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Who are the best food/restaurant bloggers in SF, and where do they eat?

I read "Inside Scoop" because it gives you the latest about restaurant openings. I am very glad the Chronicle hired Jonathan Kaufman, who seems to have integrity and loves Asian food not just the high end.The problem I have with Michael Bauer is he has been doing it for so long that they all know him and I am convinced he gets served different food than us. I have eaten at several of Bauer's rave review restaurants & am left wondering why I spent so much money. You don't need bloggers!

any sour cherries yet?

Berkeley Bowl on Heinz (parking is much easier) has beautiful packs of sour cherries - $7.50 for a 2 lb tray.

Berkeley Bowl
2020 Oregon St, Berkeley, CA 94703

Ramen Doraku, San Francisco

Does anyone know details about Ramen Doraku, yet to open on 1042 Taraval Street (around 20th Avenue) in San Francisco?

Dungeness Crab Prices '10

Ranch 99 always has great prices for live crab. New England Lobster in South San Francisco has good prices for live & cooked crab, plus they pack them very well. I bought some last week.

New England Lobster
170 Mitchell Ave S, San Francisco, CA