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Butterscotch-Pecan Blondies

Question: is the foil lining there for ease of clean up or will it change how the bars bake if I just bake them straight in the glass pan?

Dec 05, 2013
sunsprout in Recipes

Croq-Télé (Almond Cookies)

I made these this evening. Super easy to turn out.

I definitely did not get 50 from one batch (I made two at once... 38 per batch) and would not make mine smaller in the future. Perhaps we just have larger cherries in my neck of the woods!

The cookie is quite delicate (several tried to crumble to bits on me), but the texture is mildly grainy, like a soft shortbread.

I will definitely make more in the future!

Nov 23, 2010
sunsprout in Recipes