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Looking for Eggs Benny

Hey! So I have just come back from New Orleans, where not only did I have a lot of amazing seafood, but the BEST Eggs Benedict of my life!!! (At Stanley's in case you are ever there).

So now, I am back in Montreal and I am wondering where the city's best Eggs Benny is!! Simple or with a twist! As long as the flavour is spot on, I want to try it!!

Extra points for places close to the Metro lines!!! My taste buds thank you in advance :)

Sep 10, 2013
secwilson in Quebec (inc. Montreal)

North Beach (Ramada Plaza Marco Polo)

Hi All,

We will be staying from next Thursday-Saturday (inclusive) in North Beach. I am hoping to get some good recommendations for food in the area. We do get a car with our hotel so we don't mind a drive if it is under 15 mins.

We are open to anything but we especially like seafood, cuban, mexican, food trucks. Open to a variety of budgets from low end to higher end.


Mar 20, 2013
secwilson in Miami - Fort Lauderdale

oysters oysters oysters

There is actually now an oyster bar at JTM called la boite aux huitres (oysterbox), they usually offer a buck a shuck over the weekend and have a good variety of oysters -- Also they are knowledgeable and able to help you pick out oysters according to your tastes which is nice :)

I am definitely there slurping down oysters every Saturday :D


Jul 17, 2012
secwilson in Quebec (inc. Montreal)

Iron Chef worthy Downtown Mtl

oh and funny enough, I just purchased a deal coupon for Cartel last week. I'll follow up once I've actually tried it out. Seemed interesting, truck/street food inspired. :)

Nov 14, 2011
secwilson in Quebec (inc. Montreal)

Iron Chef worthy Downtown Mtl

I know, we are definitely just going for the weird experience of it all, which is why I need an actual *quality* restaurant to go to! :)

Nov 14, 2011
secwilson in Quebec (inc. Montreal)

Iron Chef worthy Downtown Mtl

I will definitely need to try Kazu. Every day on my walk home I pass it, and every day there is a line up. And I've read that the salmon and tuna bowl was amazing so I will definitely try that out for myself! Thanks!

1862 Sainte-Catherine St W, Montreal, QC H3H 1M1, CA

Nov 14, 2011
secwilson in Quebec (inc. Montreal)

Iron Chef worthy Downtown Mtl

Maestro SVP on St. Laurent. I found it on my first wkd in Mtl. When I went they were having Sundays $1 oysters and $15 unlimited mussels. and the mussels were flavoured atypically things like raspberry and cinnamon.

If you know of others, let me know!

Nov 14, 2011
secwilson in Quebec (inc. Montreal)

Iron Chef worthy Downtown Mtl

I just moved here from Toronto last month, and my friend is coming up in 2 weeks to visit me (Nov 24-27).

This is a three part question.

1. Great deals on drinks Thurs-Sunday. It can be during the day or night, and should be easily accessible in downtown area (I live at Du Fort & Ste Catherine)

2. I want to blow his socks off with an amazing restaurant. Not just good food but great visuals ie. plating, ambiance, etc. We are going to O Noir, however I havent heard great things about the food, and its more just for the tourist fun of it. I want a great restaurant that we can dress up and really be astounded by the food. Again, creative and appealing plating and amazing tastes! Price per main dish should be about $30 (not including apps and drinks) if you have a good BYOB thats a huge ridiculous plus :)

3. a great brunch spot. We love Spencers on the waterfront in Burlington. It is a buffet so to speak, but most of the food is made to order. Something similar would be great! again BYOB would be a huge cherry on top ( who doesnt love a Champagne Brunch :) but not a requirement at all)

Thanks everyone! I've already found a buck a shuck oyster place on sundays for my own personal days, so I am excited to see what else this city has to offer!

Nov 10, 2011
secwilson in Quebec (inc. Montreal)

Oyster deals?

its 4 Oysters for $5 during Voodoo Hours, $7 regularly :) was just there on Friday for my birthday... God I love oysters, methinks I'll head to Biffs tonight to check it out!

Nov 23, 2010
secwilson in Ontario (inc. Toronto)