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Your best tomato recipes please - worthy of the tastiest specimens!

I'll tell ya what gourmanda, I'll make it this weekend with fresh garden tomatoes and fresh garden basil and post a pic in WFD thread.

And yes, added in goat cheese and cream MAKE this dish a big time winnah. Butter? Why Ruhlman? Why? Thus why if lost me the first time.

And oh, still. WTF is the parm or romano? Huh?

Look for it in WFD soon.


about 8 hours ago
jjjrfoodie in Home Cooking

What's for Dinner #316 - the Hot August Night edition

I use LKK for oyster sauce oddly.
Not heavily used item for me but I do like to toss some in Szechuan green beans at times.

I just checked the fridge and Koon Chun is the Hoisin sauce I've been using of late. Huh. I've still got LKK in the door.
Both darn near the same as what I get in the restaurants. Koon Chun especiaially.

I;ll report back re: the plumb sauce.

Many Thanks.

about 9 hours ago
jjjrfoodie in Home Cooking

What's for Dinner #316 - the Hot August Night edition

You rock!!!!!!!!!!!

I keep the Lee Kum kee Hoisin around daily including the super secret back up jar (just like my Mae Ploy Sweet chili sauce-LOL), but have never had the Plumb Sauce.

I have to do a Chinese mkt run for sushi rice this weekend so that's on my list.

Thank you thank you thank you so much.

The duck sauce packets I no longer take at the take-away counter or sadly pitch out.More bad than ever good over the years.

Saturday Morn. = Plumb Sauce Road Trip. Booyah!!!!
(20 minutes away, so not really a road trip. Hahaha.) LOLZ...

about 9 hours ago
jjjrfoodie in Home Cooking

What's for Dinner #316 - the Hot August Night edition


Change-up from hoisin sauce tonight; instead, I used duck sauce on the burgers.


mcsheridan, could you please give me a quick lesson re:YOUR differences between hoisin and duck sauce where you live.

I keep hoisin around all day long. Brands vary a little but not mcuh.

Duck sauce, on the other hand , I find like plumb sauce. Not a given taste code or type that I know of so what I get when I order it is all over the place. Especially in the USA. ALL over teh place. Good. Bad. And Ugly. usually bad and ugly. LOL.

I;m doing a moo shu chicken test run at home tonite for me thus why it peaked my interest.

TIA. :-)

about 9 hours ago
jjjrfoodie in Home Cooking

home canning tomatoes - are they safe?

Should be fine.

Check the seals once cooled.

I use tomato juice in the liquid base as well with the lemon , but I worry more about pH balance than seal.

If processed correctly, to me you only have to worry about the seals.

If stored in a cool and dark space, headspace is not a deal breaker if a little off.

about 10 hours ago
jjjrfoodie in Home Cooking

Your best tomato recipes please - worthy of the tastiest specimens!

I;ve done it with both romas and larger vine tomatoes and I usually try and drain them a little bit to cut down on moisture.

I also do a goat cheese and heavy cream riff on that that I like far better as a main.

Ruhlsman's to me is summer but then you need some crunchy bread and some vinegar/tart sides to balance it out. Same with the riff I do.

No cheese? Whhhaaaaaatttt!

It's a Hot pasta side salad dish to me if you like that.

My 2 pennies. :)

about 12 hours ago
jjjrfoodie in Home Cooking

cooking whole wheat pasta??

Do you have a brand name on it kseiverd?

I cook the Barilla Whole Grain pastas for friends that request it at tiems and find they do often take longer to cook but, and BIG BUT---THEY GO FROM TOUGH TO AL DENTE TO MUSH IN A f^%&*ng HEARTBEAT!!!!

They need constant monitoring.

If me, I'd do a small batch and put a timer on and see how long it takes to get what you want. Kinda like first time cooking or hot soaking rice noodles.

I could never put a "definitive time" on pasta. Brands differ as does linguini vs angel hair, etc.

If me, again, I;m do a tiny batch and time cook to al dente and then taste every minute after that. Mark teh al dente time on the package and then cook to your desired taste.

1/8 lb. of pasta lost to science to save the other 1 and 7/8 lbs.

I'm all for those odds.

In fact I had to do it years ago trial cooking gluten free pasta shells for a freind. Gluten free pasts is an even tricker feat to master. Talk about the window of perfect timing being small. Eeeek.

about 14 hours ago
jjjrfoodie in Home Cooking

How to fry potstickers without burning the bottoms?

I usually make PS's in batches of 50 or 100, and dust the bottoms with flour as I go to prevent sticking to the sheet pan and keep sogginess at bay.

I;ve never had a problem with burning unless I lost track of them on the stove cooking.

Peanut oil or veg. oil in skillet, thawed or fresh potstickers added to thin layer of hot oil and cook until browned. Add stock or water, cover and cook until done and pan becins to dry out and sizzle.

I do use a non-stick pan and then take a papertowel and wipe down the pan between batches. Then do another batch.

I don;t do store bought frozen since so easy to make at home as you want them.

YOu want the oil hot enough to do a good quick fry (which is where the dusting flour helps too) as slow fry or too cold of oil = soggy, but too hot and they brown quick.

Since you are dumping room temp water/broth into a hot pan, they cool down quick, thus whay they are so hard to burn.

Using a pan that also holds heat well also helps.

Love to help ya more but not sure I can.

about 14 hours ago
jjjrfoodie in Home Cooking

What's for dinner #315 - Summertime... and the living is easy. [through July 31, 2014]

The GF had another engagement so dinner for one last.

Grilled ribeye (one of two) that I traded the butcher for basil for.

Basil pesto and local sweet corn as sides.
Poor lighting --so so sorry for pic.

I so tired of basil that my goal is to get my neighbors and friends sick of it too. LOLZ. So far, it's NOT working. :-)

Made another 8oz jar of pesto after work yesterday.

Steak did me in for weekly meat intake so going light for a few days. Salad time!

about 18 hours ago
jjjrfoodie in Home Cooking

My recipe calls for tomato sauce BUT

I just Googled a few of the tomato sauce brands I;ve used and many of the canned sauce varieties use tomato concentrate, which is listed as just tomato paste and water, so I say go for it.

Tomato paste is obviously cooked down, so can be sweeter and more pungent than tomato sauce due to cook time.

I;d measure out your water first and slowly add tomato paste until you get the proper taste and consistancy.

Good luck.

1 day ago
jjjrfoodie in Home Cooking

What's for dinner #315 - Summertime... and the living is easy. [through July 31, 2014]

And that's why I <3 you. You-you-you-button pusher.



No puppies nor kittens will be harmed in my confines. Rabbits, well, that's still on deck.

But you all knew that. LOL.

Jul 29, 2014
jjjrfoodie in Home Cooking

What's for dinner #315 - Summertime... and the living is easy. [through July 31, 2014]

Just got back from the Tuesday Farmers Mkt. On my mtn. bike.
Indiana sweet corn and zuchinni for Turkish pancakes (with mango chutney and sour cream I whip up as sides.) Yum.

Traded basil for 8oz ribeyes with the butcher today. Booyah!

I'll likely do leftover red sauce and meatballs and hot Italian sausage tonite with angel hair and save teh steaks for tomorrow with the COTC.
Once cooked, the zuchinni pancakes keep and freeze so well. Jut have to break out the FP and the grater disc.
And I so love me some mango chutney. Man oh man oh man.

And,every time you click on the blue heart, I'm going to punch a puppy or light a kitten on fire. I swear to Gawd. LOLOLZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.
Please CH. Quit it. It's annoying. Hella annoying. Stop the IT change madness.

Jul 29, 2014
jjjrfoodie in Home Cooking

Possible Double Standard Regarding Dietary Needs/Preferences


. If I had to parse a menu for an observant Muslim, a vegan, a pescatarian, two onion haters, and a dairy-free raw food eater, I'd just give up entertaining, stay home alone, and order a Pepperoni pizza, hold the anchovies.


There's a darn good joke in there somewhere mcsheridan...

"An observant Muslim, a vegan, a pescatarian, two onion haters, and a dairy-free raw food eater walk into a bar..."

Nope. Won't work.

Walk into a "Dairy Bar".
Nope won't work too.

Double Damn.

Pizza joint? I dunno, seems iffy. LOLOLZ.

Walk into a salad bar--Hmmmmm.....

I;m going to work on this one. I feel an answer is there.

Jul 29, 2014
jjjrfoodie in Not About Food

Your Giant American Refrigerator Is Making You Fat And Poor

McDonald's and TGIFridayChiliO'CharleiesMcChipotlHut is making your ass fat.

NOT an appliance.

Hell, TWO fridges can sometimes not be enough when entertaing for me.
And a chest freezer.

I lived in London and never minded shopping for groceries many times a week. Now it's not an option where I am in the US . Have to get in my car and drive.
Fossil fuel use = fat ass. Circle of fat ass life. Hakuna matata.

I just took my mountain bike to go get lunch today. But Gawker doesn't care about that.

Urban sprawl killed the ease of core business district shopping in all but the biggest of cities and towns.

Meanwhile I;ll also bike to my local Tuesday farmer's mkt. later today and happily fill my big-azz fridge. And trade gobs of basil for meat with my butcher. Basil---ughhhhh.
And still be skinny at the end of the week.

How the hell does that work??????????????/

I do like using frozen Hot Pockets as tire chocks or door stops though in a pinch.
Maybe that's the reason.


Gotta love "First World" problems. ZOMG.

Jul 29, 2014
jjjrfoodie in Food Media & News

Why can't we eat rare chicken?


It's all a mtter of the way the chicken is slaughtered and processed.

If killing, blood letting and dressinga t home, I would not be so concerned as long the the chicken had no ailments.

Go looka at current chicken factory processing, the use of high pressure water cleaning and the fact feces is often moved to most parts of the bird via the hosing and clean bath process leaves you with no other oprion to be safe than sorry.

Large animals with large iternal bits are more easy to process and contain contamination (but slower to process), but chickens, due to size and processing speed, are not quite as easy.

YOu will not likly find contamination in the middle of a chicken breast, say, unless it has been pierced or lacerated,but contamination is all about surface area and nooks and crannies mainly.

When the poop goes flying when cleaning an evicerated chicken via a high pressure hose one after another , "the shit is gonna fly."

Not science fiction. Science fact. Seen it first hand.
Thus back to 165F cook temp in the USA.

Local source your birds or have your butcher do it (or raise them yourself) and you should be good to go.

Jul 29, 2014
jjjrfoodie in General Topics

"Cooking Block" What Do You Do?

It happens to me about once a quarter.

I usualy revert back to simple childhood comfort foods like meatloa f and mashed potatoes and brown gravy, open faced roast beef sandwch, homemade spaghetti and meatballs.

All easy to make and can be augmented with seasonal side of choice.

I;ll also do take away from my favorite Indian restuarant or Mexican restuarant and order something I don't make at home as a break. Or eat out and go for something totally new.

A pop into the fish monger or weekend city outdoor market will also bump the urge sometimes.

Since I now have basil out the *&^ I;m very tired of looking at it much less eating it.
Same with tomatoes.

WFD thread is a great daily boost to just getting in the kitchen.
It's just cooking. Some days you eat to live. Others you live to eat.

Jul 29, 2014
jjjrfoodie in General Topics

An Open Letter to Chowhound re: the new format


about 4 hours ago

Well, I don't see it as misleading. As an employer, I routinely ask my employees what they think and how they feel about changes. I don't always follow their advice. I still value their input. The bottom line is that TPTB need to look at changes from various perspectives that participants don't have. Participants only have their perspective.


Uhhh-I'm not a CH employee. I'm a customer/user. Or like FaceBook, I'm really a product the CBS Interactive machine makes money off of. By posting my free stuff, info and pics on the www
You're welcome.

Asking employees is useful, especially if the IT interface impedes or promotes productivity, but CH is not about that.

Ad revenue and data mining is king.
You know it. I know it. We ALL know it.


A well done forum should have little change and maximum help to have users interact, post and find information. I.T. should be transparent.

CH? Nope.
I'd have sent $100's of dollars of food goodies to fellow CH members If PM existed. Does it? Nope. CBSI control issues.

The site is the the site. YOu made it you control it.
You wanna bail CH and CBS, bail.
Fussing with screens and color bars and Q&A and "like" buttons is not the cure.

I've been involved in graphic design, architecture and the engineering and design field for 2 decades +. It's treating the symptom, not the problem.

You wanted to "not have to pay vBulletin" and not give users access to each other and data mine.
Mission accomplished CBS.
Mission accomplished.

So amazeballs.

Jul 28, 2014
jjjrfoodie in Site Talk

Ultra-fresh scallops...sear, or specialize?

Yep, I sear in a cast iron pan. Or on a cast iron grille pan.

Keep an eye on them and do not overcook.

If going hot I use combo of butter and veggie oil to keep smoke point high.

Make sure everything else is ready to go for dinner before you toss the scallops on. <thumbsup>
And if unbrined, season them liberally.

Jul 28, 2014
jjjrfoodie in Home Cooking

What's for dinner #315 - Summertime... and the living is easy. [through July 31, 2014]

Lingua, I;m glad the man is getting back to well.

As for the Dude, I cannot, and I mean CANNOT, get the Big Lebowski out of my mind when you go there.


"Let me explain something to you. Um, I am not "Mr. Lebowski". You're Mr. Lebowski. I'm the Dude. So that's what you call me. You know, that or, uh, His Dudeness, or uh, Duder, or El Duderino if you're not into the whole brevity thinc"


"That rug really tied the room together, did it not? "


Jul 28, 2014
jjjrfoodie in Home Cooking

Store brand vs name brand dry rice and beans, etc?

depends upon variety and type.

I buy my rice in bulk at 99 cents a pound. Sushi, long grain, jasmine, etc.

Brand does make a difference.

As does bean type. The "correct" bean for red beans and rice can be hard to find and $$$, but subbing in kidney beans, or in other cases navy beans or great northern for Cannellini won't work.

In some cases I find store brand canned plain beans inferior to name brands and , due to slow sales, dried beans can be old and dry.

As for "beans are beans", I suggest buying a can of $$$ vegetarian beans , a can of name brand beans and a can of store beans and do a taste. Then buy a bag of beans, do a quick soak and make the same dish from all four. I'll bet you get four very different results using the exact same recipe and seasoning.

Hell, I find it when using different brand tomato paste or tomato puree' from different mfgrs.

It's all the same, but not the "same."

Trust me.

Jul 28, 2014
jjjrfoodie in General Topics

An Open Letter to Chowhound re: the new format


I hope tha was not serious smtucker.

And per CH, you are not a "Developer", but an "Engineer."

I admin and moderate several forums. I like it when we have member problems. East fix.
Start *&^%ing with the user base site integration and inteface, bigger problems. BTDT.
Followers leave. They just go away. MySpace crickets style go away.

Be forewarned.


n my case seeing many community members for the self-centered, entitled, impatient, and immature individuals they appear to really be has sort of made me sick at my stomach. I always suspected certain people appeared to have no life at all other than Chowhound and now I know it's true.

Another LOL.

You are in charge. Do it right. Or not. You press the ones and zeros.
Folks like CH last I checked. Heck,. I still like it. Kinda. LOL.

I once dated a girl that took great strides to re-arrange my walk in panty and then, only the next day, chastise me for a late made dinner and not knowing where "anything in the pantry was."
Was a funny moment.No. Not really.

You're in charge. Have at it.
But don't blame the CH faithful for "Harshing your mellow"....dude. Or dudette.


Jul 27, 2014
jjjrfoodie in Site Talk

What's for dinner #315 - Summertime... and the living is easy. [through July 31, 2014]

Sorry speakhands, but "Amish style " is just a colloquialism I tend to use for the local version of chicken and dumplings. I;m midwest based now with pretty good sized Amish communitities in all directions and most restaurants serve the flat noodles vs. the drop style dumplings.

Seems, using Google endlessly last nite,the flat noodle version has Southern roots as well.

Having lived on the east coast, I just remember c&d using the golf ball drop dumpling all the times I had it living there.

THEN...you have chicken and dumpling made with standard biscuits and baked a'la a cassarole.

It's all very confusing and regional it seems.
I;m going to do a riff on the ATK recipe for the sauce and fuss around with baking powder amount in the dumplings by doign two trial batches of them alone. Hey, flour is cheap. Hahahaha.

Forward into teh fog for me on this one. :-)

But- I ain't skeered. It's just food.

Jul 27, 2014
jjjrfoodie in Home Cooking

What's for dinner #315 - Summertime... and the living is easy. [through July 31, 2014]


I'm not leaving.
CBS-Int is just LOLzarious and the I.T./Engineers. Sooo sticking around <popcorn>

If the site gets back to browser friendly, you get moar dinner pics.

I also am trading some basil for some mint tomorrow morning so I'm going to do a bunch of mint simple syrup for cocktails and lemonade and go from there.

Have a friend who wants to have old skool chicken and dumpings she misses from her childhood (Amish stlyle with the flat noodles, not drop dumplings) so that's on this weeks list. Google-Fu in full effect. LOL.

Jul 26, 2014
jjjrfoodie in Home Cooking

What's for dinner #315 - Summertime... and the living is easy. [through July 31, 2014]

I'm going to do Moo Shu take-away tonite to get a second gauge on my ultimate goal of moo shu quesadillas. Last moo shu restaurant pancakes were the correct type so I may do rice flour and lard tortillas and break out the tortilla press. Oh the fun.

Big batch of basil pesto made this afternoon, and I;m basil'd out.
Meanwhile---the basil keeps growing. Whatsupwiththat???? LOL.

Did a small batch of red sauce with bssil, meatballs and hot sausage over penne on Saturday.

Steak on the grill and pesto in some way as a side likely tomorrow. With tomatoes. Lord what to do with the tomatoes.

CH website changes have me lost.
So Done-zo.

Jul 26, 2014
jjjrfoodie in Home Cooking

Do you like or dislike the new format ?


I'll post this again.

No to new format. Fix your known problems.

If you haven't gotten it by now CBS Interactive, I guess having anyone question why anything is done on CH is a mute point. So whay ask or allow someone to ask?

I got that a looooong time ago.

I love the CH community. HATE how you tinker.
So sad it is to watch.
Oh. So. Sad.

Jul 26, 2014
jjjrfoodie in Site Talk

Do you like or dislike the new format ?

Sucks dick.

AND locks up Firefox Browser. Ugh.

Another CBS Interactive epic fail.

Again--did y'all get your IT degrees from Univ. of Phoenix onine???

Ur doing it wrong and fixing what is not broken. Fix the broken shit. Puhlease.

Jul 26, 2014
jjjrfoodie in Site Talk

Need help with a picky eater

And c. oliver, I agree 100%.

And I grew up in a house that ate pan fried calves liver with onions and bacon and gravy and mashed potatoes . And canned or frozen green beans.

Now I cook it just because I love it and miss it. And it's so good.But man, liver is a bitch to find these days.
Did I like it then? It was OK. But really? No.
Same with chicken and dumplings.
Cottage ham and green beens and boiled pork ribs with saurkraut are two dishes I cannot go back to. Not enuff ketchup in the WORLD> :-)
And..... we are back to "isms."

Help guide the bloke but don't enable as an adult,

c . oliver is both an excellent food Yoda as well as an an accomplished food sherpa here on CH.

Yes indeed.

Jul 22, 2014
jjjrfoodie in Home Cooking

Need help with a picky eater

Lauren, welcome to CH.

Females get the "stigma" of being picky eaters, but as a guy, I see it operate on both sides of the gender line all the time.

I have a few "icks:, but I grew up in a family that ate a varied diet and menu and now having travelled most of the globe, find most foods not a problem. But I have no food allergies.

Those operating in a little sphere of dining at home much less dining out have less exposure to new food. And then there is the "control issue" thing.

After college, a female friend turned me onto salads and the the Moosewood cookbook and I grew from there.

On the other side, i have several male friends, from 20's to 40's that are pickier eaters than my daughter. One guy friend loves canned greens beans and eats them for a side almost every night. One only eats chicken nuggets, hamburgers and pizza, and fries and fried food. One has to call his mom to confirm that he has had something previously before his wife can cook it or he will not eat it.

I've seen this in teen girls and even my 20 something YO neice, but this is grown azz men. And some teen dudes I know. Not many though.

I;m not a psychologist nor psychiatrist so that end I;ll leave to the pros.

Most guys I know who have left the parent nest to go away for college, do work away from home or join the military, all work themselves out of eating confines and "isms". Not all, but most.
Maybe not "healthy", but the female touch over times tends to help that. Whether you grew up ahving access to fresh or good raw ingredients also make a difference. And if your parents even cared to cook.

It can be complicated.
BTDT on the other side.

Baby steps and slow incorporation of good food into the diet is my advice.
At this level it's not as simple as giving out recipes.

I think, at heart , your SO does not know if he likes foods or ingredients as a blanket belief and lumps them all into the same bucket for each item or group.

Time to deconstruct the "dislikes", and pull aside the triggers and slowly add back in the rest.

You sure you want to "peel THAT onion?"

But---the boy has got to eat.Sometime. LOLOLOLZ.

Good luck.

Jul 22, 2014
jjjrfoodie in Home Cooking

What's for Dinner #314 - Lazing on a Sunny Afternoon Edition [Through July 26, 2014]

AB, do you use the wet Ranch dressing in the jar or bottle, or just the dry spice packet mix? I;ve seen all (and I mean ALL) types versions of HVR style recipes out there.

I seldom make the baked rice and brocolli cheese sauce side for the same reason. LOL.

Jul 22, 2014
jjjrfoodie in Home Cooking

What's for Dinner #314 - Lazing on a Sunny Afternoon Edition [Through July 26, 2014]

I know the "no cheese with seafood" debate, but would you add a little grated parm to the top with some toasted breadcrumbs?

I personally would because I don't get all hung up in "correctness" when eating at home. (note the chow member who adds tomato paste to her basil pesto when she makes it at home in the pesto thread---it takes all types... LOL.)

I use parm or romano on my shrimp scampi over spaghetti as well as my mussels in white wine sauce over linguini.

Since lobster is so subtle, I;d go very easy on it (as you can always garnish with it once cooked), but i'd say go for it.

It's like putting ice cubes in your beer or scotch.
Should you do it? Uhhh--No.
But I;ll be damned I know a lot of folks of all demographics and incomes that do it. And I mean a LOT. Both at home and when out.

Have at it!

Jul 22, 2014
jjjrfoodie in Home Cooking