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King Street-Alexandria, Mall-DC, Occoquan with food allergies

Fontaine on South Royal Street has great, simple brunch or weekend lunch; I've never been for dinner. Brabo Tasting room is my favorite "everyday" stand-by restaurant; the food is delicious but often surprisingly simple. I think this simplicity might help with the allergy-related limitations. Neither of these places take reservations, as far as I know.

Your easiest appetizer

I second the spinach/artichoke/cream cheese/sour cream/spice dip as the easiest appetizer.

Another stand by is jalapenos stuffed with a mixture of shredded cheddar, cream cheese, and spices then wrapped in 1/3 slice bacon and baked until the bacon is done.

Another easy one is baguette slices spread with goat cheese then drizzled with honey and put under the broiler until it looks like the honey disappears and the edges are crisp.

Nov 29, 2010
AudiBaby in Home Cooking

2010 Thanksgiving Wins and Losses

*Brussels sprouts shredded in the food processor and sauteed with dried figs, bacon, and white wine (Mark Bittman's recipe)
*Cornish game hens marinated in an apple juice brine then roasted in the oven
*Blanched green beans sprinkled with sea salt
*Sweet potato pie
*Pumpkin bread pudding with whiskey, cinnamon whipped cream

*Wild rice (It was undercooked and burned at the same time. Flavor was only o.k.)
*Not making scalloped potatoes, which were the unanimous win from last year

Nov 29, 2010
AudiBaby in Home Cooking

What does your Thanksgiving menu look like?

Either Turkey breast or cornish game hens, depending on availability and pricing, with cider marinade

Cornbread/biscuit dressing

Cranberry sauce with triple sec/cognac

Brussels sprouts with bacon and dried figs

Green bean, mushroom, water chestnut, red bell pepper casserole

Potatoes au gratin (Gruyere)

Clover leaf yeast rolls

Sweet potato pie

Mini pecan pies

Tea (sweet)

A rose wine

Nov 21, 2010
AudiBaby in Home Cooking

One Pan to Rule Them All

All-Clad's French skillet in the ten or eleven inch size (whichever the stainless steel comes in) is the way to go. Its slightly sloped and deeper sides (relative to a normal fry pan) accommodate liquids, but it otherwise functions as a skillet.

I purchased a pair as a way to try out All-Clad's stainless steel line (right before the D5 line came out) and have thoroughly enjoyed the skillets. It's sturdy and hefty but manageable. It cleans up beautifully yet still forms a lovely fond.

Nov 21, 2010
AudiBaby in Cookware