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Hey all do I really need 6 lbs. of bones to make stock? I usually use between 1 -2 lbs.!

For 2 quarts of stock, I combine the roaster bones from that evening (usually a 6# chicken) with all the scraps of carrot peelings, onions, celery that I've collected and put in a freezer bag, and some pepper corns.

It all goes in a pressure cooker for 1 1/2 to 2 hours, and comes out nice, rich and gelatinous when refrigerated.

I guess the amount of bones dictates how much stock you'd ultimately end up with, based upon how rich you want to make it.

Mar 13, 2012
EdBakesBread in Home Cooking

Hot and Sour Soup recipe request

I just made your soup this evening, and it was DELICIOUS!
You're right-- it's very close to what I've experienced in restaurants, and the ingredients (or close approximations) were all available in our local grocery store.
Thank you so much!

Feb 16, 2011
EdBakesBread in Home Cooking

Pressure Cooker - 6 qt or 8 qt?

I'd recommend an 8 qt. I have a Presto, and it works fine.

I just finished making stock this evening, and by the time you get all the ingredients in there, there's not much room left to make 2-3 quarts. And 2-3 quarts isn't all that much.

I can make risotto and small rice servings (using 1 cup rice). I also cook 8 oz of dried beans at a time in it, fresh veggies, etc...

By the way-- for my stock, I place all scraps (onion ends and the outer flexible white part that I peel off, carrot scrapings, ends, etc, chicken bones from roast breasts or braised thighs, etc) all in a ziplock bag that goes in the freezer. When it's full, I plan to roast a small fryer chicken for dinner that night. Then, I use the bones from that, along with my full ziplock freezer bag of items and any leftover veggies along with the appropriate amount of water-- all into the pressure cooker and cook for 1 hour.

Now the stock is out on the porch to cool overnight and will go in the freezer tomorrow AM after I scrape off the fat.

For 1 pot, the 8 qt works fine and gives me maximum versatility. I really don't feel you lose anything by having an 8 versus 6 qt.-- other than the ability to "go bigger" for soups, stews, stocks or big cuts of meat/poultry.

And with the Presto, it has the shorter handles, so it doesn't take up as much room as you'd expect.

Just my 2 cents... good luck whichever way you go...

Feb 10, 2011
EdBakesBread in Cookware

Fresco pressure cooker is driving me crazy

I'd assume that the "opening preventing valve" is the interlock that prevents you from opening the cooker under pressure. Sounds like that is working as designed.

Is the cooker the type that there is some type of weight that either jiggles or allows a wisp of steam to come out at pressure? Or are you thinking you have a post that pops up at either low or high pressure?

I'd assume that the "pressure limiting valve" is the post type (?) Doesn it have one or two markings to indicate a low and/or high pressure? Or is it just a go/no go indicator of pressure?

Try cooking a couple of potatoes or something else that only takes a brief time to cook. See if it works according to the time charts supplied with your book or according to one of the charts online like Miss Vickie's.

I don't think you have to worry about any major malfunctions just cooking something for 2-3 minutes or so... but be sure there don't appear to be any blockages (food related) in any of your valves, etc.before you begin.

Write back and tell us what you learned.

Feb 05, 2011
EdBakesBread in Cookware

Le Creuset Dutch Oven limitations

I have a Cuisinart 5 qt., and it is a quality piece. The metal knob works fine at all temps. I've done the no-knead bread, preheating it to 500 degrees, as well as braises, soups etc. It has performed flawlessly.

Feb 02, 2011
EdBakesBread in Cookware

ATK/CI Disapointment - Shredded Pork Tostadas

Did you mean "Carnitas" rather than "tostadas?"

I was motivated to make this dish, after CK's GUSHING ENDORSEMENT of this recipe as being one of the "Top 5 Recipes"...

I was extremely UNDERWHELMED by the results. very bland... the family shared my sentiments. I had really prepared them for an awesome dinner based upon the hype of this dish... and then we were all just very disappointed in the results. It just didn't pop at all-- like you said, just bland pork.

Jan 27, 2011
EdBakesBread in Home Cooking

restoring burnt Le Crueset


3 Words: Easy-Off Oven Cleaner.

That may be 4 words depending upon hyphenation... :)

It will take multiple applications. but I think you'll be pleased with the results. Spray on.. wait 30 minutes... wipe... repeat....

Jan 22, 2011
EdBakesBread in Cookware

Manual can opener- which to buy? Such a disparity in pricing.

My mom had a Swing-Away that was attached to the pantry wall. That thing was 25 years old and STILL sliced through a can lid-- and she was an extremely active cook so that thing probably had the equivalent of 45 years' use-- no joke. I've had one for 10+ years and it's still like new... I'm a believer!

Jan 17, 2011
EdBakesBread in Cookware

HOW do I clean this?

It WAS like magic, wasn't it!! :)

Jan 10, 2011
EdBakesBread in Cookware

Finally springing for a cast iron Dutch oven. What to get?

I don't think you can go wrong with either the Lodge or others that have been mentioned here so far. You don't have to spend a ton of money to get a serviceable piece, IMO.

You mentioned that most of your cooking is done for 1. Based on that, I'd think anything over 5 qt. would be overkill, even if you're making leftovers to freeze for later.

I picked up a nice 5 qt Cuisinart at Marshall's for $49, and it serves me well for stews, braises and no-knead bread. We're a family of 4 and this size is enough for just about anything I throw at it. Just braised a 3.5# roast with LOTS of potatoes, turnip, carrots & onions in a veal stock last night for our family, and that DO was filled right up. It was enough for the meal and lunch leftovers the next day.

By the way... I finished the braise on the wood stove while a nice loaf of no knead bread baked in an 8 qt. stainless stock pot.

Heaven... :)

Jan 09, 2011
EdBakesBread in Cookware

HOW do I clean this?

I posted earlier about having the same/similar issue. My spots were from oil that had "seasoned" the enamel coating because of high heat from no-knead bread temperatures.

No matter how much elbow grease I used, via green plastic scrubber and BK Friend, etc, these spots didn't budge.

Today I tried Easy Off Oven Cleaner . Placed my DO on spread-out newspapers, sprayed it on, let it sit for 20-30 minutes. The spots just wiped right off-- no scrubbing or anything. I'm sold!

Jan 07, 2011
EdBakesBread in Cookware

HOW do I clean this?

I think I did the same thing to mine last night! I made ATK's "(Almost) No-Knead Bread," and I must have spattered oil on both the inside AND the outside, and that stuff is now ON THERE!!!

It's like I seasoned the sucker and now it won't come off! I tried vinegar, because that sure took off the seasoning on my wok (by mistake!!). I've tried BK Friend, etc... and I have scrubbed harder on this than I've EVER scrubbed... no result.

I'll follow this thread with interest.

Jan 05, 2011
EdBakesBread in Cookware

Pork Bones- What to do?

Just finished off a pork roast and am left with the bone(s). I've tried to make a stock out of them before, but it wasn't really that flavorful. Any ideas, or are pork bones simply destined for the garbage?


Dec 29, 2010
EdBakesBread in Home Cooking

What's the best digital food scale?

OXO for me.

You can pull the readout away from the base to accommodate large bowls, it tares, it converts between lbs/grams/kg...

Get the one that goes to 11 lbs from Amazon and never look back.

Dec 09, 2010
EdBakesBread in Cookware

kitchenaid artisan stand mixer: will it help me bake!!??

The KitchenAid will definitely make your mixing and kneading easier. I use mine to bake all our own bread every week, plus pizza dough for Sunday afternoon football.

The new dough hook is really great. I also have the pasta rollers which function very well.

You should try the NY Times recipe for no-knead bread:

It's so easy a caveman could do it... or an 8 yr old...

America's Test Kitchen recipe for (Almost) No Knead Bread comes as close to a sourdough taste without all the work babysitting the starter. It's truly sublime!

Also, King Arthur Flour's website has a bunch of great info and recipes. Try their 100% Guaranteed recipes for bread-- they're pretty fool-proof.

Yeast bread is easy. I've found that too high a water temp can kill off the yeast, yet yeast is very forgiving of lower temps-- just takes more time. Also kneading long enough to develop the gluten structure is key. After those things, it's just a little flour, salt, sugar, water and oil and you're on your way!

Good luck.

Dec 02, 2010
EdBakesBread in Cookware

Mi Tierra in Tulsa. (Peruvian)

I L-O-V-E Rio Verde! Great hole in the wall w/absolutely to-die-for food!

Nov 27, 2010
EdBakesBread in Great Plains