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need japan recs!

hi all,
i'll be in japan for 2.5 weeks and need some recommendations for lunch and dinner, please. i'll be in tokyo and osaka, but these are the towns i really need help with:
fukuoka (maybe a ryokan w great food?)
beppu, oita
also, i have one day that's still unplanned. needs to be close to tokyo. should i stay a night in hakone, mt mitake, or...? in a ryokan w great food...?
thanks in advance!!

Jan 13, 2014
nyf201 in Japan

Wknd in LA - esp lunch & dinner in Hollywood

hell yes.
i think i read that they do a "punk rock happy hour" friday nights... didn't know about the bloodies. thanks!

Feb 10, 2013
nyf201 in Los Angeles Area

Wknd in LA - esp lunch & dinner in Hollywood

Hi everyone,
A vegetarian friend and myself (staunchly omniverous), both from nyc, will be exploring LA next wknd. Need recommendations for:
* recovery bloody marys and brunch/lunch in hollywood or vicinity. must have outdoor seating (excuse to hide behind sunglasses); pref not too pricey.
* dinner in hollywood or vicinity. don't care much about price; just needs to be veg-friendly but still a memorable meal. we're more interested in good food, wine, cocktails, and service; not so interested in scenes/hipness.
* sunday dinner in sta monica. we'll get post-beach drinks at the galley, but not interested in eating there. looking for something casual ("ethnic" would be good) and, again, veg-friendly.
thanks in advance!

Feb 10, 2013
nyf201 in Los Angeles Area

Road to Vegas

Some friends and I will be driving from LA to Vegas in a few weeks. Where should we eat along the way? (Also, recs for other noteworthy roadside stops would be appreciated!) Thanks!

Jan 20, 2013
nyf201 in California

wine country?

great, thanks!!

Jun 26, 2011
nyf201 in San Francisco Bay Area

wine country?

I'm going to go to napa (and/or sonoma?) this wknd, but I have no idea which vineyards/wineries to visit. Can you guys recommend some smaller ones, maybe that don't distribute outside of california, and that make fabulous, can't-miss wines? I love bubbles and old-world style wines.. I would really appreciate any help!!

Jun 20, 2011
nyf201 in San Francisco Bay Area

My favorite new Greek restaurant in Houston is

Nara Thai in Humble is AWESOME! Not sure I would drive that far for a meal (there's great Thai within the city limits), but if I were passing through the area, I'd definitely plan to stop there. Delicious, great service, hip and refreshing decor.. I'd definitely go back.

Nara Thai Dining
18455 W Lake Houston Pkwy, Humble, TX 77346

May 06, 2011
nyf201 in Houston


wow! thanks, all, for the sudden outpouring of information!

Feb 06, 2011
nyf201 in Houston


Went to el bolillo sunday midday. churros were on the counter, but definitely not fresh. cold and stale, not what i was looking for but exactly what i expected. any other ideas..? or do i just need to go earlier?

Nov 29, 2010
nyf201 in Houston


i literally had a dream about mexico city -style churros y chocolate. where can i find in houston, other than at hugo's?? maybe someplace on airline / n main? or southwest?

Nov 27, 2010
nyf201 in Houston