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Turkey "Carnitas" - possible?

Thank you! Just made this today and it's delicious. I scraped out any remaining syrup from the pan and licked the spatula while the turkey was under the broiler. All parts of this are wonderful!

Sep 07, 2014
HC in pasadena in Home Cooking

Special birthday dinner Pasadena or environs

Thanks! I'm familiar with the Raymond, but Crossings is new to me. I'll check it out.

Special birthday dinner Pasadena or environs

I was going to take a friend to the Langham Huntington, then discovered the restaurant has been completely changed with a different chef. Does it still have interesting food? (Appears to be mainly a steakhouse now.) Where else can I take someone for a really nice dinner?

We've been to the Parkway Grill numerous times, so that's not a choice. I'm willing to travel some, but prefer not to go to the west side. Downtown LA, Glendale, Burbank, etc. are all OK.

Thanks for any suggestions!

fagor duo pressure cooker - the yellow indicator doesn't come up

I have had the same problem. If I jiggle the pressure indicator before locking the lid, it pops out when it's supposed to.

Feb 23, 2014
HC in pasadena in Cookware

Krua Siri - Hollywood Blvd. Thai Town for Issan Food

Coming along late to ask if there are Isaan dishes for someone who can't take much chili? (any other spice is OK!) Want to take an out of town guest, and the chili won't work but he loves Thai food.

2010 Thanksgiving Wins and Losses

An appetizer called "prosciutto filled with happiness" (arugula, currants, pine nuts and gorgonzola) from epicurious
Pickle tray replacing the crudites that no one eats - I made half sour pickles, raspberry vinegar radishes, and pickled persimmons. I bought several asian style pickles.
Pearl onions and grapes
Wilted Summer Greens
Hazelnut sage bread
Buttermilk biscuits with cheddar and herbs (probably too rich for all the other food, but we loved them anyway)
Shaker lemon tart ( a keeper!! Gone by the day after)

After years of perfectly cooked Diestal's turkeys, I bought a Mary's organic turkey, and despite the thermometer registering 165 in the breast and 174 in the thigh, it looked raw when we cut into the thigh. The whole dinner was delayed about an hour. Another down side was that there was very little fat, not enough to make gravy so I had to substitute butter with a great loss of flavor.
The up side was that the meat had a more "turkey" taste, slightly gamy, which we all liked.
I probably will go back to Diestal. Anyone have ideas as to what went wrong?

French chocolate cake instead of the usual Queen Mother cake. It was good, but not as good as the Queen Mother.
Parmesan sweet potato cake - not bad, but needs fiddling. I'll slice the potatoes thicker next year instead of the paper thin called for, I'll add thyme or rosemary, and a bit of cream.

Nov 28, 2010
HC in pasadena in Home Cooking