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Christmas Day afternoon (not terribly upscale) between airport and Scottsdale

This is sort of weird request for chowhounds, but we are seeking help in finding a nice, not-so-upscale restaurant for Christmas Day. My in-laws are snowbirds and will be picking us up at the airport and dropping us off in Scottsdale at a rental condo.

We would like to take them out to lunch/dinner this year because last year they treated us and we ended up at Golden Corral for lunch and Pizza Hut for dinner. Golden Corral is their restaurant of choice; Pizza Hut was about the only thing still open that evening in the town they winter in.

We would like a nice casual place to go, prefer not a chain but would not rule it out. They are not foodies, have no interest in a wine list or more unusual ethnic cuisines (Italian or Chinese are about as far as they will venture). We do have one gluten-free person in our party, but as long as she can find something on the menu to eat until we can get to the condo and a grocery store, she will be fine.

Golden Corral
7609 W Thomas Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85033

Dec 03, 2010
MkeLaurie in Phoenix