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Where oh where can I find a freshly made Banh Mi or Vietnamese Sandwich??

The only place I've found so far is in China town and its off a "truck" that is stationed not far from the railroad tracks..these are "ok" but I used to get some really FRESH ones in Seattle.. so I know its possible...

Jun 16, 2008
LA4Fud in Los Angeles Area

Where to find GREAT, not just "ok" chinese takeout near Mid Wilshire? Close to the Wiltern?

ARRGGHHH!! I am desparate here! Help!!

Jun 16, 2008
LA4Fud in Los Angeles Area

Delivery and/or Takeout in Silver Lake area (south of Sunset)

I've tried them too, they are ok, but for fish tacos, for me, hands down right across the street seven mares can't be beat. they are always fresh, never fishy, which cheapy fish tends to be.. they used to have the best tamales too, but sadly, they took them off the menu.. my mom's were authentic, northern new mexico style so I'm very picky..I dont really care for most "mexican" versions.. does anyone know where I can get those type of tamales here? another question I would have is for posole.. again, not the mexican version but more northern new mexico aka "spanish" style.. thanks

Feb 03, 2008
LA4Fud in Los Angeles Area

Phillipe's Famous French Dip

I heard that they had the best and were "the original" french dip..."an institution".. well, I'll give the them institution part..the ambience was nostalgic and the mature ladies (in a good way) working behind the line I'll bet have been there since it opened..gave it a cool, retro vibe of sorts.. but the famed "sandwich was well, terrible. It would be one thing, if they didnt claim it the best or the first..but it just did not deliver. Stale, chewy, dry bread. The beef had that, cheap iridescent,glaze over it, tasteless..they do not make them order just added insult .. who makes any sandwich with “au jus” ahead of time?? so by the time you eat it..its soggy, not the good kind of soggy when you use FRESH ingredients and make them TO ORDER... For all the hoopla.. isnt that the basic thing they could do? Make them to order?? I did like the side item I had and the pies looked like they would've been good..Go there because its touristy, retro thing to do, but don't expect the French Dip to be good, fresh or hot.. If I had guest in town and we just happened to be around that area, I would take them in for the "nostaligic,retro vibe.." but I guess I would try the lamb next time for sure!! But I would not make a special 2nd trip here on my own..

Dec 22, 2007
LA4Fud in Los Angeles Area