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Sunday afternoon in Freeport? any updates?

I see only Rachel's, Hudson McCoy, and Nautilus mentioned in threads like this one:

Anything else on the Nautical Mile? And in the event of some showers?

Jun 02, 2007
Kydd in General Tristate Archive

Glastonbury CT

Main and Hopewell in S. Glastonbury:

Mar 10, 2007
Kydd in All New England Archive

Mehak in Kew Gardens, redux

Hadn't been in a while and had a chance this past Mon, Prez Day. Wow, as good as ever. My lady friend had the vegetarian entree and the leftovers tasted just as good the next day. I had shrimp jalfrezi and we both requested medium spicy and that hit the spot.

He was out of fish and the heat was broken but we hung in there. The owner is so nice/friendly and we enjoyed the Indian programming on the boob tube.

He calls the food "Indo & Pak Mughlai" and I can't wait to go back and try some more of their specials, especially some of the Pak specialties. The place has room for all of 14 bodies but it'd be but cozy if that many people were in there at once.

A nice alternative to Maurya on Woodhaven, which is great for when you want the usual Northern Indian or buffet...

Feb 21, 2007
Kydd in Outer Boroughs

new to the belle harbor/howard beach area

Just went to Frenasia again. Damn I missed that place. Best Vietnamese salad. Best butternut squash soup. Best chicken lettuce wraps. Great service. Great view. Such charm.

The place in BC is called Bay View,, closed in the winter. Never been...I think there's a Japanese/sushi place that I don't know the name, right next door...

Feb 21, 2007
Kydd in Outer Boroughs

Need a Sheepshead Bay Update

Funny noone ever mentions XO, the Russian owned, French-influenced creperie. The decor is really nice, although watch out for Russian karaoke night and the waiters can be a little less attentive if you don't speak the language. But there are so many great options to try...even the fish like tilapia.

Feb 21, 2007
Kydd in Outer Boroughs

Good Takeout Rye/Portchester

See my post re: Johnny Cakes:

Nov 14, 2006
Kydd in General Tristate Archive

Sip & Supper in Tuckahoe now open--any reviews?

I saw the Journal News mention here:

Looks like it's 1 of the places you take home a prepared meal. Web site menu here:

Oct 31, 2006
Kydd in General Tristate Archive

Westchester restaurants

Keep in mind this thread was started about 4 years ago!

Please tell us about Rosie's in Bronxville--1st I'm hearing about it!

Oct 08, 2006
Kydd in General Tristate Archive

italian in portchester pasta per voi

Yeah it's still there. Still kind of the old red sauce menu...a little boring for me but if you're not adventurous or have peeps in your party that aren't it'll do the trick.

Oct 07, 2006
Kydd in General Tristate Archive

24-hour breakfast/lunch place hits E. Port Chester/Byram!

Johnny Cakes! Ahh less than $5.00 for a salad with unlimited ingredients. $2.75 for homemade soups...I had the fennel pepper--so yummy--and all soups come w/ a fantastic side of their own bread. They have quite a few panini options that can be made into wraps. And for those not counting calories/carbs, they have their own doughnuts! This place is up there in quality and better prices than Panera. It's right across from the (overpriced) Black Bear. I can't believe it's 24 hours! I bet that doesn't last.

My only suggestion would be they add some lighter dressing options for the salads like raspberry or zinfandel vinaigrette. They do have a light Italian at least. And the service is FAST! 3 tables outside to boot for nice days like today was.

I'll be sure to grab a lunch there at least once a week, while I have a job in PC...

Sep 29, 2006
Kydd in General Tristate Archive

Hakata in Port Chester closes, another Peruvian opening in its place--ISO sushi

Looks like an Asian fusion place is opening in the new mall, next to Panera Bread (which is quite yummy for lunch, by the way)...could be any day...I'll report when it opens...

Sep 12, 2006
Kydd in General Tristate Archive

Good places to eat around Tarrytown/Sleepy Hollow?

Sep 12, 2006
Kydd in General Tristate Archive

Hakata in Port Chester closes, another Peruvian opening in its place--ISO sushi

Well Hakata, which I thought was pretty good for sushi, closed last week. A passerby said ANOTHER Peruvian place was going to open it its place. What's that like 10 Peruvian haunts now in PC?

Anyways, any suggestions for sushi? Is Edo just hibachi? I know some people go to the Rye Brook Waldbaum's but I was hoping for a sit down place. I know there are Greenwich and White Plains alternatives but I wanted to stay closer to PC for lunch.

Aug 16, 2006
Kydd in General Tristate Archive

Any feedback on Global Gatherings on Central Ave.?

Been hearing about this place...heard you can buy anything that is in the place rather than just the food, e.g., the chairs you sit in!

I've only seen one post refer to it here:

Jul 29, 2006
Kydd in General Tristate Archive

no redirection of old posts found via Google & Firefox display problems

When you guys were asking for suggestions on the new software I posted to make sure that old posts found via Google redirect properly! This can most likely be accomplished via redirects set up in Apache!

And there is some crowding when using Firefox to browse posts, for example, in the top section where you see "View by: Latest Reply...", afer "Date Started" the posts count is squisshed into the "Date Started" field.

Jun 25, 2006
Kydd in Site Talk

Local Ice Cream Parlor in Westchester

Very simple: Paleteria Fernandez in Port Chester is not to be missed. Best darn home made ice cream and shakes/drinks around. $1.25 for a scoop or $2.50 for a bar. They even have 2 sugar free options!

Jun 25, 2006
Kydd in General Tristate Archive