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Need good restaurant rec downtown/Queen W for special diet.

If your friend likes fish and you're willing to head a little further north, Sushi Inn has a FANTASTIC "Salmon Salad" roll. It's sort of a California Roll...but with the rice and Nori replaced with sashimi salmon. It's been done before but their version is religious. They've also got a cucumber-esque roll (can't remember the name) that is your standard sushi roll with the rice and Nori replaced with thinly sliced cucumber. Really good and mesmerizing to watch them make. Both really good options if you're low-carbing.

Sushi Inn
120 Cumberland St, Toronto, ON M5R1A6, CA

Best Tim Hortons Donut? Worst?

Best would have to be old-fashioned glazed Timbits (eat a handful at a time, only way to do it). I don't think I've ever had a *bad* donut at Timmies, but my least favourite would have to be the boston cream. Nothing special there.

Dec 08, 2010
JackHinds in Chains

Warming Winter Chow-Treats - what are some of your local favourites?

Definitely a beef brisket sandwich from Camel (near Rosedale subway). I go to school in Guelph and just thinking about that sandwich is making me consider forgoing studying for the day to drive into town and get one. With the warm BBQ sauce making the bread all goopy...GOTTA STOP THINKING ABOUT IT

What's the Best Greek Restaurant in Toronto?

I live in that area (Danforth and Broadview) and frankly, the best way to pick a good restaurant is to just wander until you find a seat! It's always really busy (in a good way) pretty much everywhere you go. For my money, I really like Omonia. It's a bit more expensive but they've got tons of seating and the Saganaki and Calamari are REALLY good.

Hope you find a good one! Happy birthday!

Omonia Restaurant
426 Danforth Ave., Toronto, ON M4K1P3, CA

Gifts from your kitchen -- what are you giving this year?

All of my gifts are homemade this year, with a theme of "As long as I can buy the ingredients from bulk barn"

Younger sister (first year university, a long way away):
Microwaveable cake-in-a-jar, so she can "entertain" in her dorm room
Homemade quinoa just-add-water pancake mix, cause everyone can always use more protein

Homemade chocolate bars. It's my first time melting/tempering chocolate and I'm doing it during my final exams, so it makes me kinda nervous.

Fiancee (don't worry, this isn't ALL I'm getting her):
Homemade flavoured peanut butters. Nutella-banana, "Good Morning" (coffee), cinnamon-raisin and PB&J
Home cured gravlax, mostly because it's the only way she'll eat fish.
My beef jerky (by special request)

Anybody have any experience with the chocolate making? I'm finding that the hardest to get anywhere on. Any tips? Good recipes?

Dec 02, 2010
JackHinds in Home Cooking

Strange Pairings that Taste Uncommonly Good

Funny, I've actually heard of the jelly and spaghetti thing, not sure where though. Bananas and beer sounds awesome; work peanut butter and cottage cheese in there and I think you'd have the makings of a pretty wicked restaurant.

For me, peanut butter and turkey sandwich on sourdough bread. I'm not one for strange eating habits, but if I've got a design report due the next day, I'll head to the lab with a loaf of sourdough bread, a jar of PB and some sliced turkey and go at it.

Dec 02, 2010
JackHinds in General Topics

Foods you can't keep in the house because you can't stop yourself eating them

PB for sure (in line with pretty much everyone else)
Jake's Bakehouse Whole Wheat Bread (When combined with the above, very dangerous)

Weirdest one for sure is shredded chicken. If I shred chicken to freeze for lunches and don't get around to freezing it, it disappears from my fridge with surprising rapidity.

Dec 02, 2010
JackHinds in General Topics

Throwdown: Toaster Oven vs. Microwave

Hey everyone! Brand new here, finally grabbed an account so I could participate a little.

Definitely a toaster oven. I moved into my first bachelor apartment this year and I've been dealing with just my toaster oven and haven't found it to be a big issue.

It sounds like you do some entertaining, so that might be a bit of an issue. It's easier to adapt to something not being there when you're just worrying about yourself, but if other people are expecting to be able to heat up a cold cup of coffee or nuke leftovers it might get tricky.

That being said, some other people have mentioned it as being a viable replacement for a larger oven when you're just cooking for yourself, and that I firmly stand behind. Those things heat up in 5 minutes, whereas preheating a bigger oven can take 20. I managed to plank roast two whole salmon fillets in mine for a coming home party for my girlfriend last weekend (and by party I mean her and me, but in a bachelor that's a full house)

Biggest issue I see is the amount of fore-thought it takes to defrost something. If you're big on leftovers that might be a consideration but if you usually cook from scratch you should be good.

Dec 02, 2010
JackHinds in Cookware