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Schnitzel restaurants

Funny enough - Bier Mrkt has an awesome Veal Schnitzel on their dinner menu..and damn good.

Best Sachertorte in Toronto and GTA

Sadly, you won't find one close enough to the I've searched far and wide.
Each time I end up ordering one directly from Hotel Sacher in Vienna. Shipping to Toronto is easy as pie and no issues with customs.

Summerlicious apparently blown off by Chowhounders...??

Same here...hubby and I were on the patio and quite enjoyed ourselves and the meal. Agree with the flank...good cut and great flavour. All in all, great value for 3 courses. ($20)

Tasting Toronto Burgers - during 5-hour transit

Take him to Magoo's on Dundas St W, just East of Royal York Rd.
It would be about a 15-20 mins drive from Pearson.

Best Cheesecake in Toronto/Scarborough/York Region

These folks are in Simcoe, but do deliver to Toronto. Well worth it and hands down, best cheesecakes ever!!!
You'll also like the fact that they have many flavours and are "little" cheesecakes not one huge cake.
Good luck!!!

Fat Bastard Burrito Co.

Ahhh, my fave is the Tequila Lime Chicken as well. You are right on about the layors of flavour and it seems endless. I usually have the put it down half-way to compose myself (especially from all that heat!) and then continue on.
Honestly, from a taste aspect, it does beat Burrito Boyz by a long shot..even though the Boyz will still have their crowd and fans.

Best Cupcakes in Toronto?

Haven't posted in a while, but have been on a big-time cupcake tasting recently and tried a few from The WCS and they really fell short. Honestly, it felt like a ton of bricks in my stomach afterwards. Icing is little too rich and buttery for my liking. Right now, my TOP cupcake in the city is from Prairie Girl Bakery.

Beef Carpaccio - Toronto

Agree! As soon as I saw the heading of this thread....I instantly thought of Giancarlo. It is one of the best in the City.

Bar options to host Lost series finale party.

Hmm, one that comes to mind, where I hosted a small event is The Duke of Westminster in First Canadian Place.
We were in the lower level room and has a bic screen tv in there.
Give them a whirl for info.

Duke of Westminster
77 Adelaide St W, Toronto, ON M5X 1A6, CA

Eating My Way Through Rome, Florence, Siena

Ah, great memories of Zaza's! We found it by accident, when we were in Florence back in 2005. My husband and I still talk about that place and the incredible Bistecca alla Fiorentina! The tuscan bean soup was also spectacular!

Sep 25, 2009
sylvrgirl in Italy

Ritter Sport - coconut - downtown Toronto?

Shoppers carries a wide selection - try the one at Yonge/King or Peter/King.

Dinner & Gelato in Roma

I agree, jen kalb! My fave combo @ San Crispino, which was "to die for" was a scoop of whiskey and a scoop of cacao. Out of this world!!

Sep 15, 2009
sylvrgirl in Italy

Rome/So. Tuscany/Positano -- getting ready to eat our hearts out!

Hey Nic,
Did you guys enjoy your trip? Any reviews to share?
We're heading to Tuscany (& Positano for the 3rd time) in 3 weeks and would love to hear how you guys liked Osteria Aquachetta.
Cheers! (PS. Love Cul-de-Sace in Rome and Tre Sorrelle in Posi).

Sep 09, 2009
sylvrgirl in Italy

ISO Boisenberry jam

One retailer in TO that carries a huge variety of jams, including really unique ones is Cheese Boutique. It may be pricy, but worth checking out.

Cassoulet...where to find in T.O?

I'll pipe up for a great version at Le Select Bistro.

Kitchenware - Milan, or the Piedmont in general?

Echoing badwaiter's rec for Rinascente.
We purchased great kitchen items there when we were there, everything from kitchen towels, fancy napkins, gelato spoons and a small stainless steel sauce pan.

Jul 23, 2009
sylvrgirl in Italy

casual family style restaurant near Old Mill Inn for rehersal dinner

Vibo may fit the bill.

10th Anniversary - Toronto

A favourite & spectacular hidden gem of ours, is Trattoria Giancarlo.

What to buy in Italy that we can't get in Toronto?

Ahhh, Positano! My fave place in the world! We are also going back in October. We always buy amazingly fresh buff mozzarella from the little grocery store on Via Pasitea. You are right about being able to eat it on your morning cereal!! But alas, when you have fresh mozza, who needs cereal?!! ;-)
I also always stock up on the most wonderful 375 ml bottles of wine in Amalfi. There is a little shop near the square that has a fabulous selection. Ciao!

Jun 28, 2009
sylvrgirl in General Topics

Back to Positano

Love Saracena D'Oro!!!! Twice to Positano in recent years and we just had to have dinner there both times.

Jun 21, 2009
sylvrgirl in Italy

Where to get European Orange Fanta???

We buy the cans and/or bottles at both Brandt and Starsky. The North American version is just a pimped-up "Orange Crush" and way too sweet. The European import is the real thing.

mercatto downtown

Another big fan of the Toronto Street location. During lunch, don't bother coming past 12-12:15 pm as they are packed. Even evenings are bustling.
Love the food, the vibe, the wine selection and to top it off, a true authentic Italian Cappuccino.

Who has the best wings in Etobicoke South?

Another vote for Hollywood! Excellent wings!

Hungarian Paprika

You're obviously seeking the authentic "Szeged" Hung Paprika, which would be available at a whole slew of European delis & such.
A few that come to mind and firstly, closest to you would be Honey Bear @ 249 Sheppard Ave E.
In Mississauga, you could find it at Brandt; and in Etobicoke at Blue Danube.

4 nights in NYC – my plan....

Update, update! We're just a few weeks from our trip and now we've got all our reservations. I'm really looking forward to our adventure!

Friday night arrival – Shake Shack
Saturday morning – Grandaisy Bakery
Saturday lunch – Artichoke Basile’s Pizza
Saturday dinner – We’re taking in a Broadway show and we’ll eat prior at Scarlatto (not dining on prix fixe, but rather a la carte)
Sunday morning – Doughnut Plant & Kossar's Bialys
Sunday lunch – Katz Deli + grabbing a Knish @ Yonah’s Knish
Sunday dinner – Otto Enoteca Pizzeria
Monday morning – Magnolia Bakery
Monday lunch – Papaya King
Monday dinner – Babbo (rez in hand!) :-)
Tuesday morning – right before we depart…..goodies from Le Pain Quotidien

That's it, we're locked in!
I'll report back, after our adventure has concluded.
Thanks again, for everyone's opinion, feedback and input.

Apr 18, 2009
sylvrgirl in Manhattan

VERNOR'S.....say it isn't so!

Just saw a decent supply at the Church & King Metro earlier today.

Anything good near Massey Hall?

Good old tried and true Mercatto comes to mind.

Walking Tour of Ossington

Dinner at Pizzeria Libretto, followed by drinks (amazing Margaritas) at Reposado.

Ladies and Gentlemen.....The new Champ Pizzeria Libretto

Well, after much anticipation a group of us finally decided on an evening at Libretto.

We thought that going early on a Saturday night (i.e. 5:30pm) and being -20 with the wind chill, the place may not be that busy, and the fact that we're supposedely in a recession and the place has been open for 6 months now.

WOW.........not only did we get our table in the nick of time, but the place was jam-packed all night long. The continuous line-up out the door was quite a surprise, but now I completely understand why people continue to flock here and I'll be doing the same.

In one word.........this place/the food is PHENOMENAL.

Everything we ate, and we tried a bit of everything, was delightfully good.

What we tried:
From the Affaggini menu:
Meatballs (a real stand-out)
Gnocchi Ricotta with Pomodoro (so soft and flavourful)
Duck Confit Prosciutto (crazily good!!)

From the Bruschette menu:
Prosciutto, Goat’s Cheese, Artichoke (incredible flavours and what a delightful combination)

From the Salumi e Formaggi menu:
Pingue Capicollo (beautiful and sweet)
Bigio Sottocenere

From the Pizza menu:
House-Made Sausage
Wild Mushroom
(all of three were standouts for me and will need to try to others to rank a "top three")

From the Dolci menu:
Panna Cotta al Limone (exquisite!)
Cannoli (quite small and I'll pass on this next time)

All in all, great place, great vibe, great music...and really GOOD food!

Has anyone been to these places??

YES! San Giacomo is one of my all-time faves!
I've recommended it previously on this board, just do a search.

Feb 09, 2009
sylvrgirl in Italy