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"hang out" restaurant in western metro

There's Roasted Pear near the 610 Brooklyn Park Target
campus. They have a 12-top that's in the main dining area but it's sectioned off by a 1/2 partition. It's american fare.
I'm not familiar with Plymouth but Maple Grove has Wild Bills. It's pretty dead during the week so I see a lot of large after work get togethers. Avoid Malone's because it's loud. Redstone and Pittsburgh blue are quiet and can put together tables but they're spendy.
If you're willing to go to 252 to Brooklyn Park, there is Lemongrass Thai. Nicest looking restaurant in the West and quiet.

Where are the donuts?

Can't speak for cake donuts or apple fritters but I get my sugar and glazed donut fix at Cub.

I've gone to Glam Doll in the mornings and guaranteed every time I wind up with a dry donut. Donuts are not their strength.

Glam doll Donuts

For all the hype this place gets, I don't get it so you're not alone in the disappointment. I've gone in the late mornings and I just can't be glamoured into thinking these are fresh "best" donuts. They're basic donuts are rather tasteless and dry. I've never had such worst tasting chocolate frosting. Super gritty. Great themed place like Psycho Suzi's, but they have to have better product. All that style just doesn't make the donuts taste better.

Lunch in Brooklyn Center

There's an abundance of fast food places at that intersection. 50's Grill -burgers- is about the only sit down restaurant. If you go a bit south onto Shingle Creek towards I-94, they have Great India. It's a decent enough Indian restaurant with a lunch buffet.

Where can I buy Green tea ice cream?

I've been tasked to find it and don't know which stores in the metro have it. Anbody seen the stuff?

A more specific Thai question

I'd nix venturing all the way north to SYSL. Go to Krung Thep on Nicollet instead. It's the sister restaurant to BTD and they took over the Seafood Palace space. The decor stayed the same-sea oriented with fish art, pink and blue walls. The pad thai wasn't watery, salty, dark, or overly sweet but tangy with a hint of sweetness. Haven't ordered the curries so I can't say. Service was there. You won't be neglected.

Plymouth/Maple Grove

Ketsana's has decent food. The appetizers are great and their entree portions are huge. It's bit too heavily seasoned for my taste. I only say this because I drink more water at this restaurant than any other thai place. If you do go, try sitting at the booths. The main dining area has an odd set-up. Nong's might be better if you want a brighter and nicer looking place.

And like the other poster said, 3 Squares is not a bad choice. I like the variety they have though it might be a bit too dark to dine for lunch.

Major Ramen craving

Even though it looks it, you won't find coconut milk in tonkotsu ramen broth.

I'm not much of a pickled ginger fan either. Maybe that garnish is meant to liven up the ramen presentation? Everything else in the ramen is all light colored.

patisserie 46 - Minneapolis

I thought eclairs could have any kind of cream filling. Too bad the chocolate one didn't taste all that good.

Plymouth Dinner!

Not much in Plymouth except chains. Maybe Old Chicago? It's not quite the mega chain like Applebee's in the area. There's also Axel's Bonfire.

You might find better if you head to Golden Valley or Maple Grove.

Golden Valley has Doolittle's, Mort's.
Maple Grove: Pittsburgh Blue and 3 Squares

Applebee's Restaurant
2201 Coulee Rd, Hudson, WI 54016

Pittsburgh Blue
11900 Main Street North, Maple Grove, MN 55369

Axel's Bonfire
3000 Harbor Ln N, Minneapolis, MN 55447

Looking for a panaderia near Edina

Might be one in Bloomington. I remember seeing a bakery down Lyndale in the same strip mall as the Sawatdee called La Concha. Not sure if it's still in business.

Perilla and Shiso Leaves

It's sold at United Noodles. It's not always stocked (maybe because of the does not grow in winter) so I suggest you call them. Try calling Sun Foods in Brooklyn Center and Pacific Oriental Foods in Brooklyn Park because they occasionally have them, too.

Brooklyn Center Restaurant
5637 Brooklyn Blvd, Minneapolis, MN 55429

New Years Resolution: Explore Vietnamese Restaurants in MSP

You wanna find ca kho to, go to Phuong Trang in Brooklyn Park.

Phuong Trang
8072 Brooklyn Blvd, Brooklyn Park, MN 55445

Mandarin Kitchen Dim Sum: LOUSY

Can you tell me where in the metro you've had dim sum?

Mandarin Kitchen Dim Sum: LOUSY

What?! That's not good to hear. Where the heck are we supposed to get dim sum if MK is bad now? Crossing my fingers that you're experience is a fluke...... cause I'm not going to start searching for a new dim sum place.