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Looking for Eggs Benny

Hey! So I have just come back from New Orleans, where not only did I have a lot of amazing seafood, but the BEST Eggs Benedict of my life!!! (At Stanley's in case you are ever there).

So now, I am back in Montreal and I am wondering where the city's best Eggs Benny is!! Simple or with a twist! As long as the flavour is spot on, I want to try it!!

Extra points for places close to the Metro lines!!! My taste buds thank you in advance :)

North Beach (Ramada Plaza Marco Polo)

Hi All,

We will be staying from next Thursday-Saturday (inclusive) in North Beach. I am hoping to get some good recommendations for food in the area. We do get a car with our hotel so we don't mind a drive if it is under 15 mins.

We are open to anything but we especially like seafood, cuban, mexican, food trucks. Open to a variety of budgets from low end to higher end.


oysters oysters oysters

There is actually now an oyster bar at JTM called la boite aux huitres (oysterbox), they usually offer a buck a shuck over the weekend and have a good variety of oysters -- Also they are knowledgeable and able to help you pick out oysters according to your tastes which is nice :)

I am definitely there slurping down oysters every Saturday :D

Iron Chef worthy Downtown Mtl

oh and funny enough, I just purchased a deal coupon for Cartel last week. I'll follow up once I've actually tried it out. Seemed interesting, truck/street food inspired. :)

Iron Chef worthy Downtown Mtl

I know, we are definitely just going for the weird experience of it all, which is why I need an actual *quality* restaurant to go to! :)

Iron Chef worthy Downtown Mtl

I will definitely need to try Kazu. Every day on my walk home I pass it, and every day there is a line up. And I've read that the salmon and tuna bowl was amazing so I will definitely try that out for myself! Thanks!

1862 Sainte-Catherine St W, Montreal, QC H3H 1M1, CA

Iron Chef worthy Downtown Mtl

Maestro SVP on St. Laurent. I found it on my first wkd in Mtl. When I went they were having Sundays $1 oysters and $15 unlimited mussels. and the mussels were flavoured atypically things like raspberry and cinnamon.

If you know of others, let me know!

Iron Chef worthy Downtown Mtl

I just moved here from Toronto last month, and my friend is coming up in 2 weeks to visit me (Nov 24-27).

This is a three part question.

1. Great deals on drinks Thurs-Sunday. It can be during the day or night, and should be easily accessible in downtown area (I live at Du Fort & Ste Catherine)

2. I want to blow his socks off with an amazing restaurant. Not just good food but great visuals ie. plating, ambiance, etc. We are going to O Noir, however I havent heard great things about the food, and its more just for the tourist fun of it. I want a great restaurant that we can dress up and really be astounded by the food. Again, creative and appealing plating and amazing tastes! Price per main dish should be about $30 (not including apps and drinks) if you have a good BYOB thats a huge ridiculous plus :)

3. a great brunch spot. We love Spencers on the waterfront in Burlington. It is a buffet so to speak, but most of the food is made to order. Something similar would be great! again BYOB would be a huge cherry on top ( who doesnt love a Champagne Brunch :) but not a requirement at all)

Thanks everyone! I've already found a buck a shuck oyster place on sundays for my own personal days, so I am excited to see what else this city has to offer!

Oyster deals?

its 4 Oysters for $5 during Voodoo Hours, $7 regularly :) was just there on Friday for my birthday... God I love oysters, methinks I'll head to Biffs tonight to check it out!