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Seeking Sublime Granola Recipe

It's completely loose, so it works well as a cereal, and I also stir it into my homemade yogurt. Added two pics for you. I'm not sure if you want it clumpy or not, but if you do... I suppose if you tried adding a bit more honey in step 1 it wouldn't clump for you as the heat in the first step distributes it so evenly. I'd try adding more honey at the second step, possibly the lower heat won't make it spread out as much. Good luck.

Feb 28, 2014
chilehead1953 in Home Cooking

Seeking Sublime Granola Recipe

I cook my granola in a 6 quart crockpot with the lid off. THE LID OFF. On HIGH, I cook the items in step 1 for 1 hour, stirring every 20 minutes. I use a wooden spoon for this, and scrape off the sticky oatmeal after each stir. This step distributes the oil and honey throughout the oat mixture. Now switch to LOW, and add the items in step 2, still stirring every 20 minutes, for 2-4 hours (mine takes 2), depending on your crockpot, humidty, etc. After the first hour on Low I clean the spoon with water, then dry it well. At this point the granola is hardly sticking, and I find another hour works for me. You may need to go longer, or shorter, but as soon as the spoon remains clean, you have about an hour to go, but don't go over 4 hours. I pour the finished granola into a 9x13 pan to cool, then into a plastic tub that seals well. I've made this about 6 times now, and it is delicious. Feel free to change any of the items around. I'm going to do a batch with cashews, and another with pistachios, but haven't determined the other item changes yet..

Step 1 HIGH one hour, lid off
5 cups regular rolled oats – 1 cup whole raw almonds – 1/4 cup each canola oil and honey, 1 tablespoon vanilla ext., or too taste (I use 2)

Step 2 LOW
1/2 cup each, dried cranberries, shredded coconut (Bakers is fine), sunflower kernals (not seeds).

If you can use Sam's Club, they have 5 lb Sue Bee Honey for $16, and 5 lb Daily Chef Honey $13 (not usually in stock where I live) and 3lb Crasins for only $8. These are very good prices.

Feb 28, 2014
chilehead1953 in Home Cooking

Make Your Own Yogurt

Heating the milk also changes the structure of the milk so it sets better, akin to making custard and the heating done there. I have had yogurt come out better when heating, and I take it to 180 degrees. I also use a freeze dried starter that has ALL the good bacteria in it.

Jul 03, 2011
chilehead1953 in Features

Five-Spice Glazed Nuts

check out the Chile-Lime Peanuts Recipe here at chow. You bake at 400F vs frying in fat - maybe even healthier!

Dec 01, 2010
chilehead1953 in Recipes