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Invading Detroit for Bears Game

I would vote for the Lindell A.C., which is a throwback classic Detroit bar (unlike Cheli's or Hockeytown). It really depends what you're looking for. For giant tvs and newer bars, Cheli's and Hockeytown are what you want. If you're instead looking for older, worn-in, more classic bars, I would recommend the Lindell A.C. or the Anchor Bar on Fort Street.
the Anchor Bar

Mac 4 Cheese (with Leeks)

Tried it tonight. Very good -- creamy, rich. The leeks were barely noticeable, though.

Sep 13, 2007
zachary in Recipes

Port Huron, MI restaurant for Anniversary Dinner?

Generally, they are good, but my last experience there (about a year ago) was awful -- the plates were dusty, the food lukewarm. That said, they may have improved. And it's tough to beat their view, which is overlooking the St. Clair River.

Grocery Stores - Detroit Metro area

You could try Nino Salvaggio's on Hall Road -- they have a pretty good selection of meat and produce. If you want something even more fresh, Mt. Clemens has a Farmers Market every Friday and Saturday through November (it's on North River Rd about halfway between the downtown and Gibralter).

Also, though it isn't very large, Grillo's Market in New Baltimore is a wonderful little Italian market/deli. It's located on 23 Mile, just east of Jefferson.

Ribs Right Now!

Try Chicken Shack. They're a local chain in metro Detoit, and their ribs are the best I've had in the state.

Find a location here:

Italian in Macomb County (MI)?

Luigi's! I completely forgot. I've been to the Mt. Clemens location several times, and have always enjoyed their food. I second that recommendation.

Good eats near Henry Ford Museum

More culturally-authentic than, say, eating at the La Shish by Macomb Mall. That's all I meant.

Also, I'll have to try La Pita some time.

Italian in Macomb County (MI)?

That's a good question. Though I live in Macomb, there's really nothing that comes to mind that isn't a local chain (and in that case, Andiamo's is pretty reliable). That said, there has to be some good Italian places in the southern part of the county, particularly in Warren.

Outside of Macomb, I've heard good things about (but have never eaten at) Maria's Front Room in Ferndale, Il Posto in Southfield, and Antonio's Cucina Italiana in Dearborn. If you go to any of those, I'd love to hear how the food was.

HELP! New to Detroit (city of Macomb), need recs

Aside from the cusines of Greektown and Dearborn, I would recommend Hamtramck, which is a large Polish city within Detroit. Though the food can be an acquired taste, I love it (though admittedly, I grew up on it). Hamtramck's best restaurant, bar none, is the Polish Village Cafe at the corner of Campeau and Yemans. It's small, and has a big crowd at times, but is worth the wait.

Aside from the well-known Polish fare (pierogies, kielbasa, golabki), I would recommend the Dill Pickle Soup. I know it sounds bizarre, but I assure you that it is delicious.

Good eats near Henry Ford Museum

I would also suggest La Shish in Dearborn. It's become a local chain of Middle Eastern food, and the food is delicious. Dearborn, having the largest concentration of Arabs in Norht America, also makes for a culturally-authentic experience.