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What the heck are vinegar peppers, and where can I get some?


As some of you have noted, the dreal peppers in Vinegar Peppers are CHEESE Peppers. These are a green pepper (or red when truly ripe) that are flat on top & bottom. Don't even THINK of frying them or putting them in a salad!!! You can only get them in supermarkets that have large produce sections or at Produce markets. Here in "Joisey" it's Corrado'sMarket or the weekend produce mart around the corner from there. What you do is: Cut the stem out of the pepper w/a hole large enough to stuff them later. Put the hollowed out peppers in VERY large jars w/ Oregano, garlic cloves & salt to taste. Then mix 60% water with 40% white vinegar and pour it over the peppers to the top. Cap & leave for about a month in a cool spot. They are pickled enough when they get soft.. Clean them out & stuff them w/Breadcrumbs,grated cheese, the pepper juice & a little oil to make it brown a little. (You can stuff them w/anything you want, anchovies, capers, nuts, whatever. Put them in a baking pan uncovered @ 325 for about 30 to40 min. They are done when they get really soft & the crumbs are brown on top. Use Cherry peppers if you like them hot. Cut up some after they are pickled and bake them w/your pork chops, etc. or put some pieces in a "sangwich". If you take some cleaned off fresh seeds & put them in a plastic bag in the fridge till next summer, you can grow your own like my son does in CA. Tell folks you got this recipe from an Irish broad in Jersey w/ an Italian Mother in Law.. Good Luck!!!!

Jan 24, 2012
njnancy in General Topics