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Where to buy steak

Interesting, I wouldn't have thought of Costco as a place to buy steak. Someone below mentions the Avon location, which is pretty close to me- I'll have to stop in and see what they've got! Thanks!

Dec 07, 2010
meegc in Greater Boston Area

Where to buy steak

I am looking to purchase prime bone-in ribeye steak for someone on my Christmas list. I have heard terrible reviews of Omaha Steaks and mediocre reviews of Kansas City Steak Co.

Can anyone recommend a place where I can buy quality prime bone-in ribeye steak in the Boston area? I don't really know much about shopping for steak, but would prefer to buy something from a local place than mail order it from one of the online steak companies. If it makes any difference, I don't need it to be shipped anywhere (if I mail order, I'm shipping it to myself and then dropping it off on xmas day). It definitely needs to be USDA prime, though.

I live on the south shore and have Roxie's and Hilltop Butcher Shop nearby... are either of those worth buying from? Or are there any other places you recommend in the greater Boston area (I'm willing to drive!)?


Dec 06, 2010
meegc in Greater Boston Area