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Starbucks, corner of Gerrard and Jones - wow

We love the Yummy House's fruit smoothies - totally delicious. Much better than what Starbucks produces. They use whole frozen fruit and just blend it with ice/water in their crazy industrial blenders. My daughter loves there fun, colourful sealed cups and big straws.

Over the summer, the owner of YH told us that his business dips by 50% because of the high school kids are out.

I hope the Yummy House doesn't lose out too much , even though SB and YH are two very different experiences.

Yummy House
234 Jones Ave, Toronto, ON M4M3A6, CA

Warming Winter Chow-Treats - what are some of your local favourites?

I've tried A LOT of hot chocolate in the city - so far my favourite is XOXO Cava's. I love drinking it out of their big cups when there is room to sit down. They offer a richer, chocolate sipping type or you can get one made with steamed milk and not as thick.
Have a churro ( or 10) to dip in it.
Warming and delicious!

1560 Yonge St., Toronto, ON M4T 2S9, CA

Boston Pizza - opening at Lakeshore and Leslie

Boston Pizza is moving into one of the spaces behind the plaza at Lakeshore/Leslie - they apparently are just waiting for their liquor license.

I've never eaten there - it looks kind of chain-y and gross. Is it OK or pretty bad?

Lakeshore Restaurant
2390 Lake Shore Blvd W, Toronto, ON M8V1C3, CA

Pulp Kitchen - is it closed for good?

Just drove by and there is brown paper on its windows.

Is it closed for good? They just moved not so long ago, so I can't imagine it is a reno or something. It looks like it may have to be added to the list of closings 2010.

Pulp Kitchen
1129 Queen Street East, Toronto, ON M4M1J3, CA

Starbucks, corner of Gerrard and Jones - wow

Just read a post on The Leslieviller, our local on line community, that it's confirmed, Starbucks is taking over the northwest corner as a 2-story coffee shop. Wow - this area is going to change fast.