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Fort Greene Food?

South Portland Ave. near Dekalb.

Feb 01, 2015
gumbolox in Outer Boroughs

Fort Greene Food?

Getting more interesting!

Jan 31, 2015
gumbolox in Outer Boroughs

best pizza by the slice

Can confirm, I have not been harmed. I do like the toppings and the texture of the crust, but can imagine more crust flavor. I need to get around more.

Fort Greene Food?

Perfect! Thanks!!

Jan 31, 2015
gumbolox in Outer Boroughs

Fort Greene Food?

Nothing? Am I to assume Fort Greene is something of a culinary desert?

Jan 31, 2015
gumbolox in Outer Boroughs

best pizza by the slice

I don't have a great deal of experience with pizza by the slice, but have recently been enjoying an occasional slice from Gioia in Berkeley (http://www.gioiapizzeria.com/berkeley...).
No mention of Gioia here. Any thoughts?

Fort Greene Food?

Will be residing in an apartment in Fort Greene for some weeks in Feb and March. Any info on restaurants with good food of all kinds and costs, and info on good places to shop for food would be much appreciated. My research has not turned up much.
Any opinions on Martha (http://www.marthabrooklyn.com)? Though not in Fort Greene, Shelsky's has been recommended (http://www.shelskys.com). Any current opinions?

Jan 27, 2015
gumbolox in Outer Boroughs

Appeals court deals blow to Drakes Bay Oyster Co.

The point of closing the farm was the marine sanctuary in the estero, was it not? It was the activity in the water that needed to end. The land around the estero will have to accommodate that, but is it also a wilderness area?

Harlem NYC Restaurants

Loved dining at the Blvd Bistro on 122nd and Lenox last fall: http://www.boulevardbistrony.com
Owner/chef, Natchez, Miss. native Carlos Swepson, took over here last year and my understanding is that it is very different as a result. A warm friendly neighborhood establishment, on our 2 visits, his "Crafted American Soul" was all that: soulful with impeccable ingredients and technique.

Jan 09, 2015
gumbolox in Manhattan

BBQ 'n Curry in Marin City

Shahid, was there last night. Sana, his wife is on vacation in Pakistan for six weeks. He said he is counting the weeks. The fellow in the front has been there the last few times we were there and has been very friendly and accommodating

BBQ 'n Curry in Marin City

Everything was delicious last night. Deeply flavored, complex and fresh, nothing overcooked or dry. Four of us enjoyed Samosa, Baingan Bhurta, Lamb Bryani, Goat Karahi, Chicken Korma, the prawn and spinach special, and one garlic and one onion Naan. Our dining companions, food professionals and sophisticated eaters were impressed with how distinct each dish tasted. There was more than enough food and we even had leftovers. The tab for four was $75.

I was a bit worried after Civil Bear's post, but still have not experienced the problems he and some others have had. I do get there often and have brought many others. Perhaps that has some bearing on my continued good experiences with the food and the service.

It does worry me that we were virtually the only diners during a several hour stretch at prime dining time on a Friday evening. I think the shopping center itself with its many vacant storefronts, lack of any kind of decoration, even during the holidays, and general decrepitude casts a pall on the operation and keeps people away. I know I would be there more often if the surroundings were more pleasant. There has been some press about coming improvements. I hope Shahid and Sana can tough it out.

Shwe Myanmar: Burmese in San Rafael (Marin County)

Glad all those extraneous postings are gone. If I had known I would have posted here. Instead I posted there: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/996322
Pretty much the same impressions as Malcolm R. We may have passed one another in the restaurant.

Asian Soup Options, Marin

Went to Shwe Myanmar for lunch today. Samusa soup was a lunch special. I don't have much experience with Burmese food. Been to Burma Superstar a few times, but this was my first Samusa soup. Seemed more South Asian and Middle Eastern than Southeast Asian, with a lentil base, chickpeas, falafel, chillies, and broken up samusas. Tasty and hearty, sort of an everything but the kitchen sink vegetarian stew. Ate some of it from the bowl and poured some over the mound of rice that came with lunch. I would have this again, but more likely will try the catfish noodle soup or the coconut chicken noodle soup next time. Others will have to judge how it measures up to other versions and how this Burmese restaurant compares to others. The tea leaf salad that was included was fresh and very flavorful, a seemed a bit more rustic than Burma Superstar. Maybe it was the chopped lettuce.
Empty at lunch. The service was gracious. They have a website now: http://www.shwemyanmarus.com/home.html

Asian Soup Options, Marin

I was expecting bok choy, but the leaves were thin and uniform with little taste and resembled the lettuce on my kalua pork sandwich. Definitely enough quantity in an order for more than a meal, just not enough of a variety of ingredients for me. Guess I had more of a wor wanton soup in mind.

Asian Soup Options, Marin

Thanks for the recommendation, TerriL. I stopped by Mauna Loa today and got an order of wonton soup to go. It is a sweet little place! The wontons themselves were very nice, clearly house made. The broth was straightforward and rich, but a bit salty for me, and I do like salt in my food. Other than that there wasn't much there: a few leaves of what I think was romaine lettuce and some scallions. So, I wouldn't say this was a full meal kind of soup like the ones mentioned above, more of a soup course. It was appropriately lower priced than those others.

Asian Soup Options, Marin

Never been to Mauna Loa Hawaiian BBQ. Is there something distinctly Hawaiian about their wonton soup? What else is good there?

Asian Soup Options, Marin

You are correct and I have corrected. Thanks

Asian Soup Options, Marin

Feels like soup season today.

Yesterday, while enjoying a spectacular bowl of Bamee Nam Tom Yum Mu Dang (Egg noodle soup w/ char siu pork, bok choy, bean sprouts and chili lime sauce) as my wife happily consumed a distinctive and delicious Jook described as organic rice porridge, poached egg, seafood dumplings in clear broth, both off of the specials menu at Kitti's Place in Sausalito, it occurred to me that Marin currently has a surprising number of excellent choices for full meal bowls of Asian soup.

There is always something good on Kitti's Specials menu and their regular menu features wonderful Wonton Soup, Spicy Seafood Noodle Soup, Pho, and more.

Comforts in San Anselmo often features a similar Wonton Soup (Kitti used to make it there)

Pho Viet in San Rafael makes many kinds of Pho. I especially like their Chicken broth with bbq pork, wontons, and rice noodles.

Royal Thai in San Rafael makes a very tasty duck noodle soup for lunch only.

And, I've enjoyed the Tonkotsu Ramen (with added black garlic and hot sauce) at the newly opened Uchiwa Ramen in San Rafael.

Have I missed any?

Good Fried Chicken in the City

Thanks, I made the correction. I kept getting Lenox and Lexington mixed up while I was visiting, too!

Oct 10, 2014
gumbolox in Manhattan

Good Fried Chicken in the City

So, I haven't had any of the fried chicken mentioned here, but during a recent short stay in Harlem, I had the pleasure of dining on fried chicken at the Blvd Bistro on 122nd and Lenox: http://www.boulevardbistrony.com
The made to order pan fried chicken was sensational and worth the wait. I can only compare it to the fried chicken I grew up on in New Orleans and it compares favorably. Current owner/chef, Natchez, Miss. native Carlos Swepson, took over here earlier this year and my understanding is that it is very different as a result.
Also terrific here were the pork chop, collards, biscuits, yams, and for brunch, the shrimp and grits. A warm friendly neighborhood establishment We ate here twice in 4 days and will return next time we're in town!

Oct 10, 2014
gumbolox in Manhattan

From Miami to San Rafael

Pico, Larkspur: http://www.restaurantpicco.com for one.

San Jose, Half Moon Bay and Sausalito

Sushi Ran in Sausalito is generally regarded as one of the best in the Bay Area (http://sushiran.com) and is a great place for dinner. Reservations are essential.

authentic chinese restaurant with good ambience for a first date? [San Francisco]

Gumbo in SF or east bay?

Gumbo, red beans and rice, beignets, etc., all would have been classified as "Creole Food" when I was growing up and living in New Orleans in the 50's 60's and in to the 70's. The cuisine crossed color lines, with haute Creole at places like Galiatiore's and Dooky Chase and many great down home neighborhood establishments like Buster Holmes (on Burgundy), and Wise Cafeteria. The cooks in most restaurants (and many homes), regardless of the color of the diners, were African Americans and their influence was felt throughout, along with Spanish, French and even Italian influence in varying proportions. Some places were more soulful than others, but I don't recall encountering anything called "soul food" until I travelled to other parts of the South and Midwest and to urban centers in other parts of the country. There was little bar-b-q and no shrimp and grits or fried green tomatoes in NOLA in those days, and Cajun food, a country cousin to Creole, was hard to find until the arrival of K-Paul in the mid 70's. The now famous Willie Mae's serves soul food, but she was from Mississippi! Not sure what qualifies as "NOLA food" these days, what with the growing culinary influence of the local Vietnamese community, and the influx of Mexicans, Central Americans and hipsters adding to the post Katrina "gumbo". The melting pot lives on!

BBQ 'n Curry in Marin City

Had a delicious dinner here tonight: Baingan Bhurta, Tandoori Chicken Leg, Lamb Korma, and Garlic Naan with a couple of cups of chai. Ordered things spicy. Am no expert, but each of these was among the best versions I've had. My last Pakistani meal was at Guddu de Karahi, and IMHO, this was at least as good. And that's saying a lot! They are friends of Guddu.
The service by the owner (wife of a husband and wife team) was warm, friendly, and efficient. Decor is spare but clean. Still in the "soft opening" phase, cash only for now. Our bill was 26.06 before tip.
I do find the Marin City Shopping Center generic and bleak, but BBQ'n Curry transcends, and we will be back

Corte Madera/Larkspur - is there much going on there Chow-wise?

Table Cafe in Larkspur is great for lunch. Not just the dosas, but the fried oysters and the salads and soups.


Johnny Doughnuts in San Rafael

Tried a glazed and an unglazed old fashioned.
Both were delicious and substantial. I'm not much of a donut eater and far from an expert, but they were unlike any donuts I've had before, and yet, they made sense.
One donut was actually more than I'm inclined to eat at once and might satisfy those who are used to eating 2 or 3 at a time. Next time I'm buying the holes.

Report back on Healdsburg

Glad you liked Mateo's! One of my favorites in the Bay Area. Creative, accomplished chef, locally sourced highest quality ingredients. Don't know why it doesn't get more mention. Not just another Mexican restaurant, in fact not really a Mexican Restuarant, though Mateo is from Merida and there are Mexican dishes and influences. http://www.mateoscocinalatina.com/home/

What is the best place in Sausalito to get a quick lunch with good food?

Looking for somewhere for a birthday meal but disappointed n Marin restaurants

Pico (the restaurant,not the pizzeria) would be my choice for a birthday dinner. For pizza, I like Bar Bocce in Sausalito.
For lunch, Table Cafe in Larkspur and Comforts (I prefer the restaurant side to the deli side) are both excellent. For lunch or an early dinner, try Kitti's Place in Sausalito, especially the Southeast Asian dishes and daily specials.
I think Lotus Chaat and Spices serves some of the best South Indian food in the Bay Area and prefer it to the other Lotus restaurant in San Rafael. Great Byriani there recently.
Bel Campo Meat Company in the Marin Country Mart is where I head when I crave a hamburger or pulled pork sandwich, and El Huarache Loco serves very good Mexico City street food. Haven't tried Farmhouse yet.
I think Royal Thai in San Rafael is very good, if not very spicy. I remedy that with condiments, and the chef owned, family run Las Camilias has been a favorite for years, though I must admit I haven't been for a while.
I could go on, and would have included links, but am impeded by this iPad in China. More when I return!