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Ping An Mien, a Chinese Family Noodle Story

Tales of food, rituals, departures and moms always make for a great memory and a twinge of heartache.

Jul 11, 2014
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Chicken Chile Verde

Substituted: Lengua for Chicken (pressure cooked vs braised)
Used both Anaheim and poblano but also reconstituted two small ancho chiles with the lengua broth and blended all but the lengua. The heat was perfect but the ancho needed a little sugar to temper for my taste. I returned the blended mix back for a simmer while I started my rice cooker (substitute for potatoes or tortillas). I bottled a little of it for later use with tortillas or maybe even a chicken dish :)
BTW: Oregano in latin mercados are usually marjoram equivalents (not the italian variety)
Naturally, this is a LOT of chili - take usual protection of eyes, nose, mucosa and wash your hands and armamentaria judiciously

Dec 18, 2011
got_chow in Recipes