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Induction cookware - Any light weight quality cookware?

Hi, I'm new to the board and hope this is the right place to post. We are completing a new house and my kitchen is my ultimate dream! We've installed a Miele induction range top and I'm looking for new cookware. Since I have arthritis in wrists and hands, I can't lift the heavy weight pots 'n pans from many of the high end induction cookware manufacturers, never-mind filled with hot water, etc. For 40+ years, I've used my copper-bottomed Revere-ware pots and pans and can lift these easily with full pans of water, including my 20 qt Lobster pot. Does anyone know of a manufacturer that carries light weight, high quality induction ready pots and pans, preferably with protective (non-heat transfer) handles and glass covers?

Thanks, in advance for any help!

Dec 06, 2010
Ketaki in Cookware