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Potentially embarassing question: Kosher salt versus sea salt?

Katnat & Cayjohn: 5 years late, but to Cayjohn, the answer is that sea salt doesn't have a significant amount of iodine in it, but there are some 'iodized' sea salts available.

To both of you: unless you don't eat commercially packaged/prepared foods, you don't have to worry about iodine. There is salt in nearly everything that you eat that is commercially packaged, usually a shockingly high amount, and that's pretty much all made with iodiized salt.

Check the label of nearly anything you eat to see how much salt is actually present. A typical slice of bread has close to 150mg of sodium. Check your butter, cheeses, ketchup, mayo, salad dressings, for example. Heck, even raw beef, chicken, pork, milk, and even raw eggs contain sodium due to animal feed being suplemented with salt, usually iodized.

Unless you're Amish or an uber-strict naturalist, you don't have to worry about iodine deficiency. Enjoy your kosher & sea salts.

Oct 11, 2012
sweetpolly39 in Home Cooking