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Restaurant recommendations within walking distance to Hilton Bonaventure

Thanks to everyone for the recos. Ended up eating an excelllent meal at DNA - chef's tasting menu. The staff were friendly and attentive and generally knowledgable about the dishes served. A few off-menu surprises (I mean that in a good way). Good choice for solo dining - there are two somfortable bars. Chef took time to chat. A leisurely 20 minute walk back to the Hilton.

Restaurant recommendations within walking distance to Hilton Bonaventure

I am not a frequent visitor to Montreal but have enjoyed Pied du Cochon in the past. Anything featuring local food and suitable for solo dining would be welcome.

Mexican / Latin grocer or good place to get authentic salsas and corn tortillas in Markham

hanks everyhone for the recommendations - some familiar some not. I will be sure to visit Scarborough soon.

Mexican / Latin grocer or good place to get authentic salsas and corn tortillas in Markham

Any suggestions for good Mexican ingredients in Markham? I usually make the trek to Kensington to stock up.

The Cook's Mate Restaurant Equipment Supply on Ellesmere between Warden & Birchmount - Is it any good?

I have a part-time catering operation and have purchased many supplies from Cook's Mate. They have a decent selection of inventory in stock (especially Asian cookware, dinnerware, tools etc.) and will order anything else you need. Prices are good IMO compared to other shops around town. Can't speak for Nellas as I haven't been there personally. I purchased a meat slicer, several chafing dishes, pots, pans, hot boxes, quantities of ramekins and glasses over the past few years. Staff are helpful and knowledgable.

Rcommendations for restaurants in Quebec City, and food related tourism in the Charlevoix. (La Malbaie)

Two couples from the GTA visiting Quebec City for one night in July on the way to the Charlevoix region. Looking for recommendations for dining in Quebec City. We will be staying close to the old town in Quebec and have a car. Something off the tourist track if possible. Good, interesting, local fare, regional cooking. Is there anything like Pied du Cochon for example?
Secondly, looking for advice or recomendations for culinary - related activities or sites near La Malbaie. Artisan producers, wineries, restaurants etc.

west end TO resto

Ideally Kingsway to 427ish. Seeking a midpoint for me travelling from Scarboro and my friend from Oakville. Price not a concern. We sometimes meet at Via Allegro. Quality of food and ambience conducive to conversation are most important., Think Origin, Beast maybe even Terroni for food style.

Via Allegro
1750 The Queensway, Toronto, ON M9C5H5, CA

west end TO resto

looking for a casual retaurant in west end toronto to meet a food-loving friend for lunch - QEW access a bonus

Recos in Aguascalientes

Travelling from Toronto to Aguascalientes in January for a a few days of business. Can anyone recommend good local cuisine in the area? What is the local specialty?

Dec 02, 2010
the_itinerant_gourmand in Mexico