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Marinading steak

I only marinate beef cuts like hangar steak, flat iron strak and flank steak.

More tender cuts like rib eye, ny strip, t bone or filet I only use a dry rub of spices or just salt and pepper.

Marinade adds flavor that overpowers good cuts of beef in my eyes.

Enjoy your meal!

28 minutes ago
jjjrfoodie in Home Cooking

Store-bought vs. homemade grated Parmesiano Reggiano

Fot Italian import parm I only buy in blocks and grate myself.

The problem with big box grocers is they can and do buy big bags of pre-ground parm (USA made) and tub that into half and one lb. tubs while the same brnd in block for will only be sold as blocks.

Small grocers will grate wht they sell in whole or block form, but harder to come by and more expensive.

I abhore the rough grated spikey parm sold in groceries as well.

To me block cheese keeps far longer and tastes better for a longer than pre-grated, And no powder agent to prevent caking.

Use a hand grater for one or two, a mouli barrel grater for a family and the food processor for bulk cheese grinding. Save money and buy better cheese with the saved money. Win win win.

about 22 hours ago
jjjrfoodie in Cheese

What to do with a ton of peach jam?

Spicey chiles just add a bit of bite , just like hot pepper jelly. Red or gree jalepenos work well due to their fruitiness and aren't overly hot.

As for my jam/jelly/preserve glze, I make a roux with flour to help the suace tthicken up a bit. If heated in a stovetop pan, the jams tend to liquify by nature and the flour prevents that to some degree. Chilled or at room temp, the sauce will thicken, but once added to hot meat on a grill or heated hot enough to ser4ve on the meatt at seving time makes for a runny sauce. Or at least too runny for my laiking.

It's a balance, but once you make a batch or two of the sauce, you'll get a handle on how thick to make it.

2 days ago
jjjrfoodie in Home Cooking

What's for Dinner #365: A Broad Abroad [Through May 23, 2015]

LOL weezie.

Indy food is, well, Indy food.

But if you get invited into the BASEMENT storage of the on site museum, you are freakin' golden.

Talk about a treasure trove no one gets to see.

May 22, 2015
jjjrfoodie in Home Cooking

Indianapolis 500 menu?

Track food is...well...track food. Thus why Indy hot dogs are called track dogs. In race food terms, LeMans it is not. BTDT.

Even the catered food is mainly unmemorable.

Most grocery stores sell a mini picnic meal to take to the race that is fried chicken, cole slaw, dill pickles and potato chips.

Anything bought at the track is more State Fair food than anything else.

Indiana is known for its fried pork tenderloin sandwiches as well as BBQ , fried chicken and some great Amish food enclaves. Indy also is a big white castle/ slider town.
Fried bologna sandwiches, pan fried pork chops and Indiana sweet corn and HUGE Indiana melons are also local treats.

Think comfort foods. Hot dogs, burgers and potato salad. Funnel cakes. Fries. Giant turkey legs. Grilled COTC. Greasy pseudo cheesesteaks.
It's tasty but it ain't high-brow fare. LOLZ.
Think midwest bistro if ya want to move up the scale..

The track is BYOB, but Fosters oil cans are the sponsored beers of choice but the fresh squeezed lemonade is killer good.

Gratuitious pic from the jjjr collection during a winter vsit years ago.

May 22, 2015
jjjrfoodie in Home Cooking

What's for Dinner #365: A Broad Abroad [Through May 23, 2015]

Last night was the start of my weekend. Yea!

\Half of a 16oz grilled NY strip with a sonoran dry rub done medium rare on the LWBGG, a side of spaghetti alfredo done with monchego I had to use up (I know, oh so faux pas) and some Fla. sweet corn off the cob with dried ancho I grind myself, salt, pepper and and a knob of butter. The meal was a big ole' bag of "awesome sauce." LOL.

I've got to do a batch of Sunday Gravy tonite and some grilled stuffed porkchops with a mop sauce sometime for the weekend is the plan.

I set clients up with tix for the Indy 500 but I may to join them on Sunday if they insist. Ugh.
Great seats at the top of turm 2 right below the Penske team spotters and a great view of turn one, short chute, turn two, back straight and turn 3. But it makes for a loooooog day and a looooong trip.

Have a safe and happy holiday weekend folks. :-)

What's for Dinner #365: A Broad Abroad [Through May 23, 2015]

MC, ur food porn makes me wanna nom nom nom my plasma.

I rescued a couple freezer burned Italian sausages for a batch f Italian res sauce not too long ago and it took a few days of stiing in the cooked sauce for the taste to even out. Yes, frugal if not "cheap ass" on my end, but refuse to waste.

Once cooked in a boiling or simmer sauce, the germ issue is mute. But don't trust me on that, I just got called out in another thread where I mentioned ballerinas eating less than football players and steel workers.

Jeebus folks.

I think this is the time when I am supposed to now chastise you for serving old meat and thanking any and all for not making loved ones sick,,,but *&^% that. It looks yummy and I;d be all over that. Yum.

How many slices of Eggplant Parmesan should feed 25 people?

Since you'll be serving pasta and a salad, I;d say 1.5 slices per serson.

Light eaters will take only one slice and bigger eaters two, thus the 1.5.

Like bb, I;d plan for 2 slices per person but my guess is you'll have some leftovers.

For an all adult crowd, I would still plan on 2 per person but I might throw a few extra slices in there just incase. Adjustments must also be made if you are feeding a football team or steel workers and welders vs. feeding a ballerina ensemble. BTDT. LOL.

May 21, 2015
jjjrfoodie in Home Cooking

What to do with a ton of peach jam?

I often do a pork glaze /sauce where I do a flour and butter roux, then add a pbit of chicken stock and then jam or preserves, Reduce down until thik and finish /loosen with a slash of bourbon.

I just picked up some mango jam and always keep cans of mango juice around so tat will be done soon for a opork tenderloin dnner.

I also see many locals canning peach and jalapeno jam. It's sweet but with a little bite and is awesome.

May 20, 2015
jjjrfoodie in Home Cooking

What's for Dinner #365: A Broad Abroad [Through May 23, 2015]

Southern fried chicken????????????????

I then again do recall two little independent regions along the Austrian border known as Germabama and Germissippi so that must have been where the influence came from. And here I thought that was a German " Old Wives" Tale. Hehehehehe.

Kinda like why I order philly cheesesteaks only when in Philly, Cincinnati style chili only when in Cinci and NY style pizza only when in New York.


But I do love how other nations and cultures try to translate well know dihes that are not inherently their own. Certainly a "order at your own peril" fun.;)

May 20, 2015
jjjrfoodie in Home Cooking

Tired, and Bored With Meat, Poultry, and Fish - Uses For Veggie Fish Cakes

Veggie fish cake is a bit oxymoronic.

Veggie cake in "fish cake" or crab cake " form is how I would see them.

For me I;d do the deep fry or oven cook to get crunchy and serve with the bang bang shrimp sauce or nauoc cham.

Would be great for bahn mi or andy good cruncy dandwich.

I dofried ot oven baked brad crumb coated goat cheese on a bead of greeds with a salsamic dressing where this would work or push and pull the dressing depending upon the flavor of the cake.

Lots of options.

I'll ask my Korean neighbor and his wife who cooks daily how they would handle it.

May 19, 2015
jjjrfoodie in Home Cooking

What's for Dinner #365: A Broad Abroad [Through May 23, 2015]

I sit here with a fridge full of riches and feel like I have not a thing to eat tonite after a "50 shades of dumbass" human interaction day. Ha. LOL.

My butcher where I asked for via preorder two small NY strips meant two 16oz strips as a result. Ugh. But a good ugh. I love my dead bovine, but not THAT much bovine.
Chicken breasts and andouille for gumbo, bigg= azz pork chops i need to stuff and grill and several German white brats.
So yep--alll that and not a damn thing that appeals to me or plausible cooking times on a late Tuesday.

And my jam and jelly lady flaked and bailed on me a the farmers nmkt as a no-show. If I was 16, I'd end this in FML! Hahaha. But I'm not and all is not lost. It's just food.

But alas, it'll be the last of the jerk chicken tonite, the last of the plain steamed nishiki rice and some steamed fresh brocolli to get my food chi centered again. :-)

I feel like today could be described as like trying to eat a rabbit sandwich in a mini-van full of coyotes.

But dammit, nystrip is on deck for tomorrow or Thursday. Yum.

How do you deal with the compulsive need for everyone to like your food?

I got over the "need" to wow others with my cooking years ago.

I've known my way around a kitchen for decades, and I have found it's equally as much about your dining audience as it is the food.
For mothetr's day I made Trini Chinese Chicken on the grill. A real T&T recipe. Most folks loved it. The non adventerous guests despised it. Thus why I also grilled hot dogs and suasages.I'l also had the same results when making marinara or red sauce/sunday gravy for large groups that are not all family members.

Ya can't please all of the people all of the time, especially in this day and age of the growing pickey eater fan club.

If I make it, I know it will be good enough for me which also includes my regular diners and family.

Over teh winter I made momfuku's white chocolate chip and blueberry cookies to gift to many during xmas.

They were a BIG TIME hit with 95% of the folks I gave them to. I have two friends who are single moms with kids where the mom's are late 20's to 3qrly 30's who did not like the cookies I asked whay and they both said thier kids did not like them becausethey only like things with chocolate in them. (sic). I asked how they liked them and they said they6 had one or two , thought they were meh, and pitched the rest in the garbage.

Takeaway: I now know only to use milk are dark chocolate if baking for those two, but it really means if they really didn't appreciate the food gifted, I'll likely not put them on the list next time.

For groups, simple is better for me and serving food outside the box is a recipe for pushback from the dininers if any are of the unadventerous crowd.

It;s kinda funny beacue I find if I don't get aan accolades on what I cooked, I just don't cook or host parties for a while. Low and behold a few weeks later I get a call, text or FB notes asking when am I cooking for them again. go figgure. LOL.

You can't hit a homerun with everything you makeerery time, but you'll usually pick up a few converts or folks who love it but fail to let you know directly.

I cook food that is good, and if no ones eats it, that;s more for me to take home and eat at a later day. But there never seems to be much leftover steak, baby back ribs or smaoked pulled pork when I make it. I can't imagine why....Hahahahaha.

May 19, 2015
jjjrfoodie in Not About Food

How to season already cooked ground beef for tacos

I usually add liquid along with a bit of tomato paste.

For seasoning, I add dried ancho chile powder and guajillo chile powder I grind myself. Might want to add some paprika, onion powder and garlic powdw-er or granulated garlic to add flavor,

Mexican oregano also helps as can a pinch of sugar.

It's not a hard dish to season on the fly.

May 14, 2015
jjjrfoodie in Home Cooking

What's for Dinner #364 - the It's Time for Thundaboomahs! Edition [through May 17, 2015]

Last night was some of the leftover jerk chicken from the BGG with sides of black bean refritos and a half ear of Fla COTC.

I added a little bourbon and lime juice to my orange jerk glaze sauce since it tightened up once in the fridge, but all was mega tasty.

No idea WFD tonite. I've got some TCC leftovers, but likly i'll pull red sauce and meatballs from the freezer instead to break the chicken routine.

What's for Dinner #364 - the It's Time for Thundaboomahs! Edition [through May 17, 2015]

Ha. Pugs.

The only dog breed I know that has toe nails that are harder than diamonds on a worldwide hardness scale.

Years ago I dated a girl with a chocolate lab and a pug. Whenever I spent the night the pug LOVED to either sleep in my face or on top of my head. Due to the nasal construction of those doags, it was like having a manufacturing plant with a %^%$ loud compressor sleeping on top of my head. LOLZ.

I love the breed and they are hella smart. But man oh man, they are thier own person wanna be's when it comes to dog bteeds.

What's for Dinner #364 - the It's Time for Thundaboomahs! Edition [through May 17, 2015]

This afternoon/evening was my small city park's first tuesday weekly farmers mkt.

Not much for veggiesm but lots of winter made goodies for sale.
I picked up a pint jar each of orange marmalade, mango jam and spicey jalapeno peach preserves.

Gotta love local and home made goodies.

Jerk SLBL chicken breasts on the LWBGG.
Rub of walkerswood jerk seasoning and lime juice.
I use that stuff sparingly as it is hot and will kick your bum.

Orange jerk glaze at end of cooking of jerk seasoning, orange juice, brown sugar and orange marmalade cooked down on the stove to make a sauce.

I've got black beans cooking on the stove to do refried blak beans and crispy fried chunks andouille, and I've got leftover rice and COTC from sunday's TCC.
Beans will get chihuahua cheese and sour cream on top.

No hurtin' fr dinner ideas tonite. LOLZ.

Finishing or dipping sauces

I just made one thursday for tomorrows jerk chicken.

for the chicken i use walkerswood jerk mix ans some lime juice.

For the sauce/glaze i used a sauce pan and added orange juice, a dab of walkerswood jerk rub, whie sugar, brown sud=gar and some lime juice.

I cooked down like a simple syrup until slightly thick and then added orange marmalade to the pan, stir then let cool. CITRUSYY, ORANGYWITH with a jerk tang.

Godd to add as a mop at the end of grilling as well.

I also do it with pineapple juice or mango juie in the same cooked down way.

Keeps forever in the fridge once made.

I'll post pics of Monday's jerk chicken with the gtlze/sace omorrow.


May 10, 2015
jjjrfoodie in Home Cooking

What's for Dinner #363 - The Merrie Month of May Edition [through May 12, 2015]

Wow CM.

I Deboned 2 dozen skin on chicken thighs this morning from my local butcher who gets his birds just down the raod for TCC tonite and your spread usurps mine in every single way. <jjjr hangs head low> LOLZ. Im not a big cornnut fan, but the rest is killer.

Imma going to try some new possible TTC converts out today for MD.

We'll see.

TCC. Coconut rice,. FL COTC. Roasted asparagus. Chocolate chip, caramel and seaor dessert along with grilled pineapple since the grill is going for the TCC.


What's for Dinner #363 - The Merrie Month of May Edition [through May 12, 2015]

Holy carp Pata!!!!!!!


May 10, 2015
jjjrfoodie in Home Cooking

What's for Dinner #363 - The Merrie Month of May Edition [through May 12, 2015]

That noodle dish lloks AWESOME MC.as for Mom's , mine passed lst year and I miss her dearly.
She was the "chattiest" woman I knew until a small stroke left her unable to speak but left all of her other faculties.

She would call and I would know it waas her via caller ID and I would talk and ask questions or just talk and she would comfrim just by pussing phone buttons to confrim she heard me.

Funyy how it is so easy to communicate withut actually talking.

She alwys reminded me of the old joke, "why don't women ever pass wind?"
They spend so much time on the phone talking they never close their mouth long enough to build up any pressure.Lolz.

Yep-that's my Mom.

Enjoy goat day.

Dinner for me was track food at the Indy Motor Speedway for the IndyCar race.
Gotta love race fan clients.

TCC on deck tomorrow. I hope.

What's for Dinner #363 - The Merrie Month of May Edition [through May 12, 2015]

There is no crying in baseball and no fennel in marinara sauce.
There, I said it.Hehehehe.

I have several friends that avoid sausage due to the fennel, but can't say I;ve ever had it in a red sauce. Now people putting too much oregano or rosemary in red sauces,That's a WHOLE 'nother freakin' issue. I come across THAT all of the time. :-)

What's for Dinner #363 - The Merrie Month of May Edition [through May 12, 2015]

My vision is still taking "Baby steps" in geting better, but is well enough to no longer fear reinacting the Wicked Witch vs> scarecrow scene from the "Wizard of Oz" in kitchen form. Lolol.
" How 'bout a litle fire , scarecrow!" MuHahahahahahahaha.

Begininng of the week was the last of the spinach, mushroom and white sauce lasagne with some steamed asparagus.

Leftover Sunday Gravy over angel hair and four cheese raviolis tonite.

TCC on deck grilled on the LWBGG for tomorrow, I'm kinda "pasta'd out" so think some grilled pork tenderloin and augratin potatoes for the weekend or some chicken enchiladas with green enchlada sauce.



What's for Dinner #363 - The Merrie Month of May Edition [through May 12, 2015]

I love cooking classes if for no other reason than to see how others teach and how the others enjoy the class (I come from a long lineage of teachers BTW--- LOLZ but true)

Have fun.

salt cured olives

I too rarely eat them alone , but chop and add to red pasta sauces, some middle eastern and Greek dishes dishes and also mash into a paste and add to goats cheese or ricotta cheese with roasted peppers and roasted garlic as a spread on toated french brad slices.

Apr 28, 2015
jjjrfoodie in Home Cooking

Raw Leg of Lamb Left Out Overnight

i'd eat it.

I keep my house 59F to 65F and use it as a cool down area for hot food.

If summer and left out all day long, I;d still dice and braise unless rancid.

The nose knows.

Sounds like a yummy cut of meat.

Apr 26, 2015
jjjrfoodie in General Topics

What's for Dinner #361 - April Showers Edition [through April, 29, 2015]

Holy carp MC, that TCC looks awesome!

My limited vision does lead to some comedic reads of the WFD threads.

I read ---" I found a recipe for "gan bian" cauliflower "--- as "Gang Bang" cauliflower, so that is what it will be forever known as in my head.

The only thing worse was LW's post from last night where she used "pom juice" as an ingredient, which of course is pomegranate juice. My crappy eyes told my brain is was"porn juice" to which I went--ewww.


I've passed the TCC recipe along to 3 othres this week.
I still blame lingua. Hahahahaha. <3

What's for Dinner #361 - April Showers Edition [through April, 29, 2015]

Thnak you MWTT.

I use Crosse and blackwell Mango Chtney but did a new Indian brand a few weeks ago and now have a big jar of even a third brand that is unopened I just bought with the Matouks sauce a few seeks ago on and Intl spree.

For the price, I;d lve to jar a few jars or mango chutney to keep and gift. Not pressure can, but just enuff to fridge and gift.

I've got everything on hand to tackle a half case of mangoes and a good recipe.

If I can read the 10 pt or 12 pt type, I can do the recipe. It's the bright white on white computer screens that are killing me.

I'll get there.
Just me being frustrated. LOLZ.

Thanks so much.

What's for Dinner #361 - April Showers Edition [through April, 29, 2015]

I'm still in "ray charles" cooking mode but midweek I made the loaf pan lasagna with mini meatballs, ricotta, sauteed spinach, sauteed mushrooms, Barilla noodl;es, bachemel sauce, mozz and provalone.

Big success.

I'll post a pic of the leftovers tonite with a side of steamed asparagus.

Last night was a freezer find of Cincinnati chili.
4 way- chili over spaghetti , with chopped onions, and cheddar cheese was yummy. Oyster crackers and Franks hot sauce as toppings.

I'm trying to use up a big tub of fresh jalepenoes ($1 for about 50) and a dozen poblanos for $1.50 for al, so it chili roast fest in the kitchen.

I'm jonesing for chicken paprikash, but I really wanna so so jerk chicken on the LWBGG and a side of red beans and rice and a salad.

I've got a batch of leftover zuchinni pancakes I need to eat up so I am searching for a mango chutney recipe to go with Them. Sour cream is a given as the other side.

At least I can see the #'s on my microwave now. Ha.

Fire good, but fire still scarey bad. LOLZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.


What's for Dinner #361 - April Showers Edition [through April, 29, 2015]

Yum to the OMG.