you could cycle them in 3 hr batches for 6 or 9 hour . You coud also cook them a few days ahead and bring to ro roo temp and then toss on the grill. You ed to let the ribs rest for some time once yu pull them from the oven (or smoker), so chilling once rested and then bringing them to room temp for a quick sear on the grill is doing little if any harm.

Some say that "compromises" the meat quality. I call bullshit, In fact I call utter and complete bullshit on that philospphy. If you run a commercial kitchen with huge convection ovens or have a large smoker or drum cooker where all can be cooked at once, bitch away. But those rules don;t work for home chefs or evev small resto. kitchens.

And I don't add liquid to my ribs as I do not like a braised rib. The fat and residual meat moisture trapped by the foil is plenty to keep things moist. BTDT x 1000 times.

Jul 27, 2015
jjjrfoodie in Home Cooking

What do you keep stocked at home?

I always find this facinating.

Whit I stock and even stock a lot of is nothing my neighbors or my sisters family would even think of.

So it really comes down to how and what you cook to me.

I've got about 20 core recipes that pop up very often, then the fringers and then the new.

I buy Nori sheets and sushi rice in bulk because I often do sushoi rollls at home. I always have homemade pasta sauce as well as white hicken chili or beef chili on hand so those ingredients and those attached are on hand,

Russets and yams. Yellow storage onions.

I buy my Mexican chiles like guajillo. ancho and chipotle in bulk and roast and grind enuff to fill a small jar. I keep a slab of baby back ribs, a hangar steak or two and chicken thighs and breasts in the freezer. I pack and freeze bacon in 1/4 lb. portions as once cooked it keeps forver and gets used in some manner.

Tons of dried pasta when on sale.

Cheese keeps a long time if cryovac'd, but soft chheses do not freeze well nor keep too long. I store my bulk pine nuts and cashews in the fridge.

I keep tamarind paste in blocks in the fridge for pad thai sauce along with palm surgar in the pantry.

Fresh ginger fingers in the freezer. Same with tons of frozen homemade pesto in 2ox lidded solo condiment cups in the fe=reezer. LOL. I keep the cups around mainly for jello shots.

I keep a few jars of local pasta sauce around just in case. Bags on dried black beans for refritos, northern beans for white chili and beans for reb beans and rice.

Outside of bluebox mac and cheese and Cap'n Crunch and Cocoa Crispies, I keep little processed boxed stuff around save for Korean noodle bowls and Korean ramen for a quick meal. I buy cans of coconut milk bt the case for curries. I also always keep fish sauce and Thai sweet chili sauce around with backups for each.

I make my own macaroni salad and potato salad so I keep the pasta and condiments for those around.

I keep a packed fridge, freezer and pantry but seldom if ever waste food short of a few things going bad. I know what doesn't cook or reheat well and cook accordingly, but produce is the biggest enemy of waste and buy accordingly.

For pantry stuff, it's the wheat moths or wheat weevils getting into your pasta, spices, flour, crackers and nuts.

BTDT on all of them.

Jul 26, 2015
jjjrfoodie in General Topics

Summer dinner for colleagues?

For quick entertaining I doctor up the Neeley BBQ sauce from the food network.

But I also do a cider vinegar apple juice mop sauce that is very wet and has garlic cloves, apple juice, cider vib=negar, dried mustard and other things in it.

For the adventerous I do a Big Bob Gibson white sauce ( Paula Deen has the recipe for it on th FN as well.) And a neighbor just up the hill from me bottles his own sauce in several types so I set that out as well.

Best sauce I love and can't get is Cotton Eyed Joe's out of Iowa. Restaurant is still there, They just don't bottle the sauce any longer.So sad.


I keep Corky's, Bone Suckin' Sauce and Cattlemans around as well.
Actually, I keep a fridge door full of BBQ sauces.

I've got a local joint that does an awesome carolina mustard sauce that I buy in bottles as well.

Opening up minds to other sauces is where I have all the fun.

Jul 24, 2015
jjjrfoodie in Home Cooking

Fresh clam juice storage?

Oh, it's seafood based. You'll know it's gone off just by smell..

If it's the residual juice from steamers, I cool quickly in a jar with a tight lid.

Cooking buys you the time. A week? Iduu=nno in the summer. At least 3 or 4 days. Like mentioned, if you have a lot I;d keep 3 days worth and portion and freeze the rest for day to day usage. Clam juice freezes fine. Fresh Clams---not so much. LOL.

Jul 24, 2015
jjjrfoodie in Home Cooking