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Oysters at Home

On Grand Street between Bowery and Christie there is a place called Tan My My that has absolutely the freshest shellfish and fish. They usually carry Kumamotos.

Mar 02, 2007
jonnyk in Manhattan

cuban sanwiches

El Castillo is a local haunt in the LES, but they make the best Cuban I've ever had!

Jan 15, 2007
jonnyk in Manhattan

Recommendation for LES drinks/appetizers?

third on Paladar

Jan 15, 2007
jonnyk in Manhattan

Best mac and cheese?

Chat and Chew by Union Square makes and incredible Mac & Cheese. Southern style!

Oct 26, 2006
jonnyk in Manhattan

A Salt & Battery, to go, going, gone.

do you really like the Fish and Chips at Shillers? I tried it a couple of times and it's ok, anything but consistent. The first time the batter was crisp and the fish was flakey, the chips were ok (I like the fries over there), the second time the batter was soggy and the fish was tough, like they changed the fish or something. I like the Fish and Chips at Bondi down the street much better but it's a different type of fare over there.


Oct 26, 2006
jonnyk in Manhattan

Visiting from Washington DC - Any good recs for Asian or Fusion food?

Kuma Inn on Ludlow is very good Asian Fusion Tapas. The space is in a one floor walk up based in a Studio apartment. Really great Sake list and very good service.

Oct 25, 2006
jonnyk in Manhattan

Looking for a good veggie patty in the Lower East Side

Tired of frozen pre made patties. Don't want a meat simulated burger and tired of over paying but wouldn't mind if it's a quality patty...any suggestions?

Oct 13, 2006
jonnyk in Manhattan

Degustation Tonight

As I said, I truly loved the place when it first opened as well as Jewel Bako and Lux Oysters, these tiny places were amazing when I first went there but things seem to have changed in the last 2 months, maybe it's because I don't dress up the way they wanted or something but the service was barely passable to me, they rushed us out and the host/waitress was very abrupt when taking my order. I don't generally rip places and these places use to be favorites of mine so I definitely didn't enjoy writing what I did but I also don't believe in sugar-coating my thoughts about a restaurant. Maybe they just don't like me as a customer but yes, my last visit the rib eye was dry and the croquetas were soggy, when I bought this to the attention of the waitress I was told "that's how the dishes were meant to be". I hope that I caught them on a bad night, I hope that maybe it was just a bad night for the waitstaff, I'm still hoping that they can get back to what they did when they first opened their restaurants....again I just hope.

Oct 11, 2006
jonnyk in Manhattan

Tides Fall menu Review

Went to Tide last night for the launch of their Fall menu. This season seems to be following a Spanish theme and it was good.

We started out with my favorite Fried Clams and Oysters which are always great and the Mussels and Chorizo Stew, not so much a stew as a thick broth but very tasty.

My wife loves whole fish so she had the Stuffed Red Snapper which was nothing short of amazing, they always do the freshest whole fish here, our friend Amanda had the Lobster Roll which was herbed with cilantro this season and instead of sweet potato chips they made the switch to yuca chips which were thin sliced and a very nice with the menu theme. I have the Bouillabaisse, so glad they bought this back, can't use enough words to describe it but those that have been to Tides know what I'm talking about. And my new favorite side dish is the Honey Eggplant, batter fried and dripped with honey, man, you gotta try this.

Dessert was simple, a rice pudding and cheesecake that I'm not too excited about. As for the wine, we were going to get a bottle of Pinot Gris (my wifes favorite) but Steven was nice enough to give us each a glass of a El Coto rioja that he will be serving on the new wine menu, it was very nice, full flavor with a strong taste of berries, it worked well with my Booya(haha, as I like to call it). Steven shared a little info about the new wine list and there's something to be said about a small well put together list.

All in all as usual and great meal with great service. Going back this weekend to try the other new items and wanted to share with you Hounders.


Oct 11, 2006
jonnyk in Manhattan

Lower East Side Food Tour Map

food places:
Tides Seafood for the 120,000 bamboo skewers in the ceiling
Shillers for the bathroom
Suba for the indoor pond
DASH for the steel laden floor and cantilevered counter
Ini Ani for the coffee lid plaster wall
Essex Farmers Market for one of the last great markets

The Back Room for the 1920s style design

Orchard between Delancy and Houston for the old buildings and street vendors
Clinton between Delancy and Houston for the ghetto fab

that's all I can think of...enjoy.

Sep 12, 2006
jonnyk in Manhattan

Looking for comfy cafe with Wi-Fi

Ini Ani on Stanton is pretty cool

Sep 11, 2006
jonnyk in Manhattan

Burgers and Hotdogs

So I did a track of B and H in downtown NYC, here's my reviews and a list.

Criff Dogs: I like this place, great selection of dogs with pretty unique names, the space is cool with video game tables and a really laid back feel. The service was pretty bad though, the counter girl seemed like she didn't even have the time for me. I'm not sure what the dogs were but I tried a Veggie and beef(I think) and both were ok.
Rating: 7

Dogs on the Park: uh, terrible, from the guy behind the counter who had black grit in his nails while he handled my food to the over fried dogs that were drenched in oil. Even the ketchup was a little watered down for my taste. The space was dirty and i'm not sure how to describe how dirty it was.
rating: 1

Paul's Burgers: No better Burger in NYC (my opinion), had a big cheese burger cooked to perfection seasoned simply and juicy as I've ever had. The space is cool with lots of little gadgets to look at while you eat and really an open kitchen always makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. The hotdog was ok, nothing special, no special toppings.
Rating: 8

Shake Shack: I don't get what all the fuss is about. I waited in line for about 1.5 hours and got a mediocre burger and fries, the hotdog was nothing to write home about, no snap to it or anything. i guess people come here for the novelty of lines.
rating: 4

Lucky Burgers: Ugh the worse of the bunch by far, greasy, sloppily put together and overseasoned with Worsch. sauce. nuff said.
Rating: 2

Dash Dogs: Kosher Dogs sounded good to me, great selection of toppings, open kitchen(wink wink), nice snap and probably the only one that stoop up with Criff dogs. They also do Sliders!, love love mini burgers, they do it with all the same toppings the hotdogs do. the burgers are cooked infront of you. I have the special 3 burgers and a soda, one with avocado salsa, one with cilantro and one with just bacon and cheese.
Rating: 8

As far as pricing goes, I don't mind paying more for quality and the most value priced burgers was at Paul's, the hotdogs was Dash.

Hope this wasn't too long and helps you all find your junk food dreams.


Aug 17, 2006
jonnyk in Manhattan

Lobster Dinners or Lobster Rolls in Manhattan

Mary's and Pearl's are identical, they both season with salt, pepper mayo and celery as a filler, what makes one better than the other? About a year ago I went and bought one from each place to go, went home with it and compared. Both the wife and I found them almost identical, except for the following:

Mary's was mostly claws and lobster tail, the total weight without bun was 3.2 ounces.

Pearl's was mostly knuckles and claws with a total weight of 3.4 ounces

Don't get me wrong, I think both places offer good seafood but I wouldn't be able to say they were the best, being the best requires alot and before I found other places I was one of those that would only swear by Mary's or Pearl's because of a lack of options in this type of eatery (seafood shacks).

Seems like when it comes to Lobster rolls and seafood, you have to really just go and try, then find that place you always seem happy with and go from there.

Good Luck

Aug 09, 2006
jonnyk in Manhattan

Where to eat tonight, LES, East Village or West Village for around $40 a person

40.00 including tip?

List of my Favorites:

Kuma Inn: average small plates about $6-$8 about 3 per person and 6 to share for 2 with some maybe $10 per for drinks.

Tides Seafood: Average entree about $22, appetizers $9, wine $9-$10, great seafood awesome design and ambiance.

Inoteca: Average food $11 - 13, drinks $9-$14, small portions pretty much nibbling food.

Alias: Average food $16-$22, drinks $7-$10

Le Tableau: $45 tasting menus is great, not including wine though and you will still be hungry.

Jul 07, 2006
jonnyk in Manhattan