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Best Eggnog

I used the recipe with Jim Beam, Myers, and Hennessey Cognac! It was so easy. I bought a brewing funnel with a fine screen in it to screen the eggs. This made it very smooth. It is really important to note for people who don't understand nog. It is very strong!!! It is really best when reconstituted with the heavy crean and egg whites. You can throw it in a blender and do it in seconds...It is awesome and much easier to palette. Batching it allows you to store it until you wish to break it out and serve it with the cream and egg whites. Try a little nutmeg and cinnamon, or even cut a little store bought egg nog into if you are not bothered by blemishing the purity of this perfect mix!. ps - I used 3/4 cup of hennessey.

Nov 21, 2010
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