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Hungerford Drive's new "York Castle" IS The ORIGINAL GIFFORD'S ICE CREAM. (Proof)

You mean they make the chocolate sauce, or they actually get cacao beans and make the actual chocolate? Sorry, just trying to clarify here...

Hungerford Drive's new "York Castle" IS The ORIGINAL GIFFORD'S ICE CREAM. (Proof)

What do you mean by "the Swiss chocolate is made in house"?

Fresh Figs - Who's Got 'Em?

I just bought some of those on sale figs at WF. They were actually quite good. Ate em' with some Valderon (blue cheese). Tasty lunch.

Hard ice cream in NoVA?

I think that the main problem with finding really good ice cream in NOVA has to do with the whole ice cream making process. I am 99% certain that all ice cream in VA must be made with a pasturized base, and then flavorings are essentially added to this base. Since pasteurizing equipment is fairly expensive, most ice cream stores (that make their own "in-house" ice cream) must rely on pasteurized ice cream base, purchased from an outside source. Not that there is anything wrong with this. However, I do not think this is the case in DC and MD, thus the relative greatness (IMHO) of places like Dolcezza and Pitango.

I still think The Dairy Godmother and Neilson's have the best ice cream in NOVA, but I know that style of ice cream is not really what you are looking for. Wish I could be more helpful.

Where to find GIANDUJA?!

Go to Biagio Fine Chocolate (18th St between T and U). I am pretty sure they have the good stuff there...