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ISO: Pre-made yorkshire puddings

I know it sounds weird but I want them to make a party appetizer and don't feel like making them.

Does anyone know where you can buy them pre-made in downtown Toronto? Grocery store or otherwise?

Thanks in advance

Edulis review (long)

I am not trying to get into a flame war here, just clarifying my point.

I agree that it could have just been a bad night which is why I wondered about going on a weekend as opposed to a weekday. The components were there to make it terrific... just some things were a bit off. Compared to other restaurants that do similar things, it just didn't measure up for me.

Don't mistake that I don't understand or appreciate subtlety, I actually truly felt that the flavours and presentations were just not quite there; clearly also harmed by the fact that the wines were not paired well.

For example, I felt that the first dish played a lovely story on the palate, but the toasted rice crisps were begging to have more attention, and could have had it if there wasn't as much acid.

Just my opinion, I don't have any sort of degree or anything.

I may try again on a weekend...but I may also just try something else.

Edulis review (long)

I wish I had paid more heed to your review mskatsam.

Went last night with my husband. Everything was just a little off. A little too much of something here and not enough of something there.

We asked for wine pairings and the wines were incongruous for 3 out of the five courses. Also, they gave us full glasses of wine and then charged us by the glass! I find that to be a bit of a rookie thing to do. Wine pairings should elevate the food and be just enough for that course.

The service was great but we ordered three choices of cheese and were served 5 choices of cheeses with not everything that we asked for. Not sure why that happened.

Would I recommend this place? No, but I do wonder if we would have had a different experience on a weekend as opposed to a weekday.

The Emerson - anyone been?

apps were:
- oysters with two Mignonette (one had horseradish but I don't know the other because I don't eat oysters)
- mushroom and gorgonzola crustini
- butternut squash ravioli
- a deconstructed caprese salad for the gluten free girl
- bread with warm olives
*my favourite was the ravioli

Dinner was:
-squash casserole
-roasted cauliflower
- brussel sprout
.... and then they brought out the fries!!
-gravy (and jus for the gluten free girl)
-cranberry sauce with orange
*can't pick a favourite, however the cranberry sauce will live on in my dreams it was spectacular.

Dessert was:
-mini sundaes
-smashed cupcakes with sprinkles
-ginger snaps
-shortbread cookies
*my favourite was putting the coffee ice cream sundae on the ginger snap.

Everything was served family style so that we could pass the plates around and eat as much or little as we wanted. The wine kept flowing and the service was fantastic.

The Emerson - anyone been?

I know that this is an older thread but the restaurant deserves every success it gets.

My friends and I have a yearly dinner (16 of us) and we always ask the restaurant we choose to create a prix fixe family style trukey dinner for around $40 pp.

This is the first time we chose Emerson and we will never go anywhere else. We felt like we were at home only we didn't have to clean :)

The food was so incredible... it's been 3 days and my friends are still raving about the meal and the service. We were happily surprised with every choice that they gave us (including oysters for an app). So, if you're looking for a place to have a large crowd, they will more than accomodate, and you will be very happy you chose them.

I think this is the first time I have ever called a restaurant days later to thank them.

Happy holidays, and if anyone from the Emerson is reading this THANKS for an amazing meal!

La Cubana: The owner of Delux is bringing Cuban Snacks to Roncy

The french toat was really good. Moist and sweet without being too sweet so definitely worth getting... I think you're missing the mark though if you don't get the cuban breakfast. Although the french toast is fantastic, you can't get the Cuban breakfast anywhere else.

Hmm... maybe you should just get both and take the leftovers home :)

The fish sandwich was also really good, but I preferred the short rib at the time. That's not to say that either is better, it maybe is just what your mood is at the time. Everything there is prepared really well and balanced.

La Cubana: The owner of Delux is bringing Cuban Snacks to Roncy

Conch Frituras
Chorizo Empanadas
Bean and Cheese Empanadas
Tostones Rellenos
Pressed Cubano Sandwich
Grilled Fish Sandwich
Short Rib Sandwich
Traditional Sandwich
Cuban Breakfast
French Toast

Do I have a favourite? no :) But I would say that the cuban breakfast is better than the french toast and the conch frituras are not to be missed.

La Cubana: The owner of Delux is bringing Cuban Snacks to Roncy

I love this place!

Do not expect "Cuban" food here, it's "Cuban inspired" which is actaully better in my opinion since I've been to Cuba, and authentic Cuban food is incredibly bland and fatty.

La Cubana's food is always amazingly yummy and I always wish I had more room in my stomach to keep eating. On top of which, I went for brunch with my toddler and they were fantastic at handling a family. The atmosphere is fun too (wait staff were dancing to the cuban music).

I'm so glad they replaced what was there before.

hudson's kitchen

To be honest "szw" I don't remember, but I don't recall thinking it was out of line with other restaurants. By "average" I mean about $100-$150 for two with wine and/or cocktails; but since I don't remember, I didn't want to be specific.

hudson's kitchen

Sorry this is so late. Price was average for a night out on Saturday.

hudson's kitchen

I went on Saturday here are my thoughts

A harvest salad should have something to do with fall. Pick something, anything.

My friends had the mushroom broth which was delicious but the waiter hyped it too much so we expected fabulous and it wasn't. The seared terrine was yummy.

The special was steak and barley risotto, also delicious. Sadly, I chose the trout which was a multiple personality disorder of raisin puree and cauliflower puree. Either would have been better than both.

We ordered all three desserts but the only one worth eating was the ginger one.

So, some hits but mostly just OK.

I was lured by the hype and disapointed that it missed the mark. It is good, but not great.

Service was stellar and wine list lovely.

Bar Isabel - College and Shaw - (new restaurant by Grant van Gameren )

Every day that I don't eat here I ask myself why.

Service, execution, and, cocktails are all on point. (not to mention the atmosphere is lovely).

I have to say that after making gateau basque in cooking school, I found theirs to be a little on the dry side but I have had the other desserts and have floated off my chair. That's just me being nitpicky.

If you haven't gone - GO!

Lisa Marie from the people behind Fidel Gastro

Went on the weekend for dinner - really mediocre. I think this restaurant is confused.

The plates are intended for sharing but the plating doesn't allow it easily (or at all).

The waitress looked so bored I feared she may fall asleep - not to mention she was wearing a hoodie and didn't get our drink order until 15 minutes after we were seated.

I found no interesting flavours here - in fact some of the dishes were too salty and greasy.

If this was in fact a food truck (with a lower price tag) I might have had a different opinion. I just don't think it translates well. I'll spend my $100 somewhere else.

Acadia or Woodlot

I went for the first time last night with my husband. It was truly wonderful. Plating (visually) was spectacular and the flavours just melted into each other so lightly and peacefully. Plate sizes were just right.

We left the table having made up a new word of "perfectly-whelmed" (rather than under or over whelmed).

I love Woodlot and they are different experiences. Woodlot is more casual, rustic, simple. This is elegant, uplifted, and refined.

Ace on Roncesvalles...anyone know what is going on?

I agree that the food at brunch is not as good as the food at night. If nothing else, go there for dessert and get the brown butter ice cream. They also have a nice selection of scotch.

best creperie for dinner?

thanks very much to everyone! This is really helpful.

I did look at Le Comptoir and kind of chuckled because although eating smaller plates is "lighter" it's not necessarily lighter on calories and sodium :) But perhaps I will change my mind.

Again - really appreciate everyone's advice.

best creperie for dinner?

this has nothing to do with looking for "Montreal" cuisine and everything to do with wanting a lighter dinner :)

I posted in another thread asking for a lighter dinner for a sunday and did not get what I was looking for. foie gras, pork belly, charcuterie are not lighter fare compared to what we eating on friday and saturday and the suggestions were more of the same.

We're not looking for anything fancy but also not pub fare. Any other suggestions other than crepe?

best creperie for dinner?


My husband and I are visiting this weekend and eating at Joe Beef on Friday and APDC on Saturday. We're thinking crepes for Sunday night dinner. Any suggestions?

Lighter Fare for a Sunday Night?


My husband and I are going to Montreal this weekend. We are doing Joe Beef on Friday and APDC on Saturday so needless to say we need something much lighter for Sunday night. What's open and good and a bit lighter?

pie of the month?

lol thanks.

Darn it! pie shack does not deliver pie of the month.

Guess I'm out of luck.

Any other ideas on foodie anniversary present?

pie of the month?

Looking for a bakery that does a pie of the month or cake of the month delivered to your door. Slice Pies used to do it, but it looks like they are out of business now.

Thoughts? I need this for an anniversary present.


Why bourbon for ham glaze?

Bourbon is whiskey (from a particular region in the southern US) and generally has a different flavour profile than, say, an irish whiskey or a canadian whiskey. Just like you can have sparkling wine but unless it's from the champagne region it is not champagne.

The short answer is, you can use any whiskey but make sure you taste/smell it first. A bourbon can be deeper/heavier in the nose and taste whereas a regular old whiskey might not be. You might have to adjust with some additional herbs/spices to get the deeper tones but it will likely be fine.

Dec 22, 2011
Anita Nap in Home Cooking

Looking for sugar free bacon in Toronto

If you go to a butcher you will have better luck. St. Lawrence market has incredible butchers who do double smoked bacon and it's deicious.

Ace on Roncesvalles...anyone know what is going on?

Went last night. So amazing!,

Appetizer was deep fried brussel sprouts yum

I had the oxtail with black beans and okra fried rice, big flavours done perfectly. My husband had the fried chicken... I have had fried chicken in the south that was so good it made me cry... this was not quite there but it was the best fried chicken I've had north of Tennessee.

Dessert was bacon and bourbon ice cream. Decadantly delicious!

Wine list is very small but the selections pair nicely without overpowering.

I'm afraid to say that this is the new must-try because I don't want to have to wait long for a table the next time I go, but if I don't say it someone else will.

' Ortolan ' - Anyone?!

went back a few weeks ago and the menu is toned down a bit. Definitely more francais than nose to tail and it was delish. Glad to see the change!

Strawberry-Filled Cardamom Cupcakes


I made it last week and people couldn't get enough. I didn't make the sauce but rather mascerated the strawberries and it turned out well. I didn't have issues with the cardamom like others. I'm going to try it again but, next time I'm going to use blueberries instead.

Nov 22, 2011
Anita Nap in Recipes

Kensington Market area

The prices were middle of the road - $19-$25 mains and portion size was not an issue. However, I would choose something else unless you absolutely must have something french in kensington.

Kensington Market area

Went to Le Kensington Bistro last night - it took over the former home of La Palette. It was disapointing!

Charcuterie included maple braised pork belly which had no maple flavour and almost no pork flavour, the rilllette was too fatty, etc. etc. (bread was also stale).

The vegetable crepe was bland and did not contain any of the ingredients the waiter mentioned. In addition, it was slightly cold.

My husband's steak frite was kind of a joke. The steak so thin we wondered if it should be eaten and the frite were cooked too long in oil that was not hot enough resulting in soggy, greasy potatoes.

The only saving grace was the wine list which is actually lovely.

Oh, and they were playing reggae in this pseudo-french environment... a little strange.

La Palette
492 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M5V, CA

Zocalo - Anyone been?

I live in the neighbourhood and go often. They have gotten over their first opening jitters and the food is really good. Flavours are spot-on and the prices are great.

' Ortolan ' - Anyone?!

The thing about Ortolan is that I'm afraid it won't last. The majority of hte menu is just a bit out of range for the neighbourhood's sense of bravery. The portions are really small and you pay about the same as you would at other restaurants of the same quality. My husband and I go a lot because we live in the neighbourhood and it's a great walk to and from home - the wine list is good, and so is the food. But they need to tone it down a little (less beff heart tartare etc) and make it a bit more accessible. I've noticed it's been easier and easier to get a table as the days go on.