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Trader Joe's Yay/Nay Thread - February 2013 [OLD]

Thanks Amy, I've been known to have a good idea now and again. I'm so glad you posted your "Nay".

I cook what I call "real food" for the two of us every single day, and we go through a lot of groceries. I'd say about 40% of our food and wine bill goes to TJs. I've been a long-term, passionate customer and I take it personally when my broccoli slaw is really kindling. And seriously, we are all lucky we didn't get injured and I worry about kids and all kinds of people that might be swallowing that splintery stuff.

Peanut butter recall? I didn't know about any recalls. I have their Better 'n Peanut Butter in 2 diff fridges. Off to google.

Feb 13, 2013
sadie ml in Chains

Trader Joe's Yay/Nay Thread - February 2013 [OLD]

Ditto x 3. I had simmered the soup for a long time, after which the slaw pieces were as I had described above. I think they also looked paler and not green. Completely agree with NuMystic and AmyH's opinions. Wish I had saved the bag.

What bugged me when I returned it, and this has happened before with other items, is that TJs will happily refund you without your receipt, but they hardly care about the problem. This was not a "I didn't care for this" issue or a substandard taste or freshness issue. It was a potentially serious problem that could injure people, and the product on their shelves should be inspected at that point, at least casually checked out, sheesh. They don't write it down and barely hear the complaint, so they don't know if dozens or hundreds of us throughout the country are noticing this problem.

I emailed TJ about it yesterday through their website and pointed to this thread. Let's see if we all hear back.

Feb 13, 2013
sadie ml in Chains

Trader Joe's Yay/Nay Thread - February 2013 [OLD]

The Tomato and Roasted Red Pepper Soup is one of my all-time favorite products at TJs. Delicious plain or with some caraway seeds, I made a heart shape of sour cream on it (from a squeeze bottle) for V-day one year. Love it with some spinach cooked in it, or kale, or cabbage + lemon juice, and some cheese melted on top, maybe some croutons or broken tortilla chips....and hot sauce....and avocado slices.... It's healthy, very filling, and diet-friendly.

Feb 12, 2013
sadie ml in Chains

Trader Joe's Yay/Nay Thread - February 2013 [OLD]

NAY x 3 on the Broccoli slaw!

I'm so surprised to see this.

I just got a refund last week at a Seattle TJs for the same issue.

The broccoli slaw had such rigid, sharp pieces in it that I likened them to thickened, mashed toothpicks. It ruined a large pot of my "everything" soup I had made that had half a bag of that slaw in it. We only discovered the problem when chewing our stew was still not getting the work done, and we started spitting out unchewable clots of what we had initially thought of as just too-dense parts of broccoli stem. It was scary dangerous.

More like wood than broccoli stem. This is really a safety issue that TJs needs to address with their supplier.

I've bought that slaw mant times from them and never had the problem before.

Feb 12, 2013
sadie ml in Chains

Preparing Foods w/Arthritic Hands

This might be the kind of mouse you're talking about. I use the Logitech TrackMan Wheel with my mac and I won't own any other kind of mouse-always loved these things. Now that my hands have just recently become a little arthritic, I extra love it. I just rest my hand on it and barely have to move my thumb for full cursor motions.

Mar 24, 2011
sadie ml in Cookware

Sources for british style bangers in Seattle????

I recently bought a package of 4 sausages that said "British Pride" on the front with the word "bangers" as well as the British flag. Simple packaging and I presumed that "British Pride" was the brand.

Consider I'm completely unfamiliar with what authentic British-style sausages are supposed to taste like. They were quite good, mild - I used them in a chicken and sausage bake recipe from Nigella Lawson. I think I found them at Topp Foods, and then also saw them at a QFC, Metropolitan Market or Whole Foods recently, can't remember. I'd call around to the butcher departments at all the regular stores and you'll find them or other bangers soon enough, I bet.

Metropolitan Market
1908 Queen Anne Ave N, Seattle, WA

Dec 06, 2010
sadie ml in Greater Seattle