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Quicksand in West L.A.?

Anyone tried this place? Pics looks amazing and the prices seems like a good value...

Mar 12, 2015
dkme in Los Angeles Area

L.A. Dish of the Month, March 2015 -- SEAFOOD SANDWICHES

House-Cured Gravlax sandwich at Clementine (crunchy cucumber, radish, scallion cream cheese and watercress on wheat levain) $12.95. The full sandwich comes with a side of pickles. I got it as part of the lunch combo (1/2 sandwich, soup or salad, drink or cookie) for $11.50.

It was a little heavy on the veggies for me. I'm not a big fan of watercress and the cucumbers kept falling out of it. Would have liked more gravlax but I guess that would be pushing it at that price point!

Mar 12, 2015
dkme in Los Angeles Area

Delicious Arts on Pico

They're having a grand opening tomorrow (Saturday) from 1-4pm:

Don't know if it means that they will be open on Saturdays in the future though....

Jan 16, 2015
dkme in Los Angeles Area

Delicious Arts on Pico

Delicious Arts, a new bakery, opened on Pico, between Beverly Glen and Overland (a few doors down from FOOD). They have croissants, mini cupcakes, macarons, cookies and cakes and serve Intelligentsia coffee. They are open limited hours now (only 11am to 5 pm, Mon-Fri) which has prevented me from trying their croissants for breakfast (they look promising).

The mini cupcakes are good (my fave is the carrot cake - my daughter likes the salted caramel and chocolate), as is their flourless chocolate mousse cake.

They've got a tough struggle on this stretch of Pico, which has already seen the closure of Buttercake Bakery, a few doors down. The staff is friendly, and the sweets are good so I'm hoping they manage to beat the odds!
10581 ½ W. Pico Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90064

$1 Scoop at Atticus Creamery Today!

They're also offering samples of their mini pies. Flavors include Apple Pie, Nutella Ferrero Rocher, Chai Chocolate and much more!

Flour by Joanne Chang

I tried it with apricot jam and the ones with raspberry were far superior - maybe my apricot jam wasn't quite as tasty as the raspberry jam was!

Jun 27, 2013
dkme in Home Cooking

Grand Central Market

I've never been there before. Anything good to eat there?

May 23, 2013
dkme in Los Angeles Area

Hits and Misses from Smitten Kitchen Cookbook

I think the texture and the wetness of the spaghetti squash didn't quite work for me. I recently had quesadillas with roasted butternut squash in them that worked a lot better than the spaghetti squash.

That said, it was my first time cooking with spaghetti squash (and my first time eating it). Maybe you'll have better luck!

May 07, 2013
dkme in Home Cooking

Hits and Misses from Smitten Kitchen Cookbook

Thanks for starting this thread! It's saved me from embarking on some misses!

Gooey Cinnamon Squares - Amazing!!!!!
Brownie Roll Out Cookies
Emmentaler on Rye with Sweet and Sour Onions
Maple Bacon Biscuits
Eggplant with Three Cheese Calzone
Marbled Pumpkin Gingersnap Tart

Ratatouille Sub
Breakfast Casserole
Broccoli Slaw
Vinegar Slaw with Cucumber and Dill
Big Cluster Maple Granola
Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookies

Spaghetti Squash and Black Bean Tacos
Mushroom Bourgignon
Gnocchi in Tomato Broth
Linguine with Cauliflower Pesto

Apr 17, 2013
dkme in Home Cooking

Grilled Cheese Month at Clementine

It's that time again! Clementine is celebrating Grilled Cheese Month!


Apr 02, 2013
dkme in Los Angeles Area

Help Me Expand My Westwood-based Lunch Rotation

South on Westwood Blvd - California Chicken Cafe, Mandarin Kitchen lunch specials and the Chinese Chicken Salad from Feast from the East.

A little further near Century City is Clementine which has a combo for $9.75 - 1/2 sandwich, soup or baby greens, and drink or a cookie.

Jul 02, 2012
dkme in Los Angeles Area

Since We're Talking About Hong Kong Style Dining: J & K Hong Kong Cuisine Opens in Chinatown

Any feedback on J & K Hong Kong Cuisine? My husband was searching for fish curry and came up with this place. if anyone's been here, I'd love to hear if it's any good - or if anyone has come across a good fish curry like you get in Hong Kong, please advise. Thanks!

Jun 24, 2012
dkme in Los Angeles Area

The Ten Best Things To Eat In LA Right Now

Spice Table's pork belly banh mi was the best thing I've eaten so far this year!

Apr 04, 2012
dkme in Los Angeles Area

Grilled Cheese Month at Clementine

Starts today! Cheesemageddon 2012 with 15 glorious grilled cheese sandwiches all April...

See you there!

Apr 02, 2012
dkme in Los Angeles Area

Quiche for Oscar Party???

Clementine also sells large quiches for $20. They have to be ordered in advance and come in 3 different flavors - asparagus, mushroom-scallion and bacon-leek.

Feb 16, 2012
dkme in Los Angeles Area

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Clementine's chocolate chip cookies are awesome. For only $1.75, you're getting quality chocolate in those cookies too!

As for recipes, the LA Times did publish it:

Feb 07, 2012
dkme in Los Angeles Area

Looking for Kauai recs - traveling with a fairly adventurous 2.5 year old

If you give Foodland your phone number, they will give you a discount card. We didn't get a physical card but just needed to give our number when we shopped there to get the discount.

If you go to Waimea, you should definitely stop by Ishihara Market. They have an amazing selection of poke. Pono Market in Kapa'a has good poke as well, but not very extensive in terms of variety. They do have a good plate lunch though!

By the way, Lydgate Park has an amazing playground for the little one!

Jan 18, 2012
dkme in Hawaii

Thai Moon on Westwood Blvd?

Anyone try Thai Moon which is at the corner of Westwood Blvd and Olympic? It has rave reviews on Yelp. Or am I better off with one of the Thai restaurants in Westwood?

Sep 19, 2011
dkme in Los Angeles Area

Downtown dinner recs for 13 near Music Center

Anybody have any recommendations for a place that can accommodate a large group of 13 people (from tweens to adults) for dinner that is near the Music Center? Thanks!

Jun 29, 2011
dkme in Los Angeles Area

Baked Cinnamon Rolls in West LA?

I'm looking for baked cinnamon rolls for my daughter. Any recs for a place in West LA?

Jun 25, 2011
dkme in Los Angeles Area

Scoops Westside vs. Sweet Rose Creamery

I've been making weekly pilgrimages to Scoops Westside to check out their latest innovative flavors but have yet to make it to Sweet Rose Creamery since it's not as close to me. How does it compare vs. Scoops? Worth making the trip?

Sweet Rose Creamery
225 26th St #51, Los Angeles, CA 90049

Scoops Westside
10640 Woodbine St, Los Angeles, CA 90034

Jun 23, 2011
dkme in Los Angeles Area

Grilled Cheese Month at Clementine

I have tried 9 of the sandwiches, and my favorite by far was Anastasia's Dream - an olive oil fried egg, burrata cheese, roasted cherry tomatoes on grilled country bread, topped with crispy pancetta. It takes grilled cheese to an entirely different level! I don't even like eating eggs either, but one of my co-workers convinced me that I had to try it.

Grilled Cheese Month at Clementine (sadly) ends tomorrow. They will still have four grilled cheese sandwiches on the menu until the next season. However, Anastasia's Dream (which will now be my dream as well) will be gone....

Apr 29, 2011
dkme in Los Angeles Area

Lei Garden in Hong Kong

We weren't VIPs, but the roast pork there was exceptional. As for the dim sum, I don't think it warranted the high price, but maybe it's one of those things that a VIP status would have helped.

Apr 29, 2011
dkme in China & Southeast Asia

Lei Garden in Hong Kong

Any good for dim sum? I haven't seen it mentioned on any of the recent threads on best dim sum in HK. Are there better places to go? We're already going to Tim Ho Wan. Thanks!

Apr 11, 2011
dkme in China & Southeast Asia

Grilled Cheese Month at Clementine

The lunch special is a great way to eat grilled cheese and not feel too guilty. The lunch combo also comes with a drink or cookie so you can decide how good (or bad) you want to be!

Yesterday, I had the Bavarian (ham and gruyere on pretzel bread), a minestrone soup and a cookie (oatmeal sandwich with marshmallow cream). It was the perfect amount of food, and I didn't feel guilty at all! In fact, I'm ready to try another grilled cheese this week!

Apr 06, 2011
dkme in Los Angeles Area

Where can I find lady fingers?

Sometimes they have them at Trader Joe's, but it's largely hit or miss. Any suggestions on places that have them in stock?

Apr 01, 2011
dkme in Los Angeles Area

Grilled Cheese Month at Clementine

National Grilled Cheese Month starts tomorrow, April 1st, and Clementine will be offering 10 delectable grilled cheese sandwiches every week!

So many grilled cheese sandwiches, so little time...

Mar 31, 2011
dkme in Los Angeles Area

Hamentashen - I can't get them to stay closed!

What kind of dough are you using? If you use a cream cheese dough, they may be more likely to open. I tried using the dough from a recent Smitten Kitchen posting, and the edges stayed together (much to my surprise).

Mar 24, 2011
dkme in Home Cooking

Cinammon and apple ice cream?

The Los Angeles Times had a recipe for Baked Apple ice cream which was pretty good and involved baking the apples first and adding it in:

Mar 16, 2011
dkme in Home Cooking

What to do with bulgur?

I have an almost full bag but don't know what to do with it other than making tabbouleh. Any suggested recipes are welcome!

Mar 10, 2011
dkme in Home Cooking