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where is the best fish and chips in Toronto/GTA??

Hi There!

I like Old Yorke on Laird Drive south of Eglinton Avenue on the west side of Laird. I also like Duckworth's which is on Danforth Avenue east of Main St. Subway station on the north side of Danforth. If you are ever in Burlington Ontario (where I now live) you can always get a great fish and chip dinner at The Thistle which is on Fairview Street (south of the QEW Walker's Line exit) west of Walker's Line and on the north side of Fairview Street.

I must also qualify this recommendation with the fact that I will only eat halibut and chips! I do not enjoy haddock or cod, so I am speaking only about halibut fish fillets!


Kitty =^^=

Freshly Baked Pita Bread!

Hi All,

Does anyone know of a bakery in GTA where one can buy freshly-baked pita bread? When I was a little girl (a "few" years ago) I lived in Scarborough. A favourite (late) auntie who was Lebanese used to go to a bakery on Saturday mornings to purchase freshly-baked pita bread and bring it to our house for lunch. It was the closest thing to culinary heaven a young kid like me (in the 60's) had the chance to enjoy! She would never share the location of this place until she was very elderly; and when I went to the exact address, there was a fast-food outlet that shall go nameless. How disheartening...

I just can't abide the pita bread in the grocery store; it is usually dry, or pretty much on it's way to being dry. Also, there are too many servings in the packages; so one can never eat their way through the whole package.

Any suggestions (in the west part of GTA especially) would be greatly appreciated! Also, if any of these bakeries make a gluten-free pita bread that would be even better as I have been newly-diagnosed as having celiac disease and I am trying to follow a gluten-free diet.


Kitty =^^=

Seeking flour to make gnocchi!

Much thanks to you! Namaste, Kitty

Mexican in Mississauga

Do Try Cantina Mexicana in Streetsville; the food is excellent and the staff are friendly and accomodating. It's a real gem of a resto in the GTA West! Namaste, Kitty

Seeking flour to make gnocchi!

Hi All! I'm wondering if anyone could recommend a shop that sells "00" Italian fine-milled flour in Toronto/GTA West. I have a recipe that calls for this type of flour as it is the best kind of flour to make gnocchi that are like "fluffy pillows instead of dense, chewy hockey pucks". I would be so appreciative of your help; anything from solid knowledge to educated guesses! Namaste, Kitty

Okaaaaaaay, we get it. HOLIMA CHINESE FOODS really is the best chop suey delivery joint in west Scarborough

Ohmigosh! My folks used to order from Holima once a month on Saturday night! We would watch Bugs Bunny/Road Runner cartoons and eat off of trays in front of the tele; something we never did otherwise! Our favourites were mushroom fried rice, s&s chicken balls, vegetable chop suey, egg rolls and beef with broccoli. Oh how I miss Holima in Scarberia! Thanks for conjuring up some great foodie memories...

Poultry Question...

Hi All,

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving and are not suffering from turkey fatigue like our family is! Hence the question that follows...

Can anyone recommend a butcher in the GTA (preferably out Oakville/Burlington way) that sells whole capon or large chicken breast, without the legs, wings or back? What I am wanting is sort of like a turkey breast that you can place on stufing in a roast pan and cook in the oven; but chicken instead.

We are tired of turkey, don't like dark meat and do not want to waste meat by cooking a whole chicken/capon. Any help would be much appreciated!


Madamemeowmeow =^^=

Field Roast Hot Dogs...

I am looking to purchase these vegetarian hot dogs and I am wondering if anyone knows whether or not they are available in Ontario Canada. Their U.S. website says that they are available at Whole Foods; can anyone tell me whether or not they are at the Ontario branches of Whole Foods?



Best Thing You Ever Ate - Toronto

I had Chana and Poori at the Udupi Restaurant on Gerrard St. East, in Little India and it was out of this world! It is a vegetarian resto, so carnivores wouldn't like it especially if they can't give up meat for just one meal!

Little India
255 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M5V1Z4, CA

Ancient Grains Cereal by Les Plats du Chef...

I am in love with this cereal and I am having a truly arduous time trying to find it! My last box I bought at Costco and I now can't find it there anymore. Does anyone know where else I might be able to purchase it? Oatmeal can't even hold a candle to this breakfast gem! I eat this every morning and I have lost 13 pounds because I am not hungry all morning (even after a hard workout) and don't snack. It tastes amazing, one would never know that it is a very high fibre cereal... Please Help!



Searching for Tam Tam Crackers...

Hi All!

Could anyone direct me to a grocery store that sells Tam Tam crackers, not Tim Tam biscuits from Australia. I love these crackers and it seems that I can't find them in Burlington. They are kosher crackers, I think they are made by a company that also makes matzo bread. I would appreciate some help! I am going into Toronto for a medical appointment, so suggestions in the "big smoke" would be greatly appreciated!



Fiesta Azteca on Bayview?

Is the restaurant Fiesta Azteca still around? My husband and I would make a special trip from Burlington into Toronto for a meal at this restaurant; we enjoy the food so much! Can anyone help, I'd be so very grateful!

madamemeowmeow =^^=

Moving to Leaside...request for guidance

Another suggestion for a restaurant; Olde York (or York) Posh Fish and Chips. It's on Laird Drive south of Eglinton Avenue East. The halibut and chips are wonderful! Dine early or late as the place is packed!

Worst in Toronto

Oh how icky the fish and chips at Chippy's! The halibut filet seemed like they just took a tiny sliver of the actual filet and kept the skin on! The chips were rock hard; no crunchy outside and fluffy pillowy soft potato in the middle!

There is a place on Laird Drive called "York Fish and Chips; Posh Fish and Chips" it's always packed but the halibut and chips are out of this world!

If you are ever out Burlington way; The Thistle Fish and Chips restaurant (Fairview Street west of Walker's Line) is terrific! My husband and I visit once a month for the halibut and chips which are delicious.

Amazing Halibut and Chips for me is as follows... White fleshy fish with no grey bits or skin surrounded by a very thin crispy batter. No beer in the batter (should be in a glass!) no thick doughy blob of a batter. Chips fairly big, crunchy golden outside and white, hot, fluffy, pillowy potato inside. Fresh ketchup is essential!

Worst in Toronto

I second about Milestones. I tried it once at the Queensway and it was horrible. Food was yucky (pasta was cold) and service poor. Got invited to the Milestones on John street downtown and the same thing happened! Soooo I have never visited there since. The food is plastic and cold. I can't figure out why my youngest stepdaughter loves the place!

Worst in Toronto

Tim's doughnuts give me a horrible headache. MSG perhaps? I am dating myself with this but, Mr. Donut made WAY better doughnuts! Also Simpson's restaurant used to make a killer pumpkin doughnut covered in sugar cinnamon. This tells you how old I am! Anybody remember Mr. Donut?

Worst in Toronto

I'm with you on that! I loooove that dish at the Spaghetti Factory. It's the only dish I will eat there!

ISO Dad's Coconut Oatmeal Cookies

I am looking for these cookies; are they still available for purchase? My mom has a recipe for a chocolate square that calls for the cookies. She has tried the plain oatmeal cookies but it doesn't taste the same!

I would appreciate your help in locating this product, suggestions in Toronto or the western part of the GTA (Mississauga, Etobicoke, Oakville)


madamemeowmeow =^^=

Fauchon Products and Bonne Maman Products in Toronto?

Hi All! I just came back from a vacation in gorgeous Paris (my first time!) and I visited the spectacular Fauchon... Among the many things my husband and I purchased was a jar of the oranges, citron and bergamot jam. We had some of it for breakfast the first morning after our return to Toronto.... We are absolutely enchanted with and addicted to this jam!

One night we had the munchies and popped down to the Epicerie near our hotel and bought some Bonne Maman Madeleines; pure heaven! We bought a few bags to take home with us; however all good things have to come to an end and we are dreading trying to find more of these treasures in Toronto.

I'd be ever-so-grateful if you could help me with locating these products!

A Bien-tot,


Where to buy mini pot de creme pots

Perhaps Williams-Sonoma? You also could do a search on Google and look for a French cooking equipment site that you could order from. Hope this helps!