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NYE in Lisbon - Searchin for a top level suggestion :-)

Please, could you send me a few links?
I have no problem to take a taxi, if there are restaurant-party-all-in-one solutions :-)
I don't like to stay outside for fireworks... i think there will be many restaurants that will propose that kind of night...

Nov 25, 2010
dortmunder in Spain/Portugal

NYE in Lisbon - Searchin for a top level suggestion :-)

i'm going to be in Lisbon with my girl for nye, i'm searching for a very romantic and elegant restaurant to have dinner and both listen to music and dance after midnight... I'm going to save on almost all, during this brief vacation, not on that night!! I woulf prefer not to move from restaurant after midnight...

I like places with selected people and good music (jazz, acid jazz, r&b, soul/funk, 70s/80s disco... I hate contemporary house/disco music!!).

I hope you can help me referring my preferences... unfortunately i don't know where i coul find on internet, please suggest me (if possible) 2 or 3 places near baixa... thank you so much!! :-)

Nov 24, 2010
dortmunder in Spain/Portugal