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Simple Chocolate Buckwheat Cake/Pancake Recipe

My boyfriend loves German Chocolate cake but he is very sensitive to gluten and does not eat it. So it's been some time since he has actually had it. His birthday is coming up so I want to make him a cake. I have some buckwheat flour and I was hoping to use it and not go out and buy a bunch of crazy niche Bob's Mill flours or whatever.

I also am quite skilled at making the crepe gateau, so I was thinking that since there are so many buckwheat pancake recipes a chocolate buckwheat crepe would be doable. Does anyone have a simple recipe for buckwheat chocolate cake or pancakes? I'm either going to do some petit fors or the crepe gateau.

I'll be sure to post the resulting recipe! I have a super boiled frosting recipe I'm dying to try. Just hoping to find a nice reliable, simple cake recipe so I won't have to fuss with it or do a bunch of tests in my tiny kitchen.

Apr 14, 2012
monimo in Home Cooking

Enormously, tremendously, stupendously huge turkey advice?

If 6 hour cooking time does not appeal, you could try the Julia and Jacques method. It involves detaching and stuffing the leg/thighs, and removing the carcass from the breast part. It's a lot more work up front, but it cuts the cooking time in half. Since the carcass is removed, it adds to fodder for the stock and gravy. Plus, who doesn't love a butchering lesson taught by Jacques Pepin.

While I know you said butchering was not a part of the plan, I think their method is so elegant I couldn't help but suggest it. The legs, after roasting, get arranged back on the platter and the breast is cooked, sans carcass, on a mound of stuffing (not dressing! and not bacteria-laden! and crunchy!). The end result is an elegantly stuffed turkey that should cook in about 3 hours and looks just like a whole turkey, Norman Rockwell style.

part one:
part two:

It's always better with two! LOVE Julia and Jacques and it makes me sad that only 300 people have watched this on Youtube before the big day. Since the boyfriend and I will Macy's parade volunteers this year, we're doing a truncated turkey-- a breast roulade and stuffed leg/thighs. Plus since I'm in my 20's and in Manhattan, Thanksgiving is generally a cocktail party for us no matter how hard we try to make an honest meal out of it. We host all of the city "orphans" with no family, and it's a potluck if "pot" means "bottle of alcohol."

Nov 24, 2010
monimo in Home Cooking