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Kyocera Ceramic Grater- Do the teeth come off?

I just realised that some of the teeth of my ceramic grater came off after I used it to grate a small apple and a carrot recently. That really surprised me as I had not bothered to take a close look at the grater in the past. I supposed I ended up eating the broken ceramic parts!

It was a cheap made-in-china ceramic grater which cost much less than the Kyocera. Now I wonder whether I should replace it with the Kycera ceramic grater? Someone wrote in Amazon's review that she noticed some of the teeth came off while other users commented theirs are ok. I hope those who have used the Kyocera ceramic grater for some time will give some comments. Thanks!

Sep 12, 2011
iluvveg in Cookware

Grinder- buy Kyocera or Kuhn Rikon

I am undecided between Kyocera The Everything Mill Adjustable Grinder and Kuhn Rikon Vase Seasoning Grinder. Both look good but I would like to buy just one. Please advise which would be a better choice. I would be using the grinder mainly to grain flaxseeds and peppercorns. Thank you.

Sep 11, 2011
iluvveg in Cookware

Woll cookware- share your experience in using please. Am thinking of buying it.

I'm looking for a good quality and safe to use non-stick pan. Just learnt of Woll cookware which is made in Germany but I can't find much reviews about it. Can those who have used this cookware share your experience? Which range did you buy- Logic, Nowo etc? I would be very grateful for your help.

I was thinking of getting GreenPan, but there are a number of negative comments on the internet, so I will exclude it for now. Any suggestions on other brands of non-stick pan are welcome. I'm considering Neoflam non-stick cookware too, but it seems to be too light to be sturdy and lasting.

Dec 06, 2010
iluvveg in Cookware