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Arkansas Delta Region

We'll be in eastern Arkansas in November. Stopping in Dyess, Monticello, Helena, Hamburg, and points in between. Would appreciate any recommendations on great food, BBQ or otherwise.

South Asia Heritage Fair- St. Charles MO

Just saw a poster advertising a South Asian Heritage Fair to be held in St. Charles on September 9. Here's a link to the event:

I'd appreciate any information about what food vendors will be there. I'm hoping it will be a source for a mysore masala dosa and some thali.

Can't wait for Mexican vacation, any good Mexican food in St. Louis?

Cherokee Street around the 2600 block is the center of a growing Mexican community in St. Louis, and there are a lot great spots there. They tend to be little hole-in-the-wall places, nothing fancy, but great food. I'm kind of partial to Azteca for chorizo tacos. There's also a place on the north side of the street that's connected to a grocery store that serves turkey mole in weekends. You can't always find someone who speaks English in some of these places. Once I went to Azteca and couldn't think of the Spanish words for "to go," so I ended up eating in the restaurant.

St. Louis Downtown Airport

Pilots know the name "St. Louis Downtown Airport," but I think the general population usually refers to it as "Parks Airport" in Cahokia. Might get more responses if you used the less accurate name.

Lunch Before a Cards Game

Within an easy walk of Busch Stadium you can get to Charlie Gittos for Italian (207 N. 6th) or Dooley's (308 N. 8th) for burgers. I also like Anthony's. You can go to to search for St. Louis restaurants by neighborhood.

East St. Louis

Thanks for the suggestions. Look forward to trying them.

I agree that ESL does not deserve its reputation. If there are any nice spots there, I'd like to support them.

East St. Louis

Any good recommendations for East St. Louis? I occasionally have to go to City Hall on business, and would love to find a good place nearby. Thanks.