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Inexpensive Westside Steak Dinner

Hi all,

I'm looking for an inexpensive steak dinner on the westside. I've narrowed it down to the following:
Chez Jay
The Galley
Buggy Whip
Golden Bull

Let me know which you think is best for a casual, but enjoyable steak dinner. Thanks!


Jul 21, 2012
Becky2285 in Los Angeles Area

Graduation Dinner for 4 on westside

Hi all,

I'm in need of suggestions for a law school graduation dinner for my parents, boyfriend, and I on the Westside. We are all foodies, and do not care as much about "the scene" as the food. I really enjoy Tavern and I am looking for something similar in atmosphere and price range. Outdoor seating is always a plus, but not a necessity. No Italian please as we are all New Yorkers and have plenty of that at home.

Thanks so much.

May 10, 2012
Becky2285 in Los Angeles Area

Restaurant similar to Canele on the Westside


I'm looking for a restaurant similar to Canele (in ambience, price) in Atwater Village, but on the westside. Anywhere from West Hollywood to Santa Monica would be great. Also willing to go south into Culver, MDR, Venice. Any suggestions would be great thanks.

3219 Glendale Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90039

Nov 20, 2010
Becky2285 in Los Angeles Area