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What's for Dinner - #345 - the Winter Doldrums Already? Edition


When I go for a Saturday and Sunday walk in the am (or quick mtn bike ride) down to my local coffee purveyor and end up with taking a styrofoam lidded coffe cup home (and not bring my own mug) , I always rinse it out and detergent clean it and try and get two uses out of it just to be kind to the environment.
I use it for my trash collectors when I give them coffee on crappy snow days. or my local plow guys.

I love recycling, but re-use makes me feel better. Just like saving orphan plates and glasses at the flea mkt.

about 10 hours ago
jjjrfoodie in Home Cooking

What's for Dinner - #345 - the Winter Doldrums Already? Edition

LW, all the women in my life tell me snowfall is like sex.

Ya never know how many inches you're gonna get and you never know how long it's gonna last. :-)

I worked as a shelf stocker at my local grocer during high school and never got the milk/bread/eggs aka "french toast" mindset.

I could eat for a month out of my freezer,fridge and pantry and never leave the house. And that is just one fridge.
Only reason to leave for me is beer, wine, or whiskey.
You know, the IMPORTANT stuff!

Gotta love teh "huddled masses" antics.

Fail to plan. Plan to fail.

What's for Dinner - #345 - the Winter Doldrums Already? Edition

That is awesome.
Thank you.
I;ve got a chili cook-off in two weeks from today and that recipe will make an excellent match to the chili I am bringing vs the green chile and roasted poblano mini corbread muffins I often make.


<happy dance>

1 day ago
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What's for Dinner - #345 - the Winter Doldrums Already? Edition

Holy carp MidwesternerTT. LOL.

Those are awesome!

I;ve got a boxful of "hand me down" bundt pans that I have not used for a decade plus.

That bundt savory riff on a crustless quiche using feta, egg, peppers and spinach is an epic win to me. Brilliant.

Like LW, I;d love to know what the little babby puffs are. They look like puffy raviolis, but I have no clue via the pics.

What's for Dinner - #345 - the Winter Doldrums Already? Edition

I feel for all of you with snow.

Sunny and supposed to be 45F here today (and I need to do a little leaf raking) , so tonight is likely some grilled and blackened seasoned chicken with jerk sauce glaze at the end on the LW-BGG and some red beans and rice with a bit of smoked link sausage I have around and I'll fine dice and pan frie before adding in.

Some type of crunchy slaw or veggie as a side and some sour cream, chopped scallions and various hot sauces for garnish.

I;ve got a bunch of mushrooms, so I want to make a stuffing today for a stuffed pork tenderloin I will make this week and then grill it, and likely smoke a rack of baby back ribs tomorrow morning since they will keep in the fridge once cooked for, well, a loooong time.

Likily take out Chinese tomorrow is WFD if no snow , ice or "icey layer cake of death" aka ice,rain and snow combo mix. LOL.

I accidentally soaked a filet in water

I'd first want to check the smell of the fillet with the pierced cryobag.
If it smells OK, then likely a littel air gott into the bag casuing oxidation over time, but the steak will be fine.

I;ve had this happen to me when I freeze bulk fillet pieces and thaw in water.

I just rinse and pat teh meat dry, and throw it on a plate in the fridge and let it air dry in the cold fridge air. If bacon wrapped, add some time so teh moisture gets out from teh bacon layer and does not steam when cooking.

Then I oil, aad seasoning and grill away when dry.

The water will not permeate the meat mass in such a short time, but warm or hot water can casue some cooking of the meat if you are not careful.

Making sure the pin hole has not allowed spoilge is your first order of business.
After tha, you are fine.

Jan 24, 2015
jjjrfoodie in General Topics

No Boil Lasagna Noodles

I sauce mine a bit extra, especially if not using a quick soak on the no-boil noodles.

No-boil noodles are inherenly thinner than boil noodles and while they require extra moisture from the sauce, check your
cook time so they do not turn to mush.

They normally seem to woork just fine is the word on the street and with my short experience.

Jan 24, 2015
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Oyster knife and glove issue


Kitchen towel is fine and all I use.

Just like any tool, there are many knife variations out there.

I hit my local resto supply store for mine way back.
One thin French style and the other a thick blade with a guard that looks like a small divers knife.
Both have their place. Paring knife? Never for me. You need heft and a good metal blade and grip.

I always keep an eye out for others.

Even at $10+ a knife they are worth keeping around.
Waaay better than loosing a digit or a trip to hospital. :-)

Jan 23, 2015
jjjrfoodie in Cookware

Dinner Party Help

I don't worry about the shoulder being cooked in that amount of time, I worry about the maple syrup and matilda wine and the syrup that it forms buring and getting bitter over an 18 hour period. Especially was not vetted in person by the person making it. And ESPECIALLY for geusts of doing it for the first time and having never made it.

If you have ever smoked meat, you know that a rub is fine for long low temp cooks as long as it does not have a lot of sugar in it, but adding bbq sauce or any sugar based glaze too early will allow it to burn by the time the meat hiits cooked temp. Even at a low cook temp. And especially if dry cooked.

That is why you sauce then grill for a couple of minutes, or in this case, do the high heat again. But if the gaze is already devoid of its liquid, it will burn.

Just like any sugar.

Again, BTDT.

Dinner Party Help

I'd say both will work perfectly.

The fact that the pork shoulder does not list and internal cook-to temp means I;d dig a little deeper on that recipe , and after 18 hours, I fear that syrup may start to burn adn get bitter if you've never made it before.

Pork shoulder can be cooked to a sliceable temp and a pullable temp. The pic says to me pullable.

If you don't have 18 hours to hope and pray and babysit the shoulder, I;d take that recipe and adapt it to a roasted pork loin in the oven, You can still get the crispy sweet outside but it only needs to cook far less to an internal temp of 140F or so with no stall point versus 180F to 200F internal for the shoulder.

If you have made both of the mains you list above, then go with what your guests will prefer. For my adventurous friends, lamb. For my conservative friends, pork. If in a hurry, the pork loin version of the shoulder.

Jan 22, 2015
jjjrfoodie in Home Cooking

Tortelloni con funghi porcini - sauce to go with?

While I have still to find frozen or dried tortellini or tortalloni I like, I'd go with a goat cheese, heavy cream, sauteed fresh garlic and basil cream sauce, a roasted garlic, sage, romano and heavy cream cream sauce or a Marsala pan sauce.

If it's a pasta from a mfgr I;ve never had, I boil one to taste test first.

Ravs, torts and teh like can all vary from what you think they are once cooked. And I;ve been burned enough to know.

Good luck.

Jan 22, 2015
jjjrfoodie in Home Cooking

What's for Dinner - #345 - the Winter Doldrums Already? Edition

Nothing exciting here.

Last night I made a i/2 batch of Cincinnati sytle chili to use and freeze.

Did it 4-way style. Cooked spaghetti topped with chili, then chopped yellow onions, shreaded mild yellow cheddar cheese and topped with small oyster crackers.

Franks Red Hot sauce to sprinkle on top.

So so good, but so naughty. :-)

Thawed home made pot stickers and will cook in the skillet, some leftover steamed rice and steamed fresh broccoli for sides.
Sweet chili sauce and Wei Fun pot sticker sauce for dipping.

I'm going to do a half batch of the Momofuku Blueberry Cookikes and Cream cookies tonite via a request, but I found that while some people love'em to the point of addiction, others are less a fan. Hmmm.

I;ve got 3 friends that want to see me make them in person because the Momofuku and Milk Bar recipes in general are beyond hard to decipher. I do have to agree with that one.

Store has baby back rib racks on sale for $2.88 a lb so I see the smoker fired up this weeked for one or two slabs. Yum.

Superbowl 2015

I do it as a hosted party with many other couples every year.

Seldom a theme although I reckon I will do a NE Corn Chowder since it's a staple and T&T favorite with the WFD crowd. Cook on teh stove and hold in a craock pot on war,
Crumbled bacon both in the soup and as a garnish. :-)

Aside from that it was pot stickers, inside out-maki sushi rolls, Pennsylvania stromboli, hot crab dip with toasted sliced garlic rubbed baguettes and Buffalo chicken wings done Alton brown style with blue cheese dressing and celery last year. All the above from scratch made by myself or the guests but I have made them all once given the recipe at some time over the years. No store bought pre-made stuff aside from the bread.

Will likely add another and do brownies and vanilla ice cream or a peach or blueberry dump cake for dessert.

There is a buffalo chicken dip out there that people go nuts for but I seldom make but it rocks. I have also made beef sloppy joes from scratch and use the mini slider buns, but that can get messy as the night goes on with libations in hand.

If I really wnat to rep food from "Seachicken" land I may smoke some salmon and do a dip with it that I snagged from a DD&D episode used by a resto in FL.

I dunno yet on that.

One thing for sure.
The food supply is never short. And another plus is unlike NOLA last year, the power stays on where I am.


Jan 21, 2015
jjjrfoodie in Home Cooking

What's for Dinner #344 - Happy MLK Day Edition! [through Jan. 21, 2015]


The restaurant Muligatawny soup I so love uses brown lentils and looks like a rich beef barkey color,

And the restaurant owners own several Indian mkts, so they can order in almost anything they need.

The red looks yummy.

I'd love to know how it turns out.

Jan 20, 2015
jjjrfoodie in Home Cooking

What's for Dinner #344 - Happy MLK Day Edition! [through Jan. 21, 2015]

I snagged the Cap'n Crunch French toast from Diners , drive-in's and dives and GF via a Baltimoe chef IIRC.

Bread of choice sliced, egg dip with splash of milk and hint of cinnamon.

Throw Cap'n Crunch in a baggie and beat with a rolling pin or wine bottle until broken down slightly.

Dip bread in egg mix on both side and finish by dip in dry Cap'n Crunch.

Pan fry in a little butter.

The Cap'n Crunch has enough sugar and oils to sheild the bread and keep it moist, but by the time the egg mixture on the bread cooks creamy, the cereal gets slightly brown and meag crunchy.And toasty.

Serve with syrup. Of course.

I;ve even done it with hot dog buns cut in half and the bron tops and bottoms shaved when camping and on a Coleman stove and fry pan.

Jan 20, 2015
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What's for Dinner #344 - Happy MLK Day Edition! [through Jan. 21, 2015]


Back from a week in Nicaragua - what a beautiful country! I completely fell in love with it. I did very quickly tire of rice, beans, and plantains, however.


I;ve spent a lot of travel time in Guatamala and Belize and that breakfast was my favorite part.

Fried plantains, black beans or black bean refritos, grilled chorizo and fresh tortillas.
I;m mot a pancake dude. But I do like Cocoa Krispies,Cap'n Crunch and Chocolato Zucharitas around all day long. Especially Cap'n Crunch for Cap'n Crunch coated french toast a few times a year.

The savory simple breakfast is why I also love small hotels during stays in Europe. Cheese. Crusty Bread. Sliced local cured sausage/meats. Good coffee. Sometimes granola or muslix. Awesome.

I'll buy 2 donuts from my local tiny tiny bakery on wee early Sunday mornings and I cut them in half or less during the week.
Those 2 donuts can last me Sunday to Sunday.

But black bean refritos, fried plantains, rice and chorizo? Sign me up!

What's for Dinner #344 - Happy MLK Day Edition! [through Jan. 21, 2015]

That's teh same problem I have tcamp.

I have a favorite local Indian restaurant that makes such a nice batch that I could eat it by the gallon.

On the other hand, I;ve had several very bad renditions as well.

It's a very hard dish to pin down and do well.

Jan 20, 2015
jjjrfoodie in Home Cooking

What's for Dinner #344 - Happy MLK Day Edition! [through Jan. 21, 2015]

But see, that's why I always drink boxed wine.

Because at the end of the night when the par-tay is over, you can always blow the bag up and use it as a pillow.



What's for Dinner #344 - Happy MLK Day Edition! [through Jan. 21, 2015]

Frizzle, does she use ginger or galangal root in the broth?

There seems to be a devide over which to use, especially if galangal is not readily available.

I love me some pho, so I too am curious as to how things suss out.

Jan 19, 2015
jjjrfoodie in Home Cooking

What's for Dinner #344 - Happy MLK Day Edition! [through Jan. 21, 2015]

In honor of the Patriots win and today's incredibly laughable and annoying "Deflate-Gate" scandal, I am going to have balls for dinner.
Soft. Supple. Balls....

That's right---- p'sketti and meatballs with hot Ialian sausage over farfalle with a small side Ceasar salad.

I'll be the last of the home made meatball/sausage marinara from the fridge.

Guess it's time to make more.

I need to pick up the pumkin seeds for the bayless pipian verde con pollo recipe tomorrow and snag a few varities of dried whole chiles for upcoming chili cook offs.

I've still got a jar of mole' sauce in the fridge I need to do some chicken with and make that batch of black beans refritos.

South of the border fare is in my future. :-)
Mmmmmm. Avacados ftw.

increase in sticklers on the Home Cooking Board?

If you take it to the next level, you can use the Brit term "veg" which we all know and lops off a consonant and two vowels.
Waaaaaaaaaaay more efficient.


increase in sticklers on the Home Cooking Board?

Ohh ohh ohh.
Hellzzz noez.
You just went there MV.

Pasta Alfredo
Pasta carbonara
Caprese salad
Jarred pasta sauce
Chili...beans or no beans (The MOAB of all topics)
Any chili that is NOT texas red chili
Two buck chuck.
Rude guests

What did I leave out?


Interesting ideas for leftover cheese sauce?

Kentucky Hot Brown.

Cheese sauce.
Tomato slice.

Run under the salamander until brown.


What's for Dinner #344 - Happy MLK Day Edition! [through Jan. 21, 2015]

I just LMAO.


Go Green Bay Seahawks!!!!!!!!!

Jan 18, 2015
jjjrfoodie in Home Cooking

What's for Dinner #344 - Happy MLK Day Edition! [through Jan. 21, 2015]

Gio...blame lingua back here in WFD.

I;ve spent a lot of time in India and am trying to figure out both cricket and rugby union/rugby league still to this day.

But I still watch all 3.

As for American football, I liked it when shown in the UK.
No commercials, and a taped delayed game can be viewed in around 2 hours. Same as a typ. futbol match.

Jan 18, 2015
jjjrfoodie in Home Cooking

Bolognese sauce


Soba, you went and ruined it for me.

I always thought "Lord of the Rings" was a movie about jewelry.


And these re-appearing posts touting you only can cook "authentic" ______________ or it's not real makes me want to punch puppies and light kittens on fire.

And I LOVE both kittens and puppies. Srsly.

Educating postera as to a dish's history is awesome.
Chiding a poster for "doing it wrong" brings me back to puppies and kittens.

How to eat/serve Green Bean Casserole?

GG summed it up.

It's a dish that is meant to be baked.

I;d love to see a pic of what GB casserole would look like after a cook in the crock pot.

Beans will weep big time if fresh as stated. Mushroom soup should hold up. No crunch on onion topping at all. THAT can be guaranteed. :-(

In the end, it sounds more of a grean bean goulash to me.

I think served over rice or egg noodles would be fine. But far from tradtitional. LOL.

What's for Dinner #344 - Happy MLK Day Edition! [through Jan. 21, 2015]

WFD is what was going to be WFL.

I found a couple handfulls of string beans I did not use for the sczechuan green beans so I decided to make another small batch to use them up and then use some for dinner tonite (with the scant others) with the flat iron steak and au gratin potatoes, and then the remaining beans will pair with the pot stickers I still have around from last week.


I'll watch some "hand egg" and clean the damn cooktop/stove at the same time. I never mind cleaning up stove messes excpet when it comes to frying in lots of oil or lots of spattering things.

It's why I deep fry to outside only in the summer.
Oh well. They are tasty.
And the ole' wok got a workout.

What's for Dinner #344 - Happy MLK Day Edition! [through Jan. 21, 2015]

The LW Baby gas grill came out last night.

Had a couple of neighbors over and re-did the Au gratin potoates, szechuan string beans and flat iron steak.

Totally devoured before pics.
But I will post pic of the wee leftovers tomorrow I will do for NFL ZOMG "get in the game or get on the bus" playoff lunch. Yum.

And doing "breath of the dragon" hot wok on a residential gas stove = good food but major clean up.
Like... major cleanup.

For the green beans it was heat wok and oil until hot, drop in sliced onions and a pinch of salt until browned.

Re-oil and add fresh dry string beans with a pinch of salt.

Cook until crispy and charred.
Then add onions back in, garlic, garlic chili paste, soy sauce, oyster sauce, grated ginger and green onions.
Finish with sesame oil while hot in the wok and a sprinkle of sesame seed before serving.

Am I missing anything Hounds?

Washing Chicken Correctly Very Important

OH please.

Can we stop this rhetoric.

Chickens are evicerated and cleaned with pressurized water in commercial mfg and processing.

Cleaning at home HELPS the cleaning process, not hinder it.

And I;ve got a chicken coop on the back of my garage and have seen chickens dispatched and the blood drain via hanging on a clothesline. With my own eyes.

Just stop. Please.