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Any ideas for Milwaukee?

The best value, and most unique brunch in Milwaukee, is at Polonez, down in Cudahy. It's a quick ride over the Hoan Bridge. Homemade potato pancakes, kielbasi, bigos. The other brunches are fine, upscale, but this is something unique to Milwaukee. And, if you're lucky, they'll be some accordion music.

Polonez Restaurant
4016 S Packard Ave, Saint Francis, WI 53235

Business Lunch in Eau Claire Friday.

Any suggestions? Doesn't have to be steakhouse-y. Can be interesting. Good Hmong food? Any can't miss locavore stuff? Suggestions appreciated.

La Crosse recommendations sought

I was trolling for La Crosse suggestiions this weekend, too. Went to Edwardo's last night. Great service, cheery atmosphere. The food? Did I mention the cheery atmosphere? Two-for-one drinks from 4-6 p.m. The dough just isn't what should be used for wood-fired ovens, but I guess some concessions have to be made. Found some serviceable Laotian/Hmong food at Hmong Golden Egg Roll, on State Street. Great broth and dumplings. Should have tried the whole fried trout.

Good Hmong/Asian in La Crosse, Wis.? Any non-Kate's suggestions for the weekend?

Title says it all. Crappy weather so might as well eat my way through La Crosse instead of hiking gthe blufffs.

Fabulous Food in Milwaukee?

Also, I neglected to mention what I believe to be the best fried chicken on the planet, at Mr. Perkin's, up on the north side. The sweet potato pie is also worth the years off one's life.

Fabulous Food in Milwaukee?

I've posted versions of this reply before, so sorry for the redundancy to frequenters of this board, but I'm a sucker for Milwaukee's ethnic restaurants.

The goulash and chevapchichi at Old Town Serbian restaurant, the mushroom soup, czarnina and myriad vodkas and Polish liqueurs and beers at Polonez. It's prepared with as much care as anything that a recent CIA grad could put out and you get a real Old World gourmet experience (and maybe some zither or polka music to boot).

There are some great and humble neighborhood hangouts. I like Triskele's, by the Outlaws clubhouse, which is a budget-conscioius version of New American cuisine (plus they use Sciortino's rolls, which earns them a place in heaven).

For flatout pricey-and worth it, with ambience-you can't go wrong with the Five O'Clock Supper Club or Sanford.

I'm wary of the North Shore country clubby places (with some personal knowledge of their kitchens).

MKE: Pho in Milwaukee

Across the street from the Noodle House on National is Ventiane Palace, a humble Hmong/Lao place with fantastic pho. If you're there, don't pass up the house-made beef jerky and an avocado shake.

Special Lunch Suggestions (I've trolled the board, but can find no consensus)

Great suggestions above. More than anything, I'm relieved that they're snark-free and smart. I hate to date myself, but went to the Topolobampo soft opening. Since we'll be back in two months, I wouldn't mind more tips...

Special Lunch Suggestions (I've trolled the board, but can find no consensus)

Visiting from out-of-town and am not current on where to take someone for a special lunch on a Tuesday or a Wednesday (lived here in the 90s, which, I know, is a lifetime ago).

No restrictions in type of cuisine. We are adventurous, but also like some comfortable New American. And while we're not loaded, we are willing to spend some coin on the meal since this is a big day.

We'll be traveling from Rogers Park, and then from business on the West Side, but are mobile.

Last lunch of this type was at North Pond Cafe. Thus far, my list has Urbanbelly and Sarajevo Cafe on it. Any help appreciated.

BBQ Roadtrip

Has anyone directed you to Murphysboro, Ill? I've been to mosgt of the others on this list (and lived near Lockhart, Tex. as well as worked a pit in El Paso) and have no hesitation in saying that 17th St. Bar and Grill is right up there with the best of any type of barbecue.

Good Fish Fry in Delavan/Darien (Wis.)

There's a ton of little taverns in this part of the state. Wondering if anyone here had any suggestions about any that stand out? I recall - a looong time ago - a little supper club in an old farmhouse that had some of the best battered perch I've eaten. But all suggestions welcomed.

San Marcos Recommendations?

It's not a date place, but Woody's in San Marcos has some of the best barbecue in the state, at least on par with what you'll find in Lockhart of Luling. The brisket, the pork ribs, the smorked pork chops, the links-all superlative. And the sides. Cedars Mediterranean is pretty great. Woody's is family friendly, by the way.

May 11, 2009
Bring Back the Stein in Texas

Transplanted Texans...Ayudame!

So, through a luggage foulup, I've left at SATX some cooking supplies that were vital to some Tejano meals and brisket I'm planning on hosting for a passel of New York friends. Any ideas on how and where to find the following? (Be gentle, since, while no stranger to New York, I've done no serious shopping for these products.)

-Wood chips, of the type you can buy at HEB, Both fruit wood (cherry and apple) and hardwood (mesquite, etc.)
-Achiote paste, preferably in cubes
-Mexene Chili Powder (if you've been to Terlingua, you'll know this as vital for at least one of the spice dumps)
-Good guajillo and ancho chiles.

Thanks for the help. Hook 'em Horns.

Good Eats In Milwaukee?

Beyond your original types of food, I hope you expand to the other fantastic ethnic cuisine that reflects Milwaukee's cultural mix.

For instance, the gourmet Polish food at Polonez in Cudahy. See what they do with mushroom soup or the pierogi or the potato pancakes, not to mention an extensive selection of Polish beers, liqueurs and vodkas.

Serb food-surprising and sophisticated. The fish dishes, fresh made sausages and cheeses at Old Town on Lincoln Ave., not to mention the Old World charm. Oh, and the goulashes.

Then there is the Hmong population, which has a pretty great expression at Ventiane Palace on National, where the pho, the house-made beef jerky and the avocado shakes are my favorite.

As for burgers, let every man vote his conscience. As for me, I say you must drive out to Burlington for a Fred's Parkview Burger if you want to truly live.

As for wings, Garibaldi's on the south side.
Custard? Leon's.
Gourmet? Sanford.

Oh, and the Mexican food here is generally norteno food, but you'll find good carnitas at Taqueria Tepechy and good cabrito by a restaurant bearing that name off 6th.
Good luck.

A week in San Antonio by The River

You're walking distance to the fringe of the King William neighborhood, where there is a place that I hawk a lot, Cascabel on N. St. Mary's. It's BYOB and is interior Mexican cuisine. Nothing more than $8 on the menu and they have a great patio. The cochinita pibil and the pozole could be had in a southern Mexican state. Great service, too. Probably a cab ride away is La Tuna, which is humble but flavorful food, with a cool outdoor tavern right-by-its side. You'll see it commended here by other folks, but Tre, on the pricey side, has a great lunch deal for $20. That's up Broadway, next to the Witte. I'm partial to the home-made linguini. The wine list is awesome, tho: Not a lot of markup on some pretty great Italian labels. It's all-Italian, I think. If it's survived this economic crunch (I haven't been by in several weeks), Sandbar is right downtown and is among the best non-coastal seafood restaurants I've been tol. Hell, it's one of the best seafood restaurants I've been to anywhere. Between the ceviches, the clam chowder and the key lime pie, my head spins a bit. You are right to stay away from any Riverwalk restaurant, by the way.

Mar 18, 2009
Bring Back the Stein in Texas

New Braunfels

Anything great or interesting there, either upscale or otherwise? And thanks but no thanks to Huisache. Been there three times with a big fan and was underwhelmed each time (and the markup on some of those wines was a little alarming). But I digress - looking for some other options. Thanks.

Feb 28, 2009
Bring Back the Stein in Texas

El Campo-Bay City-East Texas suggestions?

Meeting a friend in the area Monday night. Looking for a good down-home oyster shack/barbecue pit, or whatever. I'm coming from San Antonio, he flies in to Houston. Anything? The back-roadier the better.

Jan 31, 2009
Bring Back the Stein in Texas

Good Eats in El Paso?

El Paso is a great food city, with outstanding taquerias and a great food tradition, especially bordering New Mexico. I'd put the red-chile guisada I had one morning in the courthouse cafeteria-and I'm not joking here-as one of the best meals I've had, up there with some of the best fine-dining I've had. Jacalito's, just off the downtown area, has great aguas frescas and an interesting mole and some of the best chile verde and red chile I've had outside of Santa Fe.. But in my trips to town, I've always been surprised with something that the locals were merely nonplussed about. Definitely, not the Tex-Mex of the rest of the state.

Jan 08, 2009
Bring Back the Stein in Texas

Where to eat in San Antonio, walking distance from the Gunter/Riverwalk

The Sandbar is right around the corner at 102 E. Pecan. Sister to Le Reve. The clam chowder, with big lardons, and the key lime pie (they rightly use condensed milk), are great small dishes. You can go for it with a big seafood plate, but if you want to keep on a budget and eat well, you can do it there. Nice, clean, understated seafood place that far outpaces anything else in town.

Dec 16, 2008
Bring Back the Stein in Texas

Two SAT finds (?)

The pork loin at Barbecue Station is a revelation. I have no idea how you can keep that cut of meat as moist as they do, but they do. I'd put Barbecue Station up against our Lockhart friends.

Nov 25, 2008
Bring Back the Stein in Texas

German Restaurants in San Antonio Area

Well, there are some German-style items on the menu at Schilo's, including braunschweiger and a pretty decent split pea soup.

Nov 20, 2008
Bring Back the Stein in Texas


Hope I'm not being redundant (I scrolled back to see if someone had posted), but Tre next to the Witte is my new favorite restaurant in Texas. Been open a few weeks and I've been three times. House-cured salumi, home-made pastas. The service is sketchy, but they'll get their act together.

Had linguine with clams, the gnocchi and gorgonzola, the coppa, the mortadella and the marinated olives (one trip was for cocktails, which included a sweet gazpacho on ice).

I compare these rustic meals with the best I've had (Al di la, etc.)

Beautiful space, too. Markup's not too bad on the wines. Once they get their waitstaff's heads on straight, this place will be flying pretty close to the sun (and they were gracious screwups anyway, so whatever).

Aug 13, 2008
Bring Back the Stein in Texas

San Antonio Desserts

I'm the last guy in the world to recommend that someone go near the Riverwalk, but the restaurant in the new Grand Hyatt has great desserts (Mexican chocolate figuring prominently).

Also, the arroz con leche at Cascabel patio restaurant on St. Mary's is just like grandma made.

Jul 29, 2008
Bring Back the Stein in Texas

San Antonio -- Silo

Find me the purveyor in San Antonio that doesn't have pre-frozen calamari and I'll go with him to the grave.

But I get your point and agree with you, generally.

Silo has lingered on its reputation and location. It's fine. Nice-looking space. But to me it inhabits the same place as Paloma Blanca does in the city, an overrated concern where you're paying as much for the food as for whom you're NOT dining with.

Jul 29, 2008
Bring Back the Stein in Texas

Tip Top in San Antonio?

I had been there before the Food Network show and the food was fine (there are plenty of other diners in town that can match the comfort food there, by my mind). But since then, I've tried to go back and it's been a royal disappointment. In my three trips since the dang show, the cafe has been out of the hot pork, the signature dish. I was there at noon, noon and 4:30, respectively, not typically the hour when something like roasted pork gets gone. And that's not to mention the lines and how uncomfortable I felt when I was eating: reminded in two cases that "people were waiting."

I'm sorry to say, I see no reason to go back.

Jul 29, 2008
Bring Back the Stein in Texas

Acadiana Cafe or Cajun place- San Antonio

Cajun or Creole, or is it too nerdy to ask for the distinction? Ma Harper's on W.W. White is awesome. So is Podna's on Austin Highway. I'd rate the catfish po'boys better at the latter and the gumbo, by a nose, better at the former. But both are pretty great. Podna's has a drive-thru. Ma Harper's is more of a sit-down experience.

Jul 29, 2008
Bring Back the Stein in Texas

San Antonio Trip Report (May 22-27, 2008)

It's too bad that visitors keep getting directed to Paloma Blanca. The city is filled with great food, and chilaquiles that don't cost $14. Paloma Blanca is consistently uninspired and overpriced, but I suppose provides an environment more suitable to its clientele. As for authentic or tasty food? Take a drive down Fredericksburg and you'll find dozens of better options.

May 29, 2008
Bring Back the Stein in Texas

SA Sunday night dinner

Don't think Dough's open sunday.

May 29, 2008
Bring Back the Stein in Texas

Mutton (lamb would do) BBQ in TX??

The Smokehouse off Rigsby in San Antonio has lamb. It's greasy, by which I mean it's delicious.

May 28, 2008
Bring Back the Stein in Texas

San Antonio's Best

If you want fantsypants, do Sandbar, Bohanon's, etc. If you want puro San Antonio, I'd suggest getting a ride and driving up Fredericksburg. Also, Bin 555.

May 11, 2008
Bring Back the Stein in Texas