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What's for dinner #320 -- The End and the Beginning Edition! [through August 23, 2014]

mcsheridan food pron.

I LIKE it!!!!!

For me tonite another round of grilled hangar steak and leftover goat cheese, tomato and basil spatzle and some lonely quick sauteed fresh spinach in olive oil and garlic.

Pics to follow.

What's for dinner #320 -- The End and the Beginning Edition! [through August 23, 2014]


I love Singha but drink it mainly for the fact that in Days of Yore, it was said to be brewed with formaldahyde.
Same stuff 3/4" sheet plywood was cured with. :-)

Still love the beer. Still believe the myth. LOL.

Recipes for tomatoes NOT as the star ingredient?


Chili Mac also.

No kidney beans tho. LOLZ.

In the end, once seeded and peeled and pureed or in a juicer, they can slowly be added to 1000's of recipes. Freeze and can well.

Sun-dried if you have a dehydrator.

LOTS of uses.



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jjjrfoodie in Home Cooking

What's for dinner #320 -- The End and the Beginning Edition! [through August 23, 2014]

The brinkmann R2D2 is heating up and smoked baby backs over hickory along with COTC and another round of spatzle, basil, tomato and goat cheese as a side.

Archive pic of R2D2 above. Thst is summer mode.
Pic of why I call it R2D2 pic two.
Gotta love a friend to drive your smoker back home after a long nite. LOL.

Gotta do whatcha gotta do.

What's for dinner #320 -- The End and the Beginning Edition! [through August 23, 2014]

Looks awesome!
So allie, is that Thai Beef jerky ? Pork? Chicken? Dog? Human?

c.oliver was all about eGullet's WFD thread and the lack of chit-chat in the Site Talk thread.
Whelp. I guess it worked.

I guess pretty pictures and hella brief description is what it's all aboutz nowz on WFD. LOLZ.

Now its post-a-pic and GWFD.(Yes--the G is for "guess".}
I'm in. :-)

But I personally would like to know more about the jerky Allie.

Sorry c. oliver for the chit-chat. :-)

Brisket Summer Rolls With Sriracha-Barbecue Mayonnaise - Recipes - The New York Times

I gotcha covered...

Aug 20, 2014
jjjrfoodie in Home Cooking

Secure those recipes.

Having been there, this , to me, is kind of a three pronged effort.

One is trying to get loved ones and realtives' recipes in the first place. Many cook without a "recipe" (sic) yet they do it the same way every time. Or damn F*&^ing near the same way 99% of the time. But yet, because it is not written down, it's not a recipe, and not recorded.
Thus you are back to being the first person observer DURING the cooking process and recording and measuring. Or make them write it down. Which has its downfalls.

Second is those of us that have deceased cooking family members and have retained recipe cards and gobs of other recipes in other forms and have to decipher them , especially if modifed. I;m doing that now. Both mother and grandmother's 3x5 index cards. My father was a mega record keep so anything he grilled or made was well documentd.

The third prong, which is now the digital age, is backing up and securing the recipes you have.

I convert "dead tree" recipes into digital alla the time, but "dead tree" is never lost due to a virus or HD crash. Only you can decide what's best for you.

Back up x2, print and bind those you use the most and, unless mounted at eye level in the kitchen, electronic devices in a kitchen environment can be a recipe for diasaster. Download a recipe and in the middle of it and boom, no device. Derp.
Is it always backed up? No for most. Especially if not a website recipe. Pinterst and other sites help, but I;ve seen it firsthand if not stored somewhere.

I;ve seen almost ten fingers worth of devices take a tumble and die or get sauced, dumped on or water bathed and fail while using in the kitchen. Not one was mine.

Gravity is a heartless bitch. So is boiling hot water, sauce pan knock of said device into the garbage disposal and tipsey wine bottle to kill your iPad.

I;ve also had folks not willing to share thier recipes.
It takes all kinds. :-)

Aug 20, 2014
jjjrfoodie in Home Cooking

Why do my zucchini pancakes always burn yet stay uncooked in the middle?

This is the recipe I've used since 1996 from Bon Appetit magazine:


Tried and true to me and I serve with sides of sour cream (add ins of choice if i;m in the mood) and mango chutney.

It uses flour and make sure, as you did, grate and get as much of the water out of it as possible.

I;ve never had a problem with soggy.

If I make too many, I freeze between wax paper layers once fried and cooled and stash in zip lock bag.
Thaw then reheat in an oven or tosster oven, or dry heat of choice. Good as new.

Good luck.

Aug 20, 2014
jjjrfoodie in Home Cooking

What's for dinner #320 -- The End and the Beginning Edition! [through August 23, 2014]

I was gonna post earlier but a meeting got in the way, otherwise I would have likely been a WFD "thread killer" once more.

Last night was a copykat of a local reastuarant's "Greek spaghetti both" dish. Been on their menu since the late 50's early 60's.

Linguini tossed in a sauted buter garlic sauce that also includes sauted green and black olives and crumbled cooked bacon. Grated romano (and I do a small touch of feta as well) on top.
It's really that simple. $14.95 out or 1/10th that cost if made at home.

They do a similar dish but along with the bacon and olives use sauteed mushrooms, grilled onions , tomatoes and sweet hungarian peppers. To me, that gets too cluttered.

Side of cabbage and carrot vinegar slaw to cut the fat is mandatory. I make the pasta kopycat about once every other month as there is WAAAY too many calories and fat to make it regularly.

Tonight will be either stuffed and baked chicken breasts with corn flake crust or that leftover hangar steak I tossed in the freezer to keep. Sides of the remaining basil, tomato, garlic and goat cheese spatzle and COTC (Corn "off" TC this time) that I did Saturday and some leftover sauteed spinach. I need veggies after bacon and olive palooza last nite. :-)

Best tasting broth sold in a store?

I use both Das Dutchman chicken and beef base.

Just add water. Non metal container so no metal taste.
(And yes, canned broth is indeed lacking in flavor.)

Can YOU get it locally? I dunno.
Amish made. Hella good.



BTB is still a good solution if no big regional products available.

Aug 17, 2014
jjjrfoodie in General Topics

What's for Dinner #319 -- Hot Town, Summer in the City Edition! [through August 18, 2014]

Tricky roxlet?
rjb/rbj can attest.

Brisket is a bizzatch. :-)

Flat or point? Or both?


I did a point once on the R2D2 smoker.
Edible but not worth the time.
They are tricky.
Just like Run DMC once said.
"It's Tricky."

Buty yummy when done right.

What's for Dinner #319 -- Hot Town, Summer in the City Edition! [through August 18, 2014]

You really have to stop this TJ pork belly stuff!!!!
Srsly. LOLZ.

I have to do a TJ run Sunday (tomorrow) and the greenbacks are now gonna fly out of my wallet as a result.

MC, that is a mega delectable bahn mi right there.
Nom nom nom nom nom.

Aug 16, 2014
jjjrfoodie in Home Cooking

What's for Dinner #319 -- Hot Town, Summer in the City Edition! [through August 18, 2014]

Last nite was waaaaaay to many pints of Guiness and a few bites of crappy pub food at, well, a local pub with friends. :-)

Got home and made a lavash flatbread pizza to at least get a few veggies in me once home.

Garlic, olive oil, fresh basil, slice tomatoes and provalone and mozz cheese. Baste crust with olive oil before baking.
Quick and easy.

Recycle pic of last time I made it as gourmanda can attest to. :-)
And I was far to tired to do a pizza selfie. LOLZ.

Toaster oven FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!

Crazy Janes Mixed up Salt.


I have it.

Bought it for a Paula Deen macaroni salad recipe a decade ago (before she went all off kilter I guess)

CJ's is Good to have on hand.

Macaroni salad. Potato salad. Great on fresh tomato slices.

It's an herb salt. Use gently but it has its place and time.

Aug 14, 2014
jjjrfoodie in General Topics

What's for Dinner #319 -- Hot Town, Summer in the City Edition! [through August 18, 2014]

Tonite was supposed to be Bang Bang shrimp, but , there were no breaded popcorn shrimp in the freezer after a long and cold freezer scavenger hunt, so it was "Bang Bang Chicken " instead with popcorn chicken tossed in the Bonefish kopykat Thai sweet chili sauce, sirracha, vinegar and mayo sauce on a little bit of Boston bib lettuce.(So now do I call Bonefish Grille, Bonefowl Grille for this one? I don't know, but it was a Hella bad joke. LOLZ)
And for the record, that sauce will make most ANYTHING taste good.:-)

Sides of candied baby carrots done on the stove in chicken stock, brown sugar, honey, ginger,butter, granulated garlic and soy along with pasta with a peanut sauce, basil, garlic, and sesame oil pesto that turned out far more muddy than I like for a picture, but my picture taking on the fly sucks as of late anyways so no biggie. It was yummy none the less.

And it got the crunchy fried chicken /fried food desire out of my system via a small portion to boot for a while.

I need to do some enchiladas soon or some cochanita pibil.
Or something. I feel a cooking rut coming on.

Time to change it up.
Imma gettin' bored. Ugh.


What's for Dinner #318 -- There Ain't No Cure for the Summertime Blues Edition! [through August 13, 2014]

Why yes...yes you do.

I had a few rav's in the freezer I felt needed to be used up.

A little textural change does a dinner good. LOL.

Aug 13, 2014
jjjrfoodie in Home Cooking

What's for Dinner #318 -- There Ain't No Cure for the Summertime Blues Edition! [through August 13, 2014]

Last night was a friend with some ground venison in need of something to do with it for dinner.

She is a novice cook so she chose Bolognese being not sure of the venison taste on its own and I did the cooking but also did the teach how to do it on your own thing.

Cooking started late. Dinner time was thus even later. Ugh. LOL.
Yes. I did NOT do the correct sauce pasta in the pan and then serve as what is the norm. It was late. Too late. Thus the dump and serve.
Sue me. Hahahaha.
I used some fine chopped salt cured black olives to help balance the intensity of the vension and worked very well.

All leftovers went her way as I've got the hangar steak to use up tonite.

Lentil soup accompaniments?

Canned or fresh jalapeno's?

I usually add a 4oz can of drained chopped green chiles or jalepenos to my cornbread mix all the time. 4 oz. of cheese grated also sounds about right.

I like a crunchy side with soups like lentil, so I make sea salt or garlic bagel chips . Mega thin sliced bagel rounds or pieces baked in the oven schmeared with garlic butter or drizzled with olive oil and sea salt before baking the slices.

Pan seared smoked sausage as a side is never a problem in my world too. :-)

Good luck.

Aug 13, 2014
jjjrfoodie in Home Cooking

What's for Dinner #318 -- There Ain't No Cure for the Summertime Blues Edition! [through August 13, 2014]

Yeah, don't rub it in. LOLZ.

I'm curious as to what the Ferrari 275 GTB/C Speciale and the 333 SP MOMO Prototype go for at auction.
Sorry, I;m a car guy too. :-)

Venison bolgonese tonite that I;m helping a frined make that is long on venison and short on cooking skills.
We'll see.

And just for steve h, I live in an area with many car guys. This is a couple pics I took of a local club member's collection and those cars he shares his garage with.
And yes, that white Ferrari with the lipstick red interior IS the show car from it's design introduction that year at the Paris Auto Show.
Now the car lives on your coast. That's good news for you, but bad for me. And I am sad
He trades Italian cars like baseball cards. Ugh. :-)

Safe travels.

Aug 12, 2014
jjjrfoodie in Home Cooking

Next Food Network Star -finale (spoilers)

GOTW, were these recipes from when the winners produced and aired thier own show post competition or form the (Next) Food Network Star competition itself?

If from teh shows aired by winners AFTER winning the competition, then I tool have garnished some tricks and just a smidgen of knowledge or inspiration.

It's the NFNS competition itself in it's current itteration that I find little interest in. If you actually garnished recipes from the competition challenges themselves, you are far better at pieceing recipes from cutaway aired footage than I.

Aug 12, 2014
jjjrfoodie in Food Media & News

Next Food Network Star -finale (spoilers)


FNS definitely poses FN with a problem of being a very popular show built around a faulty premise. So while the show is entertaining to watch, the actual thought of "do I want to see that person's show" doesn't seem real anymore.


You nailed it.

I think the first few seasons worked for teh origninal premise, but as teh seasons progresed, teh premise was intentially altered, or at least to me.

Now it's a foodtv.com online popularity contest online vote vs judges and produers voting, with the odd thing being most of the winners end up with shows on Cooking Channel. Hmmm...

I did see Cowboy Bob, as I called him, a male yang to the Pioneer Woman Ying, but the negative publicity and his off-stage antics may find him a tough sell.

I watched the first two Episodes this season and never watched another. I just find nothing food related or cooking related I can take away from it any more. Same with Masterchef. All drama with little culinary knowledge to be gained.

The old Iron Chef Episodes I have on the DVR (and even early ICA) get my cooking creative juices far more than most of what is now airing IMO.

But hey,it's a known fact that viewers don't watch FN to learn about food itself or cooking, they just get all "Pavlovian" at that which is being cooked and all "Roman Citizen" when the "gladiators" are tossed into the cooking Colosseum and a fight to the death amongst themselves format.

Fun for the whole family!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOLZ.

Aug 12, 2014
jjjrfoodie in Food Media & News

What's for Dinner #318 -- There Ain't No Cure for the Summertime Blues Edition! [through August 13, 2014]

Dinner was a 24 hour layover for yesterday's planned meal and nothing aw-inspiring.

Grilled hangar steak with Sonoran dry-rub seasoning, COTC and garlic, basil, tomato, grated Parmesan and goat cheese cream sauce spatzle from spaetzle-palooza making the other day. So easy and so good.
Funny that is looks like risotto in the pic.

Pop-in dinner guest that brought adult beverages, so all was good.

How to reuse the small bit of leftover beef has the wheels spinning. How to warm but not turn to grey leather. Hmmmmm...

Nom nom nom. :-)

Best bottled Asian peanut sauce?

When I don't make my own (which I usually only do if cooking for a large group), I use Maesri brand Peanut Satay sauce from Thailand.

Comes in small 4oz. cans and usually around 99 cents a can at my local Asian markets.

Tasty and cheap. And no preservatives.

What can looks like:

Aug 11, 2014
jjjrfoodie in General Topics

What's for Dinner #318 -- There Ain't No Cure for the Summertime Blues Edition! [through August 13, 2014]

Tonite was going to be spatzle with a goat cheese, fresh tomato and basil cream sauce, grilled hangar steak and COTC, but like jets at O'Hare in January weather, everything is in a holding pattern. BTDT x 100. Both dinner and airline travel. :-)
The GF want to sort it out. Okay-Dokay.

But--Mission Spaetzle is done...

I am remiss to say that I was incorrect via WFD #317 that my spaetzle spatula was British for this task. I do have a British made spatula as well as a matching potato masher of that varity , but this is a good ole" USA ECKO A&J flipper that I use.
Still' 1950's vintage . Same grandmother hand me down. Just ebay search for them. I LOVE the fact they are deemed vintage. IT"S A %^&*ing SPATULA!!!!!!

Because I am of the "Put up or shut up" variety,pics to prove the process is so easy. If you have a cow, a chicken, salt, flour, water and fire you can even do it during a zombie apocoalypse. :-P

Main pic of 1/2 batch finished and ready for fridge.
If you go bulk making , then you are back to best uding the roxlet dedicated tool.

Rest of the pics are "The spaetzle device", device over pan sans water. batter, the claw, first batch draining (see-----little sparrows), and, when they float, they are done.

I added black pepper and parsley but you really can add what you like.

It's lazy mans pasta in dumpling form with no 10 minutes of kneading and no need for a pasta machine. German style. But TOTALLY yummy.

I feel like I"ve revealed Chris Angel's best best magic evah but in food form.
I feel so dirty. LOLOLOLZZZ.

Substituted Green Jalapeños for Red

As genoO points out the reds are ripe older versions of the greens but are often somewhat sweeter and can lack the heat of the green jalepenos.

Green jalepenos vary in heat very often anymore, but I;d be wary of 1:1 ratio substitutions.

Greens can kick your taste buds into high gear depending upon the source. Reds are a littel more gentle. At least in my years of cooking and using them.

Aug 09, 2014
jjjrfoodie in Home Cooking

Why are Asian-style noodles rinsed with cold water but not Italian noodles?

Lingua is spot on.

Same reason you wash rice before cooking but not after. Starch.

Many differences between ground rice/rice flour and duram wheat/wheat flour.

You made your own case . :-)

Aug 09, 2014
jjjrfoodie in General Topics

What's for Dinner #318 -- There Ain't No Cure for the Summertime Blues Edition! [through August 13, 2014]

That right there is why they should banish photo taking from the market.

Totally. Not. Fair.
I hate you and I'm gonna go tell Mom. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

Meanwhile, I've got my Harter's from earlier in the week "food itself is arduous much less cooking it" mood on today. LOL. <3

Thus why I bury this reply back here.
Spaetzle making pictorial on deck for tomorrow or Monday though.
Dang those peppers look good. :-)

Aug 09, 2014
jjjrfoodie in Home Cooking

What's for Dinner #317 - Yes, it's Summer, Summertime is here... [Through August 9, 2014]

Yea. Don't worry.
It's a little bit thicker than a corn dog wet style batter.

It's also like deep frying dredge tasks. YOur batter hand gets all coated while you have to use the other to do the dry tasks.

I do a copycat of a local german restaurant of spaetzle with pan fried chicken in a seared mushroom marsala wine cream sauce.
It's heavenly.

I never made spaetzle before a few years ago and tried many many batches and types thus why I have seen wet and dry .
This best fits the kind I have had locally in German restaurants.
Recipes vary. Flour eggs and milk are cheap so trying new ones out is more time than money.

Yep, the batter on this one will give you "the claw".
Keep pushing it all thru teh spatula. It all eats the same.

I plan on doing a batch soon to serve with my rabbit a la moutard. I'll take pics when i do.

Aug 08, 2014
jjjrfoodie in Home Cooking

What's for Dinner #317 - Yes, it's Summer, Summertime is here... [Through August 9, 2014]

My German is a litle rusty but IIRC sans Google, spaetlze means little sparrows, which large hole or slots make well when pushed thru with your fingers.

I use a loose batter:

(This makes 32 oz of cooked spatzle and can be halved)
2 cups sifted all purpose flour
1 tsp. salt
2 eggs
3/4 cup milk
Dash of cinnamon if you like.

Sift flour and put in bowl. Add salt and combine.
Combine milk and eggs and combine and slowly add dry to wet ingredients.

it will be wet.
Dont worry.

Simmer a pot of water with salt .
With one hand, scoop out batter while holding holed device (lol)with other and push batter thru holes or slots into the water. Repeat.
batter will sit on pot of water bottom. Wait a minute and then gently stir.
When done, spaetzle will float.

Remove spaetlze and drain in collander per batch.
Repeat until done with batter.

I make one day or days ahead as it keeps well once cooked and cooled in fridge.
I pan fry in butter if I want crispy or with a veggie or say, mushrooms or onions..
I gently microwave to warm alone and out of the fridge to add to sauce of choice in a skillet to finish if I want saucy or as a main.

I keep all the ingredients around 24/7 so less pantry to fill.

So easy.

I;ve used potato ricers with litlw luck. Even ones with big holes.
Dedicated machine was cumbersome.
Using fingers and glopping it thru an age old simple device was thrifty and quick as lightening.

I can push batter thru the openings faster than the pot can can cook it per batch.

Simple = win.

What worked and didn't work about Chowhound

Get rid of the blue heart "like" button and use big-girl/big boy icons and I;d chit chat less. That;s a start.


Because discussion fourms are not to be about discussions. Nor chit chat.

Damn. I said chit chat. Is that chit chat? Did I just ban myself.

In the end, I had a two page length response to this quesiton, but it's not worth posting the obvious. And all points were.

1. CBSi trying to re-invent the wheel when perfectly good and well supported forum software IS out there.

2. No PM nor ability to contact othere members easily.

3. Site and tech and device and OS and compatablity glitches out the ass. Thus see point #1.

You should have the traffic CH. You have the advertisers. You have content. BTW-you're welcome for that. And also via your staff-both paid and not.
I see no moderation issues. Nor issues re: opinions and respect for them. AND the ability to offer a reply to said opinions.
If you want to make CH and exclusive club for CH foodie sycophants ---knock yourselves out. I;m out then.
Too many other options.

Site issues, device issues, goofy non-essential changes and intrusive ad placement keeps me away. And I moderate and admin several forums. All where the site software and ads are transparent and those issues non-existant and the posters are a 24/7 handful.

Funny how the world works.

Good luck. And I like ya just a little bit more than I hate ya as a IT site. But it's close. :-)

As a community of interacting human beings and food knowledge, it's pretty damn good and beyond friendly and helpful for me.

But i chit-chat, so I;m out. LOL.

Aug 08, 2014
jjjrfoodie in Site Talk