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Best serious vegeterian in Vegas please?

Not sure if this counts as 'serious' enough, but my husband and I are both vegetarians and our evening of tapas at Firefly at 3900 Paradise, was our favorite meal on a recent trip to Las Vegas.
Sangria was very good and there was a broad offering of tasties without meat.
We have been repeatedly disapointed at Enoteca San Marcos and vowed to give up trying after this trip. Lavo, in the Palazzo/Venetian had several vegetarian options. We really liked the pizza, but the servings are huge.
Try Firefly - it's a short cab ride from the strip.

Lavo Restaurant
3327 South Las Vegas Blvd. Suite 1760, Las Vegas, NV 89109

Enoteca San Marco
3355 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109

May 14, 2010
wendella in Las Vegas

Vegetarian suggestions?

My husband and I have enjoyed many great meals in Las Vegas, but our upcoming trip will be the first time we are there as vegetarians - no meat or fish; dairy is ok. I have spent much time reviewing menus for many restaurants, I'm surprised that so many restaurants have not even one non-meat entree. Ok, we'll lower our expectations, We've made many a meal from a wide selection of appetizers.
But, I would love recommendations for places that have at least a few tasty non-meat items. We're not buffet people, but anything short of sitting at the pool is ok. We're also open to leaving the strip.
Anyone have a great non-meat dish they recommend?

Apr 17, 2010
wendella in Las Vegas

Cocktails in Austin

I love fino for drinks. Sit at the bar. Both bartenders are fantastic - creative, professional and well versed in both classical as well as unique cocktails. What ever you do, order the fried olives! Even if it sounds strange, they are the most additive food that I have eaten here in Austin and they are only $2/bowl at happy hour.

Aug 11, 2009
wendella in Austin

The Grove

I like the Grove a lot, although I agree that it isn't exciting or crazy fun. However, it is relaxing and once the weather warms up, we end up there about once a week to sit on the deck and sip wine. Sometimes we eat a full meal (the spinach lasagna is really good) but most of the time we nosh on cheese, salad, bruschetta, etc.
I appreciate that regardless of the crowd, we never feel rushed or pressured to order or leave. I also appreciate that there is a very long list of wine by the glass, all reasonably priced.
As far as the kid issue goes - I don't have them and stay away from places that cater to parents w/kids. While I have seen a few kids here at times, I have not experienced 'free-range kids'.

Apr 07, 2009
wendella in Austin

Best Sports Bar NOT Downtown

Cover -3. I think that some of the earlier comments about it being expensive were based on a misunderstanding. Drinks prices are on par with other average places. Food is really good and also reasonable for what you order. I think the quality and service is way above average. Atmosphere is nice and there are a couple of options - sitting around the bar or at a table in a more conventional restaurant-like set up. What isn't apparent when you first walk in, is there is an upstairs with comfy couches. Seems like a great place to watch a game to me.

Mar 19, 2009
wendella in Austin

Indoor temperatures in Austin restaurants

Last night, I was at a restaurant that had it's air-conditioner running full blast. The temperature outside was in the low 40s! The room was uncomfortably cold - at least for me. A polite complaint to the waitress didn't provide any help in getting a more comfortable environment. I ended up wearing my jacket and a scarf - inside - the whole time I was there.
Air temperature is a complaint I have at too many area restaurants. Regardless of the time of year - they are really cold. It seems like in the summer, it's even worse. We go out most nights, but there are some places that I just don't go to now because I know I will be miserably cold. And yes - I take a jacket.
My take on it, is that management and/or employees set thermostats to temps based on how comfortable they are while at work - and they are often wearing long sleeves and pants, and of course running in and out of the kitchen.
Does anyone have any suggestions on how best to get the message to restaurants that thermostats should be set to diner's comfort, not their employees?

Jan 16, 2009
wendella in Not About Food

Local source for unusual cooking chemicals?

Anyone have suggestions on where I could get some 'mother' vinegar? I would like to try making my own vinegar from wine and from what I understand, I will need a mother to kick things off. I have no idea where to go to get some. Does anyone else?

Jan 12, 2009
wendella in Austin

Austin wine bars?

The Grove, on Bee Caves a little west of 360, has wine flights. They also have an extensive list of wines by the glass. Prices are reasonable. Food is casual italian with many appetizer options including a board of cheese & meats.

Jun 05, 2008
wendella in Austin

Tino's on 2222/Mopac

I live in the area and have been going to Tenos since they opened. The chicken is my favorite. It's spicy and juicy and I either get it in a wrap or in a chicken feta salad. Both are filling and satisying. In fact, the salad is often too large for me to finish. Try the chicken!

Oct 25, 2007
wendella in Austin

Food from the Sixties?

We recently had a 60's party along with retro-inspired food. I also wanted to steer away from the kitschy foods that would would be funny be also terrible tasting. That seemed like too much money and effort for a laugh.
Our line-up included:
Swedish meatballs (frozen from Ikea, warmed in a crockpot)
Lil' Smokies in BBQ sauce (this was gone very quickly)
Ritz crackers with cans of cheese
Bugles and Ruffles chips with onion dip
Cheese fondue
Deviled eggs
For cocktails, we had vodka gimlets.

Aug 26, 2007
wendella in Home Cooking