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Restaurant for Private Dinner for 10 in Flatiron?

I am looking for a restaurant for our annual holiday office dinner and am having some trouble...Our small office has a little party each year and as we recently moved to the neighborhood we haven't yet found the best place for us. Here is what we are looking for:

1. Privacy. Although 10 seems too be to small of a number to get private rooms in most places that would be ideal. If not a private room, a secluded area or alcove would work.

2. Quiet. Nothing ruins our party and kitschy little office traditions more than not being able to hear anyone at the table besides the person that is right next to you.

3. Cuisine - this we are not picky about, we are open to just about any cuisine.

4. Location - we are looking for a place in the neighborhood (flatiron) but would be willing to cab-it to another if we have to.

5. Price - typically we spend around $50 a person (not including drinks), but there is some flexibility there, i would say $65/person tops plus drinks.

THANK YOU for any ideas or advice!

Nov 29, 2010
csb3 in Manhattan