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2011 Food and Resto CLOSINGS

Two more closings:

Sweet Tooth on the Danforth has been closed a couple of weeks. They served pastries, coffee and cakes.

Also, KC Caribbean, on Pape @ Mortimer has closed.

2011 Food and Resto CLOSINGS

Yeah I know, its unfortunate. I bought one to but haven't followed up with that...

2011 Food and Resto CLOSINGS

Euro Crepe Cafe - about 3 weeks ago
Pikilia - just over a month ago

Both places were on the same block, only doors away from each other.

TRAPEZZI HAS NOT CLOSED! They merely changed ownership...

Euro Crepe Cafe
582 Danforth Ave, Toronto, ON M4K1R1, CA

Which brands are you loyal to?

Starbucks coffee is one brand I stay loyal to.

Lately, I've been drinking their green tea a lot, but their 'Bold' coffee option is, by far, my favorite! I also agree with the above mentioned, from the original post! :) There's just some company's that do it the best. What can you do?

Mar 07, 2011
FrancoD in General Topics

Double-dipping - explain it to me

Well, the point is not to fill your plate more so than to eat in a timely manner and allow other the same chance to get a fair amount. Think of it like dealing a deck of cards... you were dealt 4 cards where you were only supposed to have , basically, and now it's back to you and I still have to give you another card. Make sense?

Double-dipping is actually quite disgusting. Dr. Oz had done a show about germs and discussed double-dipping, party bowls, fruit platters... anywhere that hands seem to frequent most at parties. He found the germs to be severely higher, on average, in dips regardless if they were used strictly on single dips only! I stay away from all of these and if I do want to try it, I push some of the "touched" areas away and get from the "untouched" or the bottom!

Mar 02, 2011
FrancoD in Not About Food

Food myths that are useless/annoying, but are "common knowledge"

Yogurt is the perfect diet food... not the case... :) its actually pretty fatty!

Mar 02, 2011
FrancoD in Not About Food

Gluten free ingredients

Bulk Barn...

Places to buy dried strawberries?

I can almost guarantee you will find them in Kensington market.

If not, try the bulk store on the Danforth near Pape. If they don't have it, your next bet is to try a bigger chain like the bulk barn (as everyone above mentioned).

Good luck!

Desserts using Green Tea Ice Cream

Green tea is made by boiling a leaf. There's no science behind what it is really, and to everyone it could be done differently, not necessarily better.

I would take a couple of things that he really likes, maybe as snacks or sides, and work them into the ice cream. I'd love chocolate, nuts, honey, caramel, fruit, biscotti...

Try this:
1-Remove the ice cream from the container and let it soften slightly in a big bowl or in your kitchen aid.
2-Add crushed roasted almonds, fresh strawberries (not many, as these could over power the green tea), and anything else you might think fits well, or tastes good (maybe he likes something not listed above. Add that).
3-Mix these contents together and re freeze. You can always dress up the ice cream in a single serving by chopping and preparing a fresh fruit platter with exotic fruits not available year round. To this platter you can add tons of different kinds of aphrodisiacs.

Feb 11, 2011
FrancoD in General Topics

Is it safe to eat?

This seems to be a regular occurrence at my house. Surprisingly, this happened 2 nights ago with chili!

Don't worry yourself, really. My kitchen is usually the coldest room in the house as it doesn't get heat dispersion from the vents as the rooms do, so for us, the food is cool enough to be "safe" by morning if left out.

If this is the case with you, it could be eaten cold if you wanted to. I highly doubt you would do that given your concerns, but, add water (as the above poster mentioned) bring to a full boil for a few minutes and stir everything together.

We all have cell phones in this modern age. Try setting up an alarm to remind you to put the food in the fridge! You can even transfer the food from the pot while its still hot and put it in the fridge, if you are to busy or can't remember small things (I have this problem to). It doesn't ruin the food in any durastic way... were not restauranteurs here, just simple foodies at home!

Good luck!

Feb 11, 2011
FrancoD in General Topics

New on the Danforth - Part 2

As for Leonidas, the chocolates were amazing! There used to be a decadent chocolate store called 'Simryn' closer to the Broadview area, but has since closed down. Leonidas definitely has amazing chocolates.

I probably won't try anything cold until the summer comes, but the ice cream looks good!

This used to be Skyway tours and they moved upstairs! I don't know the reasoning behind the move and switch-up, but Leonidas definitely put a lot of money into the remodeling and interior of the store.

Every time I pass by, there seems to be more and more people inside! Great location and great atmosphere. You wont feel secluded though, they have floor to ceiling windows!

I would rather eat the bowling shoes!!!!! [The Ballroom]

I've had a similar experience...

I was at 'The Ballroom' about a month ago and wrote them up on it. I payed to much for the quantity I received (not to mention the quality) and the service was just horrendous! They missed simple instruction entirelyI It was only a table of 4, and I couldn't hear my friends talking because the music was much to loud. They're hanging like, seven, 800 watt speakers from the ceiling! C'mon, really?

The thing I hated most about 'The Ballroom' that night, was that they told us we were not going to be able to play a game. Why? No explanation. I wasn't planning on staying around anyways as I was tired, but for the people we met later downstairs (a birthday party of 10 - 14 of us in total), who did want to play, that was a big let down. They had booked the lane that day with no issues.

I won't be going back unless just for the lane and some drinks. The upstairs back-end looks like the headquarters of Facebook with a bunch of "popular" kids in skinny jeans, plad shirts, and skull candy headphones. Lest I mention how they threw their bags, jackets and scarves on the floor and played 3 hours of bachi ball...

Ugh get focused! Your clientele @ the bar were wearing business suits and drinking martini's!


Knife Sharpening at home [moved from Boston board]

Just as anything, proper form is extremely important if you care deeply about keeping your things in proper working order.

Make sure to do some reading before attempting to sharpen knifes on a stone or any other method. In my opinion, the stone is the best. My reason, is because you can get the best angle possible while working with both hands and not one-hand-to-a-tool, like when your using a sharpening rod - one hand on the rod one on the knife.

Quick tip:
Smooth movements, while maintaining even dispersion of pressure on the knife to the stone is best. 5 slow swipes on the stone are better than 20 OK ones with the rod, and in the end those 5 may just save your knife from wearing out in awkward places like the butt end.

Feb 07, 2011
FrancoD in Cookware

Woman suing Nutella over false nutrition claims

Oh give it a rest lady!

I think she is just to smart for us. Is she playing us for fools? If she had read the label at all she would have clearly seen all the nutritional information.

Nothing I can say now will be any different than what has already been stated... I just hope she doesn't waste her time and get counter sued for expenses beyond her bank account.

GL to the Hohenberg family... not to win, because they won't... just, not to be RUINED!

Feb 07, 2011
FrancoD in Food Media & News