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Evening All,
My girlfriend loves the green tabasco sauce and im looking for the biggest possible bottle i can find in Calgary. Does anyone have any leads?



Dec 20, 2011
Viro in Prairie Provinces

Prairie Food Trucks - A Possibility?

I have also been day dreaming about this idea a lot recently. A co-worker of mine makes incredibly good Indian food; I have been trying to convince him to open a restaurant for some time.
Then it hit me he should buy a food truck, if he went to all the construction sites up in Airdrie I’m sure he would make a killing, I can’t believe no one has done it already

Apr 21, 2011
Viro in Prairie Provinces

Calgary Groupons: Anyone use them?

This is on the Dealfinder site - sounds like it came direct from Saint Germain:

"Saint Germain is offering a new promotion that Dealfind customers can take part in.

It's called "2 can dine for 99". This includes 2 three-course meals with choices for each course as well as a bottle of great wine - all for $99. GST and gratuity are extra.

We look forward to serving you!"

Makes the great offer even more appealing.

Here is the link for the deal if you dont already have it:


Apr 20, 2011
Viro in Prairie Provinces

"La Casita Mexicana" in Wicked Chili (17th Ave SW), Cgy: You'd never expect this to work, but it does.

Wicked Chili is on a Groupon today, $20 for $50 worth of food and drink. Is this place worth the trip?

Wicked Chili
507 17 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2S, CA

Mar 29, 2011
Viro in Prairie Provinces

New Indian/Ethinic Supermarket

Driving on Barlow trail on Saturday I noticed what looks like a new (I don’t remember seeing it before) Indian/Ethnic Supermarket in the same plaza as the McDonalds and the Tims.
I cannot remember what is was called but it looked promising. Has anyone been there yet?

Mar 28, 2011
Viro in Prairie Provinces

favorite at 5 guys?

I like ketchup, cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomoato, sliced oninons and jalapeno peppers. It does get messy but its worth it.
F.Y.I i went on to the 5 guys website and gave the Deerfoot meadows location a good review. I received an email for a free meal for 2 just over 2 weeks later!

Feb 04, 2011
Viro in Prairie Provinces

best indian food calgary

I went to Mango Shiva last night with a group for friends, and I must say I was very impressed. As mentioned earlier the food is not as traditional as many of Calgary’s Indian restaurants - it is more like the Indian I was used to back in the UK, that is probably why I enjoyed it so much.
Everything we ordered was delicious, I would recommend ordering the lamb popsicles over the shank, as the shank was not as tender as it should have been and it took a lot of effort to get it off the bone. However both tasted great. I found the duck starter to be a little over cooked for my taste, but again the flavor was excellent. All the dishes we well spiced and nothing was too over powering. I would have loved to tried their Vindaloo if it hadn’t have been pork.
I also liked the way each main dish came with a choice of Naan or Rice.
All the Naans were great and the service whilst a little slow was very attentive.
Excellent cocktail list as well, I really enjoyed my Gin Garden - very refreshing.
I will be going back and recommending it.

Mango Shiva
218- 8th Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2P 1B5, CA

Jan 27, 2011
Viro in Prairie Provinces

Brunch in Cochrane

I am heading out to Cochrane on Saturday for their winter fest and would like have brunch either in Cochrane or on the way.
Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

Jan 21, 2011
Viro in Prairie Provinces

keg. calgary .help

A party of 11 of us went to the 4th Avenue Keg for New Years Eve; the set menu was $40 with the option of paying an extra $5 to add a lobster tail to your steak. The place was extremely busy and the wait staff did not stop. The service was excellent, drink orders were taken and served promptly, and our glasses were never empty. Everyone received their meals at the same time, with none being sent back. The service and food were excellent!
Looking around this was happening all over, we saw very little being sent back to kitchen.

Yes the Keg clearly isn’t the #1 steak house in town, but it doesn’t really try to be. From my experience you get a good meal at a decent price, I am sure that this may also be helped by the overall quality of Alberta Beef.
If you haven’t been in a while or have been put off by earlier posts I suggest you give it a try. I will be going back.

Jan 19, 2011
Viro in Prairie Provinces

YYC breakfast spots

Has anyone tried 'Wake' the new breakfast place that opened a few months ago on 10th St NW?
I do really enjoy the bacon and fried egg sandwich at Avenue Diner.

Avenue Diner
105 Steven Avenue Mall, Calgary, AB T2P 1B4, CA

Jan 17, 2011
Viro in Prairie Provinces

GOOD Pizza in NW Calgary?

I can't believe no one has mentioned FATS yet, especially on their half price Mondays!!

Jan 12, 2011
Viro in Prairie Provinces

Peanut Oil in Bulk?

Is there anywhere in Calgary i can get Peanut oil in bulk? I need around 6 gallons.

Dec 22, 2010
Viro in Prairie Provinces