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Unforgettable experience on a Sunday night in Paris?

So I'm looking for a really nice place for next Sunday night. It would be a bit blase to say cost is not a consideration, but I am willing to pay for somewhere which will really give us a romantic and memorable experience.

I know there are a number of posts on this already - but most of them place a limit on the price of the meal which I am okay to go over - hence the new post.

We're going to the Relais de Venise on this forum's recommendation on Saturday night - so the Bistro thing is checked off. I'd like for Sunday to perhaps be slightly more candle lit / fine food.

Any suggestions?

Feb 02, 2011
JonVortex in France

Paris - Foie Gras - Steak Frites

Foie Gras chaud .... bien sur!

Dec 17, 2010
JonVortex in France

Paris - Foie Gras - Steak Frites

Hey there,

my first post but I've read a number of excellent reviews before to wanted to add a specific question.

Going to Paris for a quick Valentine's break (tres fromage, je sais) ... and looking at where to eat.

We have two nights so was thinking of some French classics while we are there. Steak Frites one night - and as much Foie Gras as we can get the second night. (three courses out of 6 at the Belle Rives in Juan Les Pins for example were Foie Gras based).

I am looking for recommendations for either of the above. My girlfriend and I have done quite a few tasting menus in the UK (Galvin at the Windows, Maze, Atelier, Waterside Inn etc...) so open to that route - but as we can do them pretty much anywhere wanted to throw out a question about these specific 'elements'.


Dec 03, 2010
JonVortex in France