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Beaune at New Years?

Thanks for the response! Let me know if you ask your friends.

Nov 03, 2012
heyta in France

Beaune at New Years?

Two questions:

Would Beaune be a decent New Years getaway? Say from the 29th - 2nd or 3rd? Will things be open?

Are there any good NYE venues in Beaune for dinner and dancing that anyone can recommend?



Oct 31, 2012
heyta in France

Fresh Coconut Milk?

Does anyone know if any of the Asian grocers sell fresh coconut milk? Not juice, but milk, made by grating the insides adding water and squeezing out the milk. I know I could buy coconuts from YDFM and grate it myself, but looking for a way to make it easier.

Nov 25, 2010
heyta in Atlanta