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Chinese Charcuterie in Seattle?

as everyone has said, most asian markets will carry them. i've also seen them sold in 2-packs at the southcenter costco before.

Apr 07, 2015
roolala in Greater Seattle

Indian Food Suggestions

if you're in renton, try spice king~! i think it's just as good (possibly better) as naan 'n curry and cheaper too :)

Mar 03, 2015
roolala in Greater Seattle

Favorite chowhound stops on the Skagit tulip trail?

Tweets! (it's in Bow or Edison..i forget) I think it's down the street from Breadfarm. Limited seating and menu , but everything we had was great and it's super cute :)

Feb 18, 2015
roolala in Greater Seattle

Breakfast Subtsitute for Birthday Cake?

Feb 03, 2015
roolala in Home Cooking

Seattle-Portland lunch recs

another option might be to explore washington up to woodinville, hit up some wineries, have some lunch, then drive down in the evening to portland :)

Jan 23, 2015
roolala in Greater Seattle

Looking for Persian Dried Limes

i think i've seen them at goodies mediterranean market on lake city~ maybe try calling them to ask :)

Dec 30, 2014
roolala in Greater Seattle

Suggest a soup (or side) for this menu.

pureed creamy cauliflower and leek~

Dec 15, 2014
roolala in Home Cooking

kosher cauliflower mash.

i haven't tried it with cauliflower yet, but my heavy cream substitute when i cook for my boyfriend (who keeps kosher) i love using cashew cream- soak cashews in water for 6 hours to overnight, drain, then add water (roughly 1:2 cashew to water or a bit less if you want it thicker) and puree in a blender until smooth. i use it in soups all the time instead of heavy cream~ this thanksgiving it was my dairy substitute in my chicken pot pie and green bean casserole :) delish~!

if you want to do a mashed potato, just boil till tender, then add in garlic cooked in olive oil, plus a little extra olive oil, earth balance, and potato cooking water. super creamy and delicious!

Dec 03, 2014
roolala in Home Cooking

Buffalo Chicken Wings

Stone garden...definitely one of the better places for Korean fried chicken :) I believe they also offer wings on the menu, though I haven't tried them

Nov 07, 2014
roolala in Greater Seattle

Buffalo Chicken Wings

pestle rock's wings~! not buffalo, but they're freakin delicious!

Fresh Anchovy--Seattle

i saw some white anchovies friday at seafood city at southcenter :)

Oct 26, 2014
roolala in Greater Seattle

Afghan Cuisine (Renton)

Next time, try the eggplant dish with yogurt! It's the only thing that I've tried so far, but it was well-spiced and delicious. Definitely looking forward to going back to try more~!

Oct 15, 2014
roolala in Greater Seattle

My Seattle Report

If you can't make marination ma kai you might be able to catch them today or Friday at lunch if you haven't eaten yet :P They're in Pioneer Square today and International District Friday for lunch.

My recs to try for dinner would be Pestle Rock (my fave wings in Seattle...lamb curry is amazing too), Rock Creek, Whale Wins (or Joule next door, which might be slightly redundant since you've been to Revel, but I personally like the menu there better. Same couple also just opened up Trove!)

Oct 08, 2014
roolala in Greater Seattle

Gooseneck barnacles? (SEA)

not retail, but they've had them at bar sajor :)

Aug 23, 2014
roolala in Greater Seattle

Day Long Snacking

actually think the best thing at ezell's/heaven sent are the spicy gizzards...yum! ditto morsel biscuits.

my list!
chicken wings @ pestle rock!
shrimp and pork wontons w. spicy sauce @ din tai fung
banh xeo @ green leaf
fried oysters @ walrus and the carpenter
salt & pepper tofu @ northwest tofu
tacos al pastor @ tacos chukis
chicken liver terrine @ le pichet/cafe presse
and of course, oysters @ taylor shellfish

dark chocolate sea salt caramel @ fran's
anything croissant-esque @ bakery nouveau or besalu
rockcreek s'mores @ rockcreek

Aug 09, 2014
roolala in Greater Seattle

5 Days in Seattle in July/August

personal faves :)

lunch: le pichet/cafe presse, paseo
dinner: pestle rock, joule, quinn's, rock creek

Jul 17, 2014
roolala in Greater Seattle

Korean Pancake

My favorite dishes there are probably japchae (app portion is pretty big) and the black's braised on daikon and if you like spicy food i'd highly recommend it :)

Everything I've had there is pretty good though...the meat is pretty good quality with the added bonus of charcoal grilling and their soups are done well. I like their dukmandoo (dumplings and rice cake), doenjangjjigae (soybean paste) and their sullungtang (not sure what the translation's a beef bone soup that's been braised for hours and hours) is my go-to soup when i'm sick. Their galbi tang was a little too fatty for my taste. Their banchan are probably some of the best I've had in the Seattle area :) If you haven't been, you should give it a try!

Jul 15, 2014
roolala in Greater Seattle

Korean Pancake

i like the one at old village near the north seattle/shoreline border :)

Jul 14, 2014
roolala in Greater Seattle

Guys weekend, good place for dinner

quinn's~! :) (no rez though)

Jul 08, 2014
roolala in Greater Seattle

Rain Shadow Meats - first experience not stellar

I completely agree with you, mcmullek! Willing to go back, but not in a rush.

I was actually really disappointed by the porchetta. I had read a lot of rave reviews and found it extremely dry and on the salty side (and's 150% more expensive than at meat&co in vancouver which is at least more than 150% more delicious :P). The Romesco on the other hand, was tasty, but not the best value as I probably could have eaten 2 of them~ Will def have to try the french dip!

Jul 03, 2014
roolala in Greater Seattle

bacon, avocados and cheese---oh my

southwestern spring rolls!
jalapeno poppers stuffed w. bacon and some kind of avocado dipping sauce?
cobb salad?

this flatbread sounds really good! :)

Vancouver Hound's first real trip to Seattle -- help an elf out?

love falafel salam~! best falafel i've had in seattle :)

Molly Moon's #6 in the WORLD

+1 for Mora and shout out to Olympic Mountain Ice cream...such good stuff and no one ever talks about them~! :) will def have to make it out to the custard places when it warms up!

Jun 18, 2014
roolala in Greater Seattle


I haven't tried Chippy's, but I really enjoyed my entire 5 Hooks experience~ (went there on a Groupon). While the fish and chips were pretty good (for reference my fave are the halibut fish and chips at the George and Dragon), the standout for me was the grilled wild salmon. So good, especially with the teriyaki glaze they put on the side. Delicious onion rings, amazing service (and complimentary grilled squash!), friendly owner, and a good price value, I would definitely go back a second time to try other items on the menu :)

Jun 15, 2014
roolala in Greater Seattle

Fried soup dumplings / shen jian bao / shengjian mantou

i've seen them on the menu at northwest tofu and gourmet noodle bowl, but neither were anything to write home about.

what i'm dying to find in seattle (or the anywhere in the US) is hu jiao bing~!!(black pepper and pork buns) by far my favorite thing to get in taiwan :)

Jun 04, 2014
roolala in Greater Seattle

Asparagus with sauce

safeway's been about $2.80-$3...sometimes you can find it for $2 at the asian markets in seattle~

Jun 01, 2014
roolala in Home Cooking

What's the Worst Dish You Ever Made?

Not exactly smoked, but cured/dried fish in Chinese cooking (salted fish) is SO good with chicken in a claypot with tofu or in salted fish and chicken fried rice :)

May 07, 2014
roolala in Home Cooking

What's the Worst Dish You Ever Made?

It shouldn't be used for uncooked consumption either :P

One of my first cooking (using the term "cooking" loosely) fails was dipping sauce for potstickers. I wanted to be helpful, and as I had watched my dad make it (and it looked easy enough), I figured I could mix together a few ingredients. I meticulously chopped garlic and green onions, then added soy sauce, chili garlic sauce, sesame oil, rice wine and a little sugar. The look on my dad's face when he tasted it was priceless...turns out the clear liquid he used was rice vinegar, not rice wine.

May 07, 2014
roolala in Home Cooking

How do you use up your leftover vegetables?

i usually use my leftover veggies for thai curry :) pretty much anything works~!

May 06, 2014
roolala in Home Cooking

Foolproof way to remove hazelnut skins

Do you think this method would work on walnuts too? Removing the skins is the bane of my existence :P

Apr 17, 2014
roolala in Home Cooking