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I think I saw a mouse in frying pan....throw out or clean it?


I recall some years ago a story about the tops of canned beverages, and how much mice "activity" occurred, so keep that in mind next time you pop the top of a coke can!



I worked in a grocery store during High School and part of college and they loved the soda cans. We'd find it all the time in the lips.
Which I why I wipe down any canned pop I get from vendors and from vending machines in cans with wet naps.

The best mice grocery tales are that the mice LOVE to eat into the 40lb and 20lb (and often smaller) bags of dog food and make a nest and have babies since they are thus living in a tiny cave of food that they can live on forever.
Always check dog food bags for chew holes in the packaging and tunnels in the food for a nest.
Stocking shelves on numerous occasions, I've grabbed a bag only to have a mice come flying out of the hole or once mice babies come out and onto the grocery store floor.
The food path from mfgr., warehousing, further warehousing by the distributors and final backroom storage at the store until it is put on the shelf means vermin can find a meal or even a home in it as a result. You'd have never thought about about it unless you saw it.

Indoors I use traps set with a combo of peanut butter and a small bit of a peanut. They gotta work to get the peanut off and then they gotta lick the PB. Both are enough to flip the trigger.

For my detached garage, as mentioned above, I use the wheel of mouse death aka Mousey WipeOut as others have mentioned.

Pic below.
It is awesome.
Bucket o water-about 6" deep. Threaded rod. Tin can that float freely on rod. Wood ramp.
Peanut butter on can.
TOTAL epic win.

They cannot resist it.

about 4 hours ago
jjjrfoodie in Not About Food

What's for Dinner #327-The Scotland Votes Edition!

Tonite was a big ole' bowl of Cincinnati chili 4-way fueled by the love/hate jpg I saw online for NFL Sunday below. It made me LOLOLOLZZZZZZZZZZZ. A lot.

I gifted the chicken and dumpings today to kind reviews and work will likely have me eating out the next couple of nights so no WFD. I'm hoping Indian and Thai dinners are in my future. :-)

Too sweet Shortribs with dried cherries and merlot

I agree with scubadoo97.

If the sauce is too sweet, pull and cut with something acidic.

I use stong coffee.

If you wnat a sauce, do espresso powder and stock and cream. Then add some of the cherry sauce.

IF the meat is too sweet, again, pull meat and add to some kind of coffee base.

The sweet vs. coffee acidic foil works every time for me.

I work pulled beef tacos and long cooked pork chili with the riff all the time.

1 day ago
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What's for Dinner #327-The Scotland Votes Edition!

LOL lingua.

All I caught was this from allie:
Tonight I'm having friends for dinner
Reminded me of the old W.C. Fields quote, "I love children, but rarely can I eat a whole one. "

It still makes me LMAO.

Dinner tonite for me is a Cincinnati style Chili 4-way.
Sketti, chili, chopped onions and yellow cheddar cheese.
Oyster crackers as an accoutrement.
Franks Red Hot sauce as well. LOL.
Pic to come later. :-)

What's for Dinner #327-The Scotland Votes Edition!

I'll just update and say the results were quite acceptable but need a bit of tweaking. (No--NOT twerking, thankyoumileycyrus.)Hahahahaha. :-)

I realized I had lent my rolling pin to my sister, so a wine bottle had to make do last nite. Grrrr...

Dumplings were flour, milk, salt, baking powder and shortening cut in.

The rest was the basic ATK chicken and dumplings recipe and I added the flat noodles at the end and cooked for 30 minutes.
The flavor was awesome but by the time I added the slurry of heavy cream and flour to get the consistancey I wanted the dumpling got a little too soft.
It also came out a bit salty, but trying a bite this morning, the dumplings and chicken seemed to absorb a lot of that salt via osmosis so not an epic fail.

A ream of recipes (lol) and 4 pages of written notes later I am close.
Cut back salt, cook dumplings less and then add cream slurry.

I also see a Chicken A'la King riff minus the dumplings but served over split hot biscuits in my future with this concoction.

Beef Stew - what are your secrets or tips for making a really good meal?

Loonie sized, if I am correct, is about the size of a $1 Canadian coin. About an 1" or 250mm in dia.

The $2 CAN coins are called toonies, of course.


So in the end, small button mushrooms in American.
Loonie sized mushrooms if a Canuck.


What's for Dinner #327-The Scotland Votes Edition!

I am tackling chicken and dumplings (flat noodle dumplings) for a friend tonite which will be dropped off for her dinner tomorrow.

Everything from scratch.

I'm 10 minutes out from the final product. And I am skeered.

I did a 60 minute field study on my dumplings in 10 min. incriments a while back (yes--I am a nerd), so the dumplings are a no-brainer and awesome. That I know.
The rest?? Who knows.

Been a while since I have eaten C&D. Never made it before.

Expect a chronical. 5 recipes distilled into one. I REALLY wish I had a T&T, but no, my Karma is not that good these days. LOLZ.

Forward into the fog. :-)

I don't like my crockpot

The closest I have come is the HB probe, and even wondered if I can use it while making a stew. Any thoughts, suggestions. I want to buy a crockpot...a good one.



The RP units are as close as you are going to get to a fully variable rheostat fully adjustable based unit.

Cps built in the 70's, 80's and early 90's used a rheostat knob that actually controlled power to the resistance coil and actually gave you a low, medium and high tmperature. Each of which could be measured.

Now, due to food safety and fuzzy-logic CP's, all the temp setting does is change the time by which the crock pot ramps up to and reaches its final heating temp and cooking temp, which is above 212F with the lid on.

Even on low, my modern crock pots will scorch the bottom of my chili if kept on. Thus it is a giant battle to turn on and off to make sure things are warm but not burned. Yes--this is on low.

You can thank the food police.

Old crockpots are invaluable. New ones for me --not so much.
And I own several in many sizes.

Sep 20, 2014
jjjrfoodie in Home Cooking

Beef Stew - what are your secrets or tips for making a really good meal?


I;m with you on that link foodie.

Hand cut chuck cubes vs. the what-is-it??? pre package store stuff, Guiness, good beef stock or beef base, flour and brown meat well. I use tomatoe paste from a tube if not making a huge batch of stew where then a small paste can can be used. Worchestershire sauce.
I like to quarter my potatoes.
I have at teh end of cooking pulled out some broth, added raisins and let steep, then pureed and then added back into the stew if a little sweetness is wanted.

Winner winner beef stew dinner.

Lotta ways to skin this cat. LOLZ.

Slowing the ripening of avocados

Won't stop it but will drastically slow it down.

So yup +1 to gordeaux!


Sep 20, 2014
jjjrfoodie in General Topics

Freezing gorgonzola cheese crumbles and ideas

It goes back to the old addage, "The harder the cheese, the better the freeze..."

Can you freeze them? sure.
Crumbles have more surface area which adds to the problem of freezer burn and ice crystal formation, but if me, I'd buy a bunch of 4oz. lidded Gladware containers (or even 8oz) and separate and divide and then freeze.

Pull what you need as you need it once frozen.

Blues and similar cheeses get grainy in big blocks if frozen, but what you have should be find for cooking with as in adding to any pan sauce or adding in to hot pasta to melt. Same if ading to pastries, biscuits, crescent rolls, bread, etc.

As for intact thawing, you'll need to give it a go. I;ve ahd hit and miss experiences with thawed softer cheeses if crumbling over salads.

You don't say how much you purchased, but incorporating it into a cooked recipe that is then frozen should be fine as well except cream based soups and sauces, which often do not freeze well.

Divide, freeze and see what you find. No sense in tossing it out.

BTDT. :-)

Sep 19, 2014
jjjrfoodie in Home Cooking

selling salsa

I do mine with fresh tomatoes, chopped fresh jalapenos, chopped onions,lime juice, salt , pepper, and any dried pure chile powder I have around I want to flavor slant it. I add cilantro if I have it around or if no one despices it.

The salt and lime juice and even the jalepenos help to keep the micriobes at bay for a week max, but the fresh tomates break down really really fast.

A month? No way no how in my experience. Unless factory made or preservatives were added.

Sep 19, 2014
jjjrfoodie in Home Cooking

What's for Dinner #327-The Scotland Votes Edition!

I left the bacon a bay last night and went with the tub of my marinara and added some sliced green olives and sliced salt brined cured olives along with smashed capers a'la pasta putanesa. Served over farfalle and grated ripe fontinella to add a bite to balance the olives.
The loaf was crusty garlic bread was wonderful as well.

What's for Dinner #327-The Scotland Votes Edition!

I;m in the kitchen making flat dumplings for chicken and dumplings for dinner tomorrow nite, and , since the "Scottish Seperation" seems to be led by the teh youth of Scotland,I pictue Scotland seceding from the UK, joining the "Putin Scene" since Russia is so hip these days (and also China-since they NEED their iPhones) , and building a giant wall a'la Berlin along the southern part of the Island that faces England. but with a very nicely cared for hedge row hiding it. They now call themselves Scottopia. They also build a similar wall facing Ireland (but with DMZ's where Single Malts can be traded for Guiness and other libations with no tariffs or sanctions.)

Scottish single malts (and even blends) will become the new and "hip" version of embargoed "Cuban" cigars and smuggled between borders and exported via secret boats off the island.

All sides will miss various foodstuffs immensly and with great angst.
A cold war begins.
All sides Tweet each other "What the Bloody Hell were you thinking????"
They reconcile only enough to make Christmas Dinner together as awkward as it ever was before.

The End.

Am I close???

What's for Dinner #327-The Scotland Votes Edition!

Last nite was a freezer pulled homemade stuffed Green pepper with tomato sauce along with fresh made smashed Idaho potatoes with garlic (cloves boiled in the cooking water while potatoes cooked), butter, ground black pepper, salt and warm whole milk. Potatoes were peeled and I used a hand masher. What can I say. Easy peasy.

Recycled pic of last time I made it, but it really was exactly the same. Even the plate. :-)
(That's parm cheese on top BTW)

Small baguette will be turned into baked crusty garlic bread tonite for my "crunch" fix, and either pasta carbonara using thick cut smokey bacon fried crispy with spaghetti or a tub of my marinara that I'll add some sliced green olives and sliced salt brined cured olives to (god, those salt brine cured olives last forever in the fridge) along with smashed capers to do a pasta putanesa riff on. Farfalle as pasta if going that route.

Or if really lazy , it'll be the whole loaf of garlic bread and bacon as the side.
But that reeks of Homer Simpson, so I'll try and keep WFD classy as always.
You're welcome. :-P

Can I safely remove the non-stick coating?

pgmrdan, I gave this a little more thought, and I;ll try and dig up an old teflon non-stick pan and since I run a good sized shop in my basement along with some metal fab tools, break out the big compressor and the 90 degree air die grinder with some Roloc ScotchBrite discs and then sanding discs to see what I find out.
Both of those should work and avoid the need for masking the emnamel.

IF...I can find an old skillet in the storage room. Most of that stuff I metal scrap or just toss out.
Outside of wearing a HEPA mask, I see no ill effects. The cost of Rolocs ScotchBrite pads are way more expensive than your way cheap media blasting contact, but I'm curious to see if air tools makes it easier than breaking out the unwieldly 3.5" elec. angle grinder with a wire cup brush. And the die grinder spins at 20k rpm vs only 6k for a angle grinder and far less for a drill. And I really don;t think a drill would even make a dent.

If I can't find a non-stick pan, I;m sure my sister will have an old unused one.
This may take a few days but I;ll report back just for S&G's


Sep 18, 2014
jjjrfoodie in Cookware

Can I safely remove the non-stick coating?

$20 for 4 car wheels to media blast? Wow.
That's $5 wheel, and at least a good 30 minutes each.

I'm guesing you live in a third world county or have acces to a blaater cabinet and only have to pay for the media.
My shop rates and paint rates here in middle america are $85-115/hr and that does not include OSHA material shop fees and cleanup.

Keep in mind, you will need to mask off the enamel portion of the skillet if media blasting so that does not get compromised.
If sending out, again, more $$$, not so if doing yourself.

Sounds like you have a plan and your mind is made up.
You could have lead with that.

Sep 18, 2014
jjjrfoodie in Cookware

Can I safely remove the non-stick coating?

pgmrdan, I wasn't dismissing the cast iron material of your skillet in your OP, but just looking at time, materials and functional use of the result of your effort.

First I ask, what is the COO (country of Origin) of the skilet?
Thay make make a difference as to the quailty of both the metal and the finish.

Second, doign this at home can be less than healthful and also may not meet the finsih removal you need.

Third, going to a body shop is going to set you back $90/hr to materail balst that sucker, no matter the medium, be it sand, walnut shells, or platic beads.

Finally, what is your plan to reseason it?

For my new CI finds, I blastt in the oven at hella high or even season in the flame of an open pit fire to season and clean, cool and go from there since it is uncoated and bare metal. Not sure , with the enamel coating what your options are.

Sure, many mfgrs may make non-stick coated cast iron products, but they seem to be a fickle lot to deal with over time.

The using sanding to remove the TPFE does not bother me but caustic cleaning mmaterials do and then you have the option of the $90/hr send out cost, and then, in the end, you may have refinish, sand or blend the now exposed cast iron depending upon quailty and porousness. Thus my COO question. Shitty meatal coated with Teflon may not be best suited for cooking if used as-is as not all cast metal is made equally.

Do what you want, but seems like a lot of work for a compromised piece of cookware to me unless you need your set to all match.

Again, good luck.

Sep 18, 2014
jjjrfoodie in Cookware

Can I safely remove the non-stick coating?

No. You cannot. Or really, you SHOULD not.

Use as-is or toss.

As both a cookware and tool guy, taking any chemical stripper or physical device to remove the reamining coating is just going to leave you with a pan that really is not designed nor engineered to be used as a bare metal cook surface.

If this was zombie apocolypse, then I;d say go for it if you had NOTHING else to cook out of.

Someone else posted the same question last month IIRC.

And again, for me I;d use as is or sell it to the metal scrapper.

EasyOff is awesome for stripping paint off of painted automobile wheels, but requies quite a bit of time to clean up its effects, meaning , the stuff is CAUSTIC.

I;m as frugal as they come, but the TPFE remaining on your pan should be harmless. In act, I;d be hesitant to use as-is as the exposed metal may not be best suited for regular use due to its original design and coating.

Good luck.

Sep 18, 2014
jjjrfoodie in Cookware

What's for Dinner #326 - The Fall Pursuits Edition [September 18, 2014]

Last night was garam masala dusted 80/20 beef burgers on the grill with sauteed mushrooms, goat cheese and SWAD sweet but spicey chundo pickle on top on brioche bun.

I know...whack. But darn tasty. :-)

Basmati rice salad with grape seed oil, currants, peas and cilantro with a few spices tossed in for a side along with sliced garden tomatoes from the garden.

Tonight will be stuffed green peppers with beef, rice, spices and other goodies coverd in a homemade tomato sauce and garlic mashed potatoes as a side. As a highly noted green pepper hater, I do like stuffed and baked green peppers though. Odd, but true.

I need something crunchy soon 'cause Imma gettin' bored cooking.

Power Outage - FRidge/Freezer - what to keep ...if anything

18 hours ain't nothin'.

I;ve gone 4 days without power serveral times and even 5 days once.

Food in the freezer was all fine and I just let refreeze.

If the tmep. in your house/abode stayed in the 72F to 75F for the period adn you did not open the fridge door, I think the rest will be fine.

Raw meats, even in thier packages can be affected, as can things like milk as metnioned above. Condiments last a lifetime.

Cooked foods and leftovers can also be affected, like chicken broth, soups, jarred sauces, etc. but 18 hours will not imediately make them bad or rancid. Things like cheese are normally fine, but if they got too warm, they may just spoil a little faster than normally, but are fine to eat until that point. Veggies in the fridge may act the same and spoiler quicker.

If your freezer was pretty full or very full, 18 hours is not where near enough time to fully or even significantly thaw anything. YOu may bet some ice crystal formation on items that are not wrapped tightly, but other than that, I;d refreeze, and slowly eat it and replace with more recently purchased times as you go.

Good luck.

Sep 16, 2014
jjjrfoodie in General Topics

Why You Should Refrigerate Tomatoes and Ignore Anyone Who Says Otherwise

and I just threw away my bag of countertop tomatoes, because they'd all rotted. :(

joycebre, were those tomatoes store bought or homegrown?

Store bought tomates can soften if picked green which they often are, and then gassed to ripen along thier journey to the market. And they are very perishable.

I grow a variety of tomatoes in my garden, pick and use all summer and keep at room temp for weeks, and in October, pick all red and green tomatoes and hold in cardboard flats in single layers in my basement where I pull the ripes ones to eat and they last at least a few weels past SuperBowl Sunday in February.

So that = pull and hold in mid to late October to early Feb. which is more than 3 months. 60-65 degree F storage room. No rotting. limited sunlight.
Once ripe, they still taste like it was August.

Once cut open, I use the fridge.
If whole and kept below 72F and not gassed, they also keep a long time out of the fridge.

Done it for years and years.

Sep 15, 2014
jjjrfoodie in Home Cooking

Masterchef US Final 3 tonight--conclusion (expect spoilers here)

Lower? You mean...like...with his charming lower barritone voice "lower"?


The Gonzo does NOT approve.

Masterchef lost me at the 'swtich-a-roo" and expuslion weeks or more than a month ago.

Too much confirmed fodder out there to not expect anything less than the producer and prodcution team of tampering with contestants as well as final results.

Only contestant I will remember is Willie, due to a CH poster here and my love of "South Park" and Isaac Hayes as Chef saying, "Helllllllllo Children."

And the fact Willie kicked ass a cooking.

Popularity over capability. It happens every day.
And it's what Fox thrives on.
It's just "business" as they all say. Nothing personal.

Sep 15, 2014
jjjrfoodie in Food Media & News

Kitchen in a carton

Why did the gas get shut off?????
Area NG supplier street work or failure to pay the bill?
Street work means a door notice and a way to plan around it.
Failure to pay a bill is , well, not a cookware issue.

I had the power go out to my house for more than a week in the past. I still got gas service. I still had a gas grill, I still had firewood and a fire pit.

Immersion blender? Bench scraper? Srsly?

I love me the Kenji and SE, but he also needs to plan for brown outs, water main breaks and hostage situations.

Stove, oven, pots and pans w/ lids,skillet of choice, knives, grater, toaster oven, microwave, spatula, big spoon, collander,a baking dish of pyrex dish of choice and cutting board (unless you buy cheap plastic plates, which = the same thing.) LOL. Done.

Is he trying to cook at home, survive in the wilderness or get his red and black lumberjack shirt fashionista on at a cabin in the woods? All require different tools.

Sounds Like I need to send him a Gerber multitool or a good swiss army knife and that'd get him back to actually adding kitchen and base cooking tools.That would at least take care of cutting, peeling, opening cans, deviding pasta or pastry dough and pulling pin bones out of fish. Oh, and the cork screw too.

It was worth the laugh as a read though.

Thermapen? BTW I nearly shit myself laughing on that one. Yep, that's what I need if remote camping,roadside camping , the power is out or the water is disrupted at my house. In any of those cases I am likely not making beef wellington, so I KNOW when things are done.

Domicile cooking is not Zombie Apocalypse cooking.

But I will get a Swiss Army knife to Kenji. Sounds like he needs one. City living can be tough.

Sep 15, 2014
jjjrfoodie in Cookware

What's for Dinner #326 - The Fall Pursuits Edition [September 18, 2014]

boyzoma, I;ve been using a rub like that for years on my pan fried salmon,but I use some "Slap Ya Mama" mixed with brown suger to ramp up the spice level. It really is a nice combo.

Slap Ya Mama:

That plate of food looks scrumptious.

Sep 15, 2014
jjjrfoodie in Home Cooking

Braised Beef Tacos

I do Momocho Restaurant's beef machaca with coffee + chile ancho braised beef brisket.

I have used chuck and round as well.


I then defat and reduce the cooking liquid at the end along with a pinch of sugar and add the shreaded beef back in to keep the meat moist.

But in the end, any machacha beef recipe should work. Google away, as there are many ways to season and make it.

Sep 15, 2014
jjjrfoodie in Home Cooking

Pulled pork without a smoker - suggestions?


I don't know why you equate the inclusion of rich juices and pork fat as "flavorless".


Pork fat from smoked or cooked butt is often overkill.
All you are adding back in is more fat.
And I am no fat phobe, but c'mon, it's not really needed. Is it?

A butt I smoked and pulled I did pics below.
Only thing it needed was some mop sauce to keep it moist if anything at all.

No fat. Ick.

Sep 14, 2014
jjjrfoodie in Home Cooking

What's for Dinner #326 - The Fall Pursuits Edition [September 18, 2014]

Sure. You just have to buy it unripe and wait for that magic moment when it's perfectly ripe. Which is today, I think.

I just LMAO lingua.


But yep.
Slightly under ripe av's are great for guac and deep frying. Ripe avacados are a matter of patience.

A day too long at room temp can mean the black strands aka black hair appear in the meat meaning that sucker is ready to make an avacado tree and wants to lay seed.

Storing in the fridge once nearly ripe slows the aging process, but once exposed to air when cut, it's "Oxidation City" baybee for them all.

Sep 14, 2014
jjjrfoodie in Home Cooking

What's for Dinner #326 - The Fall Pursuits Edition [September 18, 2014]

Berheenia, dump cakes make all the dessert snobs, purists and fat phobes really really unhappy. I nary have leftovers if I make one. And I often do half batches. I usually make it only for large functions as I am not a dessert type of person but still love to make them.

Ny source:

"101 Things to do with a Cake Mix."

My copy is from 2002. Bought at Costco.


Epic win. For everyone.
Well...Except the haters.

My last blueberry dump cake below. Vanilla ice cream was served along side. Major win.

And like you, I normally always make the peach dump cake.

What's for Dinner #326 - The Fall Pursuits Edition [September 18, 2014]

I actually thought they were old skool "turtles".


If not turtles, I woulda guessed chocolate dipped "something."

Meatballs? Never a guess I woulda made.
But--I bet they are yummy if foodie made them.

Sep 14, 2014
jjjrfoodie in Home Cooking