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Pretty Christmas Cookies

Thanks so much - I'm going to stop by

Pretty Christmas Cookies

Sounds great - I'll give it a try!

Pretty Christmas Cookies

Hi - I need to bring a few dozen Christmas Cookies to a party and want to show up with something good-looking; dolled up gingerbread men and the like. Any suggestions?

Brunch question

The Australian Pie is great idea. How many would you think I would need? Any suggestions on which varieties are the best? Thanks

Brunch question

I like the dumpling idea; any favorite spots in Chinatown?

Brunch question

I have been asked to Brunch and need to bring something that can be shared among twelve. I do not want to cook. Any suggestions for a take-out item (with associated restaurant) that I could bring? I would like to bring something hearty. No restrictions, Interesting but not too unusual would be great.


Buying Glassware/Barware in Montreal

Hello Friends,

I am looking to purchase the "correct" barware for a number of different beers/cocktails for my home-bar.

Is there a store in Montreal that would have all my needs in one place? I will be looking for:
Pilsner glass

As well as a variety of cocktail glasses.

Can anyone recommend a restaurant supply place, maybe, that would be friendly toward small orders?

Thanks in advance.

Porcini Powder in MTL?

I recently had a Porcini Rubbed Delmonico and want to recreate this amazing dish at home - but I need Porcini Poweder. Do you know where I could find this to purchase en vrac?

Where to get tourtiere shipped in Montreal

Is there a bakery or restaurant in Montreal that will ship Tourtiere to the United States? It needs to be authentic Quebec tourtiere - any ideas?