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Dallas Wine Shop That Delivers

Best Dallas Catering

You might try purchasing ready made / take and bake appetizers from Festive Kitchen or Two Sisters Catering. Two sisters is great because they arrange the apps on a tray with edible flowers and garnishes so you just pop them in the oven and back on the tray they go.

Both provide delicious options and you could reach out to a staffing company (Silver Tray Staffing does a great job) to provide kitchen help / servers at approx. $25 - $35 per hour/ server

For do-it-yourself consider appetizers and dips from Trader Joe's. Reasonably priced and taste good as well.

Catering ideas for baby shower

Festive Kitchen is also great. Two locations. Snider Plaza and Campbell Road in Richardson.

6 Meanest Things Said About ABC's New Food Talk Show "The Chew"

Ruth Reichl is the former Editor of Gourmet Magazine. She was obviously misinformed about Carla Hall since she is clearly a chef.

Oct 07, 2011
HungryHorn in Features

Which Neighborhood Service is the best?

All three are great but some of the same dishes served at all three locations are actually less expensive ($1 - $2) at the Tavern location. The wait is equally long at each location

Wine Storage - Eurocave versus Sub Zero?

Thank you. I understand that champagne bottles have difficulty fitting within the Sub Zero shelves. Have you found this to be true?

Nov 30, 2010
HungryHorn in Wine

Cupcake recommendations for Thanksgiving

Try Cupcake Cafe. Two locations: 18 W18th between 5 and 6th Ave and 545 9th Ave between 40 and 50th St

Nov 23, 2010
HungryHorn in Manhattan

Wine Storage - Eurocave versus Sub Zero?

Building a house with a small wine room and looking for refrigerated wine storage of 150+ bottles. Heard Eurocave is good but having a hard time finding reviews of the product.

Nov 23, 2010
HungryHorn in Wine